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I was tuning in to a friend's livestream last night and this happened to come up in their playlist. I never had a chance to play the Black/White generation, but this is a beautiful ending song.


I got a random shirt from that TEE3 sale, and it happened to be from Awesome Games Done Quick. It's a bit warm (it's half polyester), but I think it'll be perfect for Fall. I'll wear it proudly!


My poor wrist! I just finished this drawing of Gannondorf for a commission I'm working on. Even here he's simplified in places, because MAN is he detailed! Ironically Link, who'll be in the foreground, looks much simpler. Bigger version below.


On this day 1 year ago, VA-11 HALL-A came out! I had been waiting for it for a year or two at that point, but I knew it'd be something special. Sukeban Games are already on their next project(s), but I won't be forgetting their 1st effort for some time.


I came across a drawing of Akko from Little Witch Academia dressed as Deku, so I did this. All-Chariot. It looked funnier in my head...


TFW you Google character refs for a drawing, then the 1st result basically spoils that another character is really them in disguise but you didn't get that far in the show yet...


Petition To Let Me In On The Petitioning Joke Too But I Don't Really Have Anything To Petition, I Just Wanna Be Involved


So Deep Space Waifu is a thing that exists on Steam for $2. You're shooting at ships in each level and all, but you're also shooting a giant girl's clothes off. HMM...


Here's a full-er version of that Great Fairy commission I'm working on! Now we're going with a night sky. Highlights, details and shading coming soon!


Sakuna has a really cool trailer! Grappling (hook) cloth and rice farming? I definitely wanna play this.


Welp, I'm basically done applying to jobs today. I heard back from one I applied to today already, but the recruitment agency seems a bit...sketchy. Sadly, I hear back from more of those than actual employers...


HUZZAH! The Collector's Editions of Sonic Mania have dropped on Amazon to about $50. Since I pre-ordered mine ages ago, I already get that price, even if it goes back up later. Sweet! Now I just need to secure that much money before release...


In other news, there's a Lady Layton site live in Japanese https://layton.world. You can set your language to English and a lot of it works, but the site doesn't seem ready for us quite yet. There's a few bugs here and there. Also...


Nekopara Vol. 1 and Vol. 0 Giveaway! @vxxy had gifted me these, but I already have them thanks to the Humble Bundle, so I'm giving them away. [Edit]: WINNER DECIDED! Congratulations, Carp - you really clawed your way to the top with those cat puns!


I'm Fairy certain that this will be Great when it's done! A commission I'm working on. Also, I hope it's okay if I re-post my Commissions List. I haven't done so since May...


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