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I just found out that my Aunt passed away earlier today. I never expected it'd be so soon. Thankfully I'm off from work tomorrow. A day off and some Secret Santa games are just what I needed right now.


Apparently Street Fighter V will soon have "Sponsored Content", where they'll display ads on certain stages, loading screens, etc. You can turn it off easily, but leaving it on gives you extra Fight Money. I dunno... (Link to the article below)


The Kingdom Hearts III opening movie is out! It's a bit different than the others, but I don't mind it. And I can tell which part is the Skrillex part.


I'm getting really tired of limping around the house because I have to stand for hours on end at work and am literally BANNED from sitting down at all. I'm seeing a Podiatrist again on Friday, so I hope they can help some more.


So, Nintendo just posted this previously-unreleased AR card for Kid Icarus: Uprising to celebrate Smash Ultimate's upcoming release. Scanning it works in all regions, and Pit even does this same Victory pose in Ultimate. Neato!


I've only been back to work for one day and there was a TON of stuff to do. The self-service area I work in wasn't really maintained by anyone, so I ended up cleaning a lot of it. I also got some flak for SITTING, of all things. I need something better...


"Just one...more...SECOND!" Palutena tried to put up a good fight in the World of Light intro, all to keep the Pits safe... BUMP!


What? Rank Up Chance!? No WONDER I've been fighting so many Bronze players... BUMP!


I'm on my way home from my Aunt's house. She's doing a bit better than I thought she was, but she's still rather weak. I'm gonna be sure to call her from time to time. Thanks for all your help before, everyone!


I was bound to try out Sakura's Goth Holiday outfit eventually! Here I fought a Zeku. This is actually my 2nd time facing them, but I wasn't able to merge the two videos together in After Effects without the file size getting to big...


In a little while I'll be going out of town to visit my aunt, who's unfortunately dying of Cancer. She was like another grandma to me, and she even gave me my first Game Boy. I have no clue what to say to her, or even what I'll do once I get there...


I also finished a thing from a while back for Bass. Nothing says EVIL like red eyes and lightning!


People are uploading the Persona Q2 soundtrack already, and it's as glorious as I had hoped it would be!~


The Street Fighter V holiday costumes are out. Sakura's is still surprising, but I kinda like it? Cody's looks the coolest, though!


I DID IT!! I now have a 2TB PS4 and a 500GB external hard drive. Now to restore everything. Thanks a bunch to everyone who helped, and an extra shoutout to Fuzunga and Xabier!


I got the 2TB external hard drive, took the casing off of it, and am going to switch it with the PS4's soon. Thanks for all your help before, everyone! Current PS4 save/game/image file status:


Fun fact: The English VA for 9S in Nier: Automata is the same as Mob from Mob Psycho 100. SOOOOO...


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