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For some reason a lot of people in my life are spontaneous. My Mom randomly wanting to clean more stuff, my Supervisor changing up my hours, and even a friend deciding to travel out of town instead of hanging out as planned. It's...kinda frustrating...


A new commission sketch of some dude. Looks familiar. Probably nothing to read into here... [Edit]: Bump!


The Hidamari Sketch OST makes for good applying-to-better-jobs music


ARIA the Animation made its base Kickstarter goal of a Season 1 Blu-Ray and dub in just 5 days - SWEET! Here's to hoping we get the other 2 seasons as well.


The rapper behind Knuckles's level music in SA2 made a new track to celebrate Sonic Mania!


I'm surprised no one is talking about the Monster Hunter Stories demo. It's MASSIVE (it took me 6-7 hours) and it pretty much fixes every problem I have with the main Monster Hunter series. It's pretty fun!


I did a warmup sketch earlier of Miyabi from Senran Kagura. Apparently it was her Birthday. She'd probably be the type to be embarrassed to get any attention on her Birthday.


Did anyone else get a Dissidia Final Fantasy NT beta key this morning? It should be interesting - I just hope I can run it online! ...and that I can navigate all those meters!


I done did the things. I did the work, I did the social thing, and I'm beat! Hopefully for now I can get some rest. Also, I realize I sound like the laziest person ever...and I sorta am. But still, thanks for helping me get through the day, everyone!


Despite my fatigue from today, I'm gonna try to go to that Networking...Meet...thingy. But only for a little while. Wish me luck!


So Amazon charged me last night for Sonic Mania, but of course it was declined. So now I gotta argue about when I should be charged by them, and meanwhile ask a commission client if they can pay me today. And I woke up sorta late. Not the best day...


So instead of going to work tomorrow at a reasonable 9am like I thought, it turns out they want me there at 7am. And I'll probably be there for 6 hours. On a Monday. Yaaaaaay...


When one of your favorite anime series ever has a chance of getting an English-dubbed Blu-Ray for the first time.


So I finally have some part-time hours for this/next month. While the paycheck won't come anywhere near in time for Sonic Mania, at least there's a little bit of money coming in. That said, I both look forward to said money, and dread everything else...


> Gets tired of current events > Watches the Sonic Mania opening animation yet again > Remembers that there's still good in the world


On the one hand, it sucks that the PC version of Mania got delayed. On the other, Amazon won't ship out my copy until the 21st, meaning I have 10 more days to raise the money for it.


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