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So my Kickstarter rewards for A Hat in Time just shipped! I was able to afford the tier with the poster, pins and postcard. I can't wait!


I kinda wanna get Disgaea 1 Complete and Senran Kagura Re:Newal. On the other hand, neither seems to be different enough to warrant the price. I'm kinda more interested in what comes with the limited editions, rather than the actual games. Hmm...


Happy Birthday Occams! Thanks for always being such a cool dude. If we ever met, I'd give you the most epic high five!


I haven't checked out Yetee in a while, and today I find this. I'm not gonna lie - I love Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!


My favorite thing about the Disgaea 1 Complete limited edition is the authentic Etna mousepad!


For the next few days I'm on an odd schedule where I'm on one day and off the next. Then starting Monday I'm on until Saturday, like a normal work week. Weird...


For the next few days I'm on an odd schedule where I'm on one day and off the next. Then starting Monday I'm on until Saturday, like a normal work week. Weird...


My Hero Academia is coming to Toonami May 5th! SWEET! Coincidentally that's also the date of Free Comic Book Day, which MHA is also a part of.


When you realize that most big new games for one of your favorite handhelds is months or even a year away, with not a lot in between then...


The Mind Sword is a cool indie swordfighting game being made. Seems strategic yet action-y as well!


Staples will be putting up a new full-time job in my department. I don't think I wanna apply for it though, as it doesn't sound particularly better than what I'm doing now. On top of that, I'm really trying to look for work elsewhere. Other reasons below.


Such a classic, dramatic moment in gaming! Exactly how I remembered it.


I've never been so invested in a series of Japanese gummy candy commercials before. And that ending! [Edit]: Daytime BUMP!


While I can't possibly afford to save for one now, I recently had my eye on this laptop: goo.gl/RjmzAQ How do you think it'd fare? I just want something that can run any game, even if it's at minimal settings.


It's very Summer-y today, and I'll be going into work in a bit for another weekend closing shift. Not that I'm an outdoors person, but I'm strongly asking myself "Why am I here?"


There's also a trailer for Boku no/My Hero Academia's game! It has both best girls in it, but I hope this isn't the whole roster. I wanna see some Mei Hatsume action!


Here's the opening movie for Persona 5 Dancing. It looks pretty cool! Still not getting this one, but I'll listen to the soundtrack. Now I'm hoping they'll start talking about Q2 soon. Persona 3 Dancing opening in the comments!


Anyone remember Knuckle Sandwich, that Earthbound-like RPG being made? Well, this trailer was sent in the newsletter just now. This is an announcement of an announcement for next week. Possible release date?


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