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One Step from Eden, an action/deckbuilding roguelike inspired by Megaman Battle Network, is coming to Steam and Switch on March 26th. I can't wait!!


After a literal year of waiting, I finally got Mysterious Heroine X Alter! She only shows up around Valentine's Day, and I never got her last year. Can't wait to level her up so she gets her lightsabers!


My copy of Samurai Shodown arrived - thanks, $8 sale! I downloaded the first season pass back when it was free, so I have that, too.


Today sucked. Getting increasingly sick of retail. Drowned my sorrows in The Pillows and anime. I feel a bit better, but I'll probably go to sleep in a bit...


Happy Discount Chocolate Day Eve, everyone! 1 more day until we get that cheap, cacao-based goodness~


On the one hand it's a cute-enough bag, but on the other, Korea got a CLOCK...


Jackie Chan and The Governator in a movie like Pirates of the Caribbean but more magical? I'm down for that!


Pre-Owned Samurai Shodown is on sale at Gamestop for $8. NICE!!


These shoes are 1,000x better than what PUMA will actually be selling. And I WANT them!!


If I didn't know any better, I'd say this was a PS3-era ad. Weird, but fun!


Felt like venting/talking about life junk, so I'll just do one of those life updates I do occasionally in the comments. Pic semi-related, depending on what I go to get for lunch in a minute.


I've been waiting on a release date for Bloodroots ever since that one Indie Direct a while ago. Sweet!


Hey, the site's back up! I was about to go on Communicord for a minute there...


If I back the Wonderful 101 Kickstarter, should I go with Switch or PC? Part of me thinks the PC version will have mods, and part of me thinks I should get the physical Switch version (I doubt PC will be physical). What are you guys getting?


Suda51 confirmed that this song would be a Boss track for No More Heroes 3. AWESOME!!


So they're finally bringing Snack World over here. I wish they had kept the amiibo-like keychains you could scan on the touch screen to get unique weapons they had in the 3DS version. Seems cute enough.


If I didn't already have one I'd totally use my upcoming tax return on this Animal Crossing Switch!~


I played the Monster Hunter collab in Dragalia Lost last night, and it's great! I already have the best new unit, too. Kirin Armor RULES!!


For some reason, 5-minute memes I put together have a habit of taking off...


This Sonic statue looks AMAZING! (Also, tun on subtitles for this one)


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