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The creator of Shantae is doing Microwave Peep Jousting. What a time to be alive!~


So I got those Portapros. It'll take some getting used to, but I like 'em! Current status:


A new client contacted me for some logo designs! They have a big budget (to me, anyway). I am a little worried about the legitimacy of it all, but I don't notice anything off, and nothing came up in a search. Is there any way to be sure it's legit?


My usual ear buds have broken, so I'm considering upgrading to headphones. I remember you guys said good things about Koss Portapros. I'm kinda leaning towards the gold ones, but I worry they'll draw too much attention. Do I go normal, or gold?


My last chance to get Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for $20 would've been Best Buy (all the Targets either sold out or don't have it), but according to them they check to see if a deal is still live, and the Target ad was updated already. Oh well!


So it was TORNA on sale at Target and not Xenoblade Chronicles 2 itself, despite the ad showing the main game's box art. Just GREAT! ALTHOUGH...


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be on sale for $20 tomorrow, you say!? Source link below.


Amazon: "Your copy of Smash Ultimate you ordered last night is arriving...TOMORROW!" Me:


Dragonball FighterZ with a Classic Mode is the greatest idea I've seen all week!


Just a quick update: I'm...about where I was a few days ago. I've been putting enough time on the toilet to put Dere to shame, but I'm hoping I'll pull through soon. Emotionally, your words of encouragement have helped a lot. Thanks, guys! <3


A group of fans have recently finished translating The Great Ace Attorney into English! It's basically a patch for the Japanese version. It'll supposedly work with emulators too, but they don't have instructions for that. They're doing the sequel, too!


Remember that April Fool's Day when Dtoid went to the Dogs? Pepperidge Farm remembers.


TFW you wanted to change your username and avatar today but the settings page for each doesn't do anything


New TV GET! Thank you so much to everyone for your help. Spider-man's butt has never looked shinier. I'm gonna go the route of paying it off in 6 weeks, rather than 6 months. I can do it!


Hmm... I'm still interested in Q2, but it feels like the English version's trailers are a bit lacking in...effort compared to the Japanese versions...


#TVToid - After being told the shocking revelation that TV sizes are measured Diagon Alley, I found a TV in the same price range that might solve my desk problem, since the stand is near the middle. Also I can pay for it over 6 months. Yay/Nay?


TV update: I THINK I found one that could work well. The only thing I'm worried about is if it'll fit on my cubby...desk...thing. It's the same size as my current TV, but the stand is usually in the middle, while the new one seems to be at the ends...


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