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After being called into work suddenly, I'm finally home! If nothing else this'll ensure I have some money coming in next month, even if it's just from today. Now I'm gonna go download and play Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2!


Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 for $20, yay or nay? I can comfortably afford it for once. [Edit]: I went for it. Thanks for the recommendation, everyone!


The sunrise was beautiful this morning. It kinda reminded me of this Hotel Dusk song.


Since it is now 6pm, and officially the 21st night of September, I feel obligated to share this classic.


Only 2 days until my Birthday! And that happens to be exactly 2 weeks after best Senran girl Hikage's Birthday.


Some notes about Ash's Pikachu: He comes in a standard Pokeball, he doesn't have Electro Ball(learns it at lv 13) or Iron Tail(can't be taught in this gen), and he CAN'T be evolved with the Thunder Stone(good!). Also he has a unique Pokedex entry.


I've owned Monster Hunter Stories for almost a week now and I haven't exited to the 3DS home menu in all that time. It's good stuff!


These Splatoon shirts look pretty fresh! My heart tells me to buy them, but my wallet says "Didn't you get enough new shirts this year?" My brain chimes in with "Aren't you buying Senran Kagura in a week?" https://theyetee.com


They found out how to get NES Golf in the Switch. It's a nice tribute to Satoru Iwata. Set the calendar to June 11 and do the the "Direct to You" pose with the Joycon (1:45). The only way you can do it early is if you've never connected the Switch online.


Tip of the Hats is an annual charity event hosted by the TF2 community to raise money for Camp One Step, a camp program for kids with Cancer. While there is TF2, they'll also have PUBG, VR, Overwatch, and more! https://tipofthehats.org/ Bump!


So maybe I will be ordering a certain special edition of a certain Beach game. so do I pre-order it from Gamestop, where I can control when I pick it up and don't have to pay shipping, or Amazon where it'll be hidden in a box to begin with?


2 new Sonic Forces trailers have been released. While nothing much visually, there have been some new story details, such as Knuckles being the leader of "The Resistance". I wonder why US SEGA hasn't been advertising Forces as much as Japan?


That job I interviewed for at the TV station emailed me back. While it's NOT a confirmation, they are asking me to fill out a PDF application, which could be a good sign. My printer/scanner is busted though(it only scans), so I'll have to print it out...


So my Stepdad starts his part-time job today. Meaning that for once I have the house totally to myself. It's so quiet now...


A Hat in Time is doing a Speedrun Challenge for the Beta testers, and it has taught me 3 things: 1) My laptop cannot run the PC version well (I'll have to get it on PS4) 2) I suck at Speedrunning 3) I suck at using OBS. I tried, though!


I've made some progress on a Persona 5 commission I've been working on for a while. Part of it is a big spoiler, so I'll leave it in the comments below. I repeat: PERSONA 5 SPOILER IN THE COMMENTS! Any and all Deres should vacate the premises at once!


On the one hand, after seeing the unboxing video I kinda want Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash's Collector's Edition. On the other, I live at home and would rather not have it seen. Decisions, decisions...


I got paid today and I have Adulted! I paid off the outstanding balance on the power bill, and I made the first microscopic dent in my worryingly-large student loans. Now I am totally-legitimized in buying fun stuff with the rest!


A certain yellow-haired fish commissioned me to do an avatar for him, and this is the result. More commissions to come soon!


Question: How long should a game be out before you can safely post art of spoiler-y characters? I have a commission I'm getting close to finishing, but one of the characters in it is a walking spoiler for near the end of the game.


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