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One of the best parts of my day yesterday (besides hanging out with friends and having one of the best cheesesteaks ever!) was listening to the Sonic Twitter takeover. Shadow easily stole the show!


Lethal League Blaze is FINALLY coming to consoles this July! I can't wait!!


Wouldn't say I'm sad in particular, but I am getting bummed out about this never-ending job search. I'm kinda just spinning my wheels here with little to show for it!


I had an amazing 10-roll in Dragalia Lost this morning! I got nearly all the new Adventurers at once, plus a Sumo Dragon. SUMO DRAGON!!


Hey guys! I'm helping a friend get used to their laptop tomorrow (outside of work they don't use computers much). Also I'll be installing a free program for their photography. They have a Mac. Are there any other programs I should install for them, too?


I didn't even know Spark's sequel was progressing, but it's already out today! It has a very SA2 vibe to it, including a Crush 40-like theme song. This looks cool!


Happy Birthday, Ninja Face! Here's a shoutout rap from one Ninja to another.


I learned things today! I knew some of this already, but here it's explained very well.


It's been a long time coming, but it's finally finished! Alternate versions below. Final BUMP!


They dropped another Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. Endgame spoilers! I feel like they may have shown too much of the movie here, though.


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