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Nice Yetee shirts today! It's been long enough since I posted shirts, right?


Does anyone remember the VN Dysfunctional Systems? It had a Kickstarter for a prequel demo and full sequel that succeeded, but work on both fell through later on. They updated their KS with a new trailer for the prequel last night. I guess it's back on!


Igor, now with base colors! Also darker outlines, to account for his suit. [Edit]: Bump!


So, Splatoon 2's first official US Splatfest theme has been announced, and....well....


J-STARS Victory VS+ is sorta-cheap in the PSN sale going on. While I like a good amount of the characters, there's also a good amount that I don't know of. Also I worry that after seeing all their specials that'll be the end of my enjoyment of the game...


I have been "shadowbanned" by Twitter twice in the past week! That means that only followers can see my posts. The 2nd time I hadn't even been using Twitter for a while before I was locked out. And the worst part is I don't even PLAY Yugioh!


I made some progress on my Igor commission! The table pattern's outlines were tricky, but I made them work in the end. [Edit]: Bump!


Today was kinda rough. Nothing particularly-bad happened, but it made me realize just how many chores I do around the house (ie: all of them!). I feel like treating myself to a game or something, but I don't know what.


Does anyone know how close to a game's release date Amazon ships? I have the Sonic Mania Collector's Edition pre-ordered, and I need to know when I need the money for it in my bank by. Thanks to having it on reserve for nearly a year, it'll only cost $47.


I applied to a good amount of jobs this morning, as I heard Monday is a good time for it. One place suspiciously got back to me quickly, and after re-reading the posting I realize it's some kind of vague sales job disguised as something I can do...


Good morning! Last week totally sucked, so I'm hoping that this week is a vast improvement. More chill, if you will!


Watching Tohsaka play Splatoon 2. It looks pretty cool, but I kinda wish matches ran for longer than just 3 minutes.


Newegg has a sale on Street Fighter V for PS4. It's $10 when you use a promo code (EMCRHBF29). I'm not entirely sure if I want it though, even at that price...


XSEED just confirmed a PC port of Ys Seven in their steam. They're playing it right now, and it's pretty cool so far!


I was finally able to pay off my website/professional email bill this morning! While I'm glad I didn't miss anything major, I'm sad that nothing of note has come out of this week jobwise...


There's a yuri manga called Someday We'll Get There about two girls who play fighting games together. There's even a 2-page tutorial on frame data! It seems cute enough. Link below.


Paging Mike Sounders! Apparently this is a real, 3D figure that someone painted.


I'm working on a commission of best android girl, Dorothy! Not to be confused with the other, but still good, android girl Dorothy. Her robo-limbs were fun to draw! [Edit]: Bump!


Today's a very Murphy's Law kinda morning, especially with money. It's pretty frustrating, but at least the majority of it will be better tomorrow...


It's almost 2am and I haven't eaten Dinner yet, but I got a lot of progress done on a commission and I'm feeling good about my productivity. Now I shall go eat something, THEN go to sleep!


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