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So I've played most(I think) of Sonic Forces. I have a lot of mixed thoughts about it, but overall I'm very ambivalent on it. That said, I am interested in seeing where the modding community will go with the PC version, like they did for Generations.


I'm pretty sure I mentioned it before, but I'm noticing a trend with some PS4 games (or maybe just my old TV). Many of the games are TOO DARK! The screen also glares easily, so it becomes hard to play a game if it doesn't have a brightness option...


So Ghost Trick is finished. I beat it in about 7 hours over the course of 6 days, and didn't play anything else on my 3DS the whole time. A great game, and I definitely see why Capcom wants to reference it so often. A bit short, but a good use of $15.


I haven't been around much, but for very good reason. Life update coming at ya! I just need to finish typing it up...


Hey, look at what I picked up yesterday! And it was the last copy in town. It even came with the original box and instruction manual. Sweet!


I got lucky and summoned Witch Nowi in Fire Emblem Heroes! She seems cute enough and has a few movement options. While I don't have any space for her in my main team, I'll probably put her in a secondary one. *looks up loadout options*


For games I probably wanna get someday but aren't 100% sure of, I usually have an ideal price I wait for. Ghost Trick is finally sorta close to my ideal price at $15 from Gamestop (it costs more than that elsewhere). Is it worth it?


Since the Trails fanzine is done and shipped out, I can show my entry now. BEHOLD! I always thought it was sweet how Estelle basically adopted Tita as her little sister, so I drew something showing that. It also went with the theme: "Bonds" [Edit]: Bump!


Aqua Road from Sonic forces is REALLY catchy! "Moonlight all around! (my eyes are shining) Shadows on the ground! (my mind is running) Will there ever be an end? (there's no dividing) Forever running from this lunacy!"


I'm home! And very, VERY sleepy! I was basically out and about from 9am-10pm. If I get my 2nd Staples paycheck in tomorrow, I think I'll buy myself a nice little treat for surviving today.


So Sports job calls me in the middle of Staples job to ask me to do some work 3 hours before I need to leave to get there. And of course Staples job always ends up running late, so now I'm late to Sports job...


Happy Birthday to Flanx and Happy Belated Birthday to Deadmoon! Sorry I didn't make a post earlier; I've just been tired from work these past few days.


More life update stuff in the comments! Just give me a minute to dump it all out...


You ever feel like a game is gonna get generally panned in reviews/commentary, but you still wanna play it? I'm kinda feeling that way with Sonic Forces. If it ends up being just a glorified level pack for Generations, then I'm fine with that.


Night in the Woods just had a new backer-only Kickstarter update that discussed the upcoming Weird Autumn Edition of the game (a free update for existing owners), a soft confirmation of a Switch port, and more. I can't wait!


Happy Birthday to Scruff(y) and Moyse(t)! I hope your day is as rad as you are! I'm not sure who the former would like, but for the latter, have some Juris in the comments!


Sports job finally replied to me! I applied to every date, but I'm only expecting to get 1 or 2 of them, though. But I realized after sending it what if I get one that conflicts with Staples, though? I probably can't NOT work there on Black Friday...


This video by Arlo isn't helping, as it REALLY makes me wanna save up for the Switch this holiday! (Ironically, it also makes me hope that there is a 4DS someday.)


I got my first Staples paycheck in when I got home from work. It's...rather small, but it definitely helps! If I had some way to make the Sports job consistent, I'd probably be fine. Hopefully I'm able to find another job in November.


I adulted extra hard today! A very, VERY indecisive customer needed my help for an hour or two, so my hours for today were 7, rather than 5. And all without a lunch break! My feet may hate my guts, but my eventual paycheck will thank me.


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