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I'm starting to hit a wall in Fire Emblem Heroes. Orbs don't drop daily anymore, and the only challenges left that give them are too hard for my mostly-maxed out team. And I dread going into the Arena...


So on Tuesday I'll be getting my next part-time job paycheck, and it's actually decent (for me). I'm thinking of using the gold My Nintendo coins I have to get a discount on either KI: Uprising or FE: Birthright. I'm thinking KI, but I do like Heroes.


So Super Smash Flash 2 is a thing. The trailer is a cool remake of Brawl's, but with pixel art and extra characters. Neato!


Feeling a weird combination of frustrated (with my never-ending job search), sick (because allergies), and sleepy (I just don't sleep often). The games I've been playing help me feel better, but I feel like I'm twiddling my thumbs with no results...


Hey, guess what? I'm making this post from my laptop! We have internet again! My first thoughts: It's...slow. Slower than Comcast. But worlds better than not having it at all. I missed ya, baby!


I had an exhausting day, but one good thing is that I have a 1st draft of my MC for a story idea I had. Delinquent by day, magical girl delinquent by night. Or sometimes day. Still working on this design and her magical version. [Edit]: Bump!


I also made this earlier today. I saw a post on Twitter where someone was wondering what Makoto looked like in suspenders...and I drew it. Because ladies. And dress clothes... [Edit]: Bump!


There's a new A Hat in Time trailer for one of its chapters! The full game's release date is sometime in Fall 2017.


Off I go to a job fair today. My Mom really wants me to go, but the last couple of fairs I went to have just been a massive plug for the company's website or questionable jobs. I'm not really sure what kind of job I can get from the airport...


In gaming-related news, Drancia Saga comes out on Thursday! If you own certain other eshop games you unlock bonus characters to play as! Seems simple, but fun.


I have adulted and worked out a deal for cable and internet! No Cartoon Network, and I'm not sure if 50mbps is enough for me, but we'll see...


After getting the necessary weekly bus pass I have $34 in my bank account. There's 2 hours left in the PSN sale. Do I get Mirror's Edge Catalyst for $10, Infamous: First Light for $6, or save my money because that's not a lot?


So we've decided to go with Verizon FIOS after all. I just need to figure out what the real final charge will be, as there seems to be a lot of small fees adding up to a bigger bill...


The past 4 days or so I've taken over a dozen busses and trains to get around. The long downtime has given me a lot of chances to play on my OG3DS. I know a lot of people are calling for its death, but I think it has a future if they keep supporting it!


Anyone ever have post-game Stockholm Syndrome? I'm kinda getting that with Persona 5 right now. By the time the credits rolled, it definitely went on long enough. But part of me wants more of it to play. I guess I could do a New Game+ someday...


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