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So I checked my bank account again today, and it turns out that in addition to my tax return, I'm getting that big sales bonus from work on top of it, almost doubling what I'll have!


More good news, everyone: Due to the snowstorm today, I don't have to come in anymore! Combine that with me being off tomorrow, and I have a mid-week weekend. Time to work on commissions!


I checked my bank account just now, and my tax return is coming in on Friday, instead of next week like I thought it would. My balance is gonna have a comma in it, you guys!


A while ago, my job mentioned me having the title of Self-Service Captain, rather than Associate. The responsibilities are basically the same as what I have now, so it was mostly a title. Should I use that title in my resume instead of Associate?


I'm feeling really...drained all of a sudden. Maybe work was more tiring than I thought. Maybe I'm just sleepy...


So, it looks like I'm at the definitely-final-OMG-stuff-is-gonna-go-DOWN world of Kingdom Hearts 3. Now I gotta go back and get about 30 more of those BLASTED Lucky Emblems before I proceed...


I kinda wanna use a portion of my upcoming tax return to get a New/OG3DSXL, but the price is so relatively-close to a Switch (which is still outta my pay grade), that I'm not sure it'd be worth it. Maybe I should put that money towards something else...


Another FGO banner with a Servant I want, another total waste of free gacha currency. I technically have 2 weeks to grind for more, but doing so in this game isn't the most pleasant experience...


Persona Q2 is coming West in June! The Premium Edition looks nice. No dub, which sucks, but I guess I now have 4 months to finish Persona 3 and 4.


Yamcha joins Goku in a bit of training. What's the worst that could happen?


I just braved the single-digit-degree weather to get some groceries. I also have to close at work tonight, so it'll probably be even colder by then. Current status:


Here's a commission I finished recently of Ann, drawn in the style of those Hiimdaisy Persona comics from way back when.


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