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Does this count for #AMVTuesday? It's moreso about the music, but still. Also I need to see this anime (even though this video seems to tell most of the story)


This upcoming Metroidvania called Piko Piko looks cute! Kinda reminds me of Rabi Ribi, but different. The demo is at https://marquet.itch.io/piko-piko- and the indiegogo is here: https://goo.gl/thBsCB


The opponents in the Dragonball FighterZ beta are tough! I can't get past this guy...




Last week I had the annual massive cleaning out of my room, and today I got the bi-annual "You're not doing enough" talk. Not sure if this is how the year's gonna be, or just motivation to do something and find my own place. Not that I can do much yet...


I've noticed lately that life seems to be giving me hints as to what it "wants" out of me. Either that or a lot of people in my life expect me to be good at multi-tasking, speed, memorizing everything and being spontaneous for some reason...


We had quite the snowstorm this morning, yet Sports job is still on because Sports. All it did was delay the game a few hours. Also this is all they've assigned to me this month - again. At least I still get paid, though.


I must clean out my whole room or risk my Mother barging in and doing so herself, which never ends well. Not how I was expecting to start the year off...


Other than making jokes about not having eaten all year, New Year's never feels like much of a big deal to me. I'm not very good at expressing stuff, but believe me when I say that this site has made this last year worth getting through. Thank you ALL!


A co-worker asked to trade shifts with me. While I knew I'd be on closing shift, what I didn't know is that I'd be doing so alone. The Store Manager helped, but it was mostly me. I'm STILL exhausted! I think I earned some on-sale Gravity Rush 2.


The 3 new DLC characters for Mighty Gunvolt Burst arrive today! Here's a trailer showing how they'll play. Interesting that Kurona has the Scrooge McDuck/Shovel Knight pogo jump...


I've played a bit of Street Fighter V now, and I have an opinion on the individual stories. I do appreciate the visual novel kinda feel they were going with, but 3-6 minutes is way, WAAAAAY too short! At least I have enough FM for Sakura already.


Christmas was pretty okay. It didn't look like it, but the feeling was mostly there. These are all the games I either received as gifts, or bought myself close to/on Christmas. Thanks so much to all my friends! I hope you all had a good one :).


I am back! I had to work, and while it wasn't very busy at all, standing and walking for that long still really wears me out. Now I'm at home and can finish up a last-minute Secret Santa art gift, as well as work on some commissions. Merry Knishmas, all!


I won't be getting P5D due to the lack of story, but the visuals sure look nice!~


After a long week of work, I have off today. Fully-off this time, as in I have almost nowhere I need to go, save for a family get-together this evening. I'm gonna pour myself into some commissions and an artist Secret Santa gift. Current status:


That feeling when you're considering paying $200+ for Blu Rays and an artbook of your favorite anime series (ARIA), but don't have that kind of cash to spare, so you're thinking of bargaining for one of three seasons and the artbook instead...


For those of you with a PSN account, check your email. Sony is giving away codes for a Christmas Sweater Theme. I rather like how it looks, save for the text - it's REALLY hard to read...


On December 28, Mighty Gunvolt Burst gets 3 new rival DLC characters: MN9's Ray, Copen(hagen) from Gunvolt, and Kurona from Gal*Gun2. They'll each be $2. I REALLY hope Copen keeps his rocketing mechanics from Gunvolt 2!


Today was LONG! Lot of walking/standing/helping/etc. My poor ankles. But on the upside I got a lot of compliments from customers, and one even told my Supervisor. Overall, today was pretty good. Now it's time to relax and listen to some funky jams!


I just saw my schedule for next week, and between it and my commissions I'll be INCREDIBLY busy! My only days off will be Christmas Day and that Saturday. I get the feeling the week after will be similar. I can do it...probably...


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