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Life has been very life lately. Give me a few minutes and I'll round up what's been going on in the comments!


So it seems Pokemon Crystal is coming to the 3DS Virtual Console next month. Interesting!


I saw the lineup for Best Handheld Game of 2017, and while I don't disagree with the nominations, I think it could've also had Monster Hunter Stories and Blaster Master Zero. Both were great!


80's Overdrive is an OutRun-styled racing game that came out for the 3DS last week. I hadn't heard of it before now, but it looks pretty cool!


I'm having problems with Firefox lately: It freezes for a long time at random, and Youtube videos take forever to load. Meanwhile Chrome is much faster, even when Firefox is open. Not sure if I should finally upgrade Firefox or switch to Chrome fully...


I finally opened my Secret Santa gift, and OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Edit]: Now with the least-blurry photos my phone could take in the comments


Yay, I'm home and out of the snow!! ...only to be told to go shovel the snow out front because "That's what a man does". Yaaaaay...


On my way out to work, my Secret Santa gift arrived in the mail! I just...didn't have enough time to open it before I left. I just have to endure the snow, work, then the trip home before I can see what it is...


Also, I'm convinced that being approached by people in retail is like a Trainer battle - you even glance in their vague direction or lock eyes, and it's over...


Uber can get rather pricey, but it has gotten me to work countless times when the local bus service is constantly late/early. Today's driver was nice and we discussed Infinity Stones (the shiny semi-transparent movie ones, not the opaque Easter Egg ones).


Cool game announcements made tonight! Nothing that immediately affects me, but still intriguing. Sadly I fell asleep and missed the live announcements because work is tiring. Anyone know of any good vitamins for energy?


Shantae: Half-Genie Hero's "Friends to the End" mode will be out everywhere on December 12th. If you're a backer on Steam or European PSN, your code is available NOW! The rest Wayforward are sending out as they receive them.


So, you remember how I said A Hat in Time releases on consoles tomorrow? Well, the game is out. TODAY. On PS4. But only...


You ever have a mountain of bad luck, then one improbable good happening that sorta balances it all out? I did yesterday. Full story in the comments.


I haven't drawn anything in a little while (most of my recent progress has been on the coloring front), so I thought I'd warm up a bit with a Pandoria. While I haven't seen much of Xenoblade 2, I can tell from a glance that she's best Blade. Bump!


I'm thinking of getting Sonic Rush Adventure and Sonic Colors DS, since I've heard okay to good things about them. I'm conflicted on Rush Adventure though, as I heard some parts are repetitive. Has anyone here played it before?


Speaking of which, here is the progress I made: I finished Igor! The highlights/shadows on him are supposed to show that the light source is above him. hopefully it communicates that well-enough. [Edit]: Bump!


My Mom seems to be keeping track of the payments I make to the gas bill. Not that $50 is a ton of money in general, but it cuts a bit into my paycheck. Thankfully I finished an old commission and got paid a little by Sports job this week to compensate...


I was off today, but I don't feel like I accomplished much with my time. Some commission progress, saw pt1 of the Arrowverse Planet X crossover, and a semi-nap or two. I...don't remember what happened the rest of today. Maybe I'm just low on energy?


Since I've been delightfully "irresponsible" with my recent paycheck so far, I decided to get something "responsible" - a new belt. It has this cool thing where it locks itself in automatically. And somehow it's cheaper than the belts I usually get. Nice!


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