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There's a Kirby and the Forgotten Land demo out now on the eshop!


*Uploads the Gotta Protectors trailer here for the month time since launch for reasons totally unrelated to the upcoming status of the eshop*


Nintendo just added icon customization on Switch. You can mix and match characters, backgrounds, and borders. They're not themes, but they're a start. You can also get Platinum coins for doing brief weekly missions.


Hmm...I might be going Grass starter for the first time!


Pokemon will have a Direct on Sunday at 9AM EST. It'll only be 14 minutes, but I'd love to see DLC for Legends: Arceus!


I got my tax return recently! I already put some in savings and shared some with my Mom. I usually do something notable with it to improve my quality of life in some way. Thing is the only things I can think of (car, dental work) cost much more than that.


This Sonic 2 poster is looking way past cool! They should've had Tails's VA (Colleen O'Shaughnessy) on it, though.


An 8-game Switch cartridge holder is up on the revamped Nintendo Store for 600 Platinum coins: https://www.nintendo.com/store/products/hrdg-case-gcrd-n-switch-21-mnr/


The only surprise here is that I played a lot of "multiplayer genre" games somehow


It's Winter, but I drew a character in a swimsuit thing. Thought it might be slightly too much for here, so I'll put the full drawing below! Final BUMP!


Reminds me of a Kero Kero Bonito song, and the animation is cute. This is quite the year for Piplup!


What do you MEAN there was a Genshin Impact Direct this morning, and the Youtube version premieres in 2 1/2 hours!?


I could easily see this commercial being a thing in the 90s. It's perfect xD!


Watching an Apex Legends stream on my Switch and I hear fireworks sounds. For a split-second I thought I had caught another Pokemon in Legends. My brain played the little UI sounds and everything in my head. I think that's enough Pokemon for today...


Looks like the post office is giving out free tests to households. You won't get them immediately but it can't hurt. BUMP!: https://special.usps.com/testkits


I updated my commission prices, so feel free to check a look at those! Another BUMP! https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Inquisitive+Raven/2022-commissions-pricing-list-646865.phtml


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