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I feel silly going outside with my mask nowadays, especially when I can count the number of other people with one on one hand. And the latest policy on the virus is "*shrugs* Oh well!" Still gonna keep it up for the foreseeable future, but...


Oh snap, there's a Genshin Direct right now!? https://twitch.tv/genshinimpactofficial


Best Buy is offering a game for $10 every day for the next 8 days or so. Today's game is Nioh 2 on PS4. Seems like a good deal!


Today was such a pain, my stress headache returned at one point, but I'm off for the next 4 days (3 of which will be away at a friend's house), so I'm gonna try to make the most of it!


After many years of reading it online, I finally have Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou as a physical book! It's HUGE!! It is a little unwieldy at times, but the art is in good quality and it's so nice to have. This is the first of 5 volumes.


Day 2 of being sleepy and with a slight head/eyeache. And I have to work like this. And I didn't even take the medicine last night! I'm thinking it comes down to allergies, even though I'm on medication for that already...


Took a new medication last night, and I might've done it incorrectly. It's noon and I'm STILL sleepy from it! I've always had trouble swallowing pills. I think the capsule might've slightly melted from the tea I drank it with. Oops.


River City Girls 2 is coming out DECEMBER 1ST!!!! ...in Japan. No official word on the international release yet, but I'm sure it'll be close to that.


Two Megaman fighters from the NeoGeo Pocket Color have rereleased today on Switch! Sadly they only seem to be the Japanese versions and aren't in English.


I did the thing - I preordered the Sakuna figure I've had my eye on! I'm gonna have to trust that I'll have the money for it saved up somehow by December. I'll make it work!


There's a Pokemon Direct in T-minus 80 minutes! I hope it has more stuff for Arceus in addition to Scarlet/Violet news. Oh, and a new Detective Pikachu! And Pokemon Channel 2! And a Pichu&Pichu Cinematic Universe! And...


I could watch Alex read through the dictionary and still be entertained. Such a charming guy!


Went to the Museum of Art yesterday. I don't think I'm learned enough to pick up on the subtlety of everything there, but I really liked what I did see, and I got to see what my friends liked. The marble sculptures made me wanna learn anatomy!


By some miracle of time and space, I lost 7 pounds since the last time I went to to doctor's office! It's surprising, seeing as my diet deteriorated when my ankle started acting up.


Sorry for double-posting, but I thought I'd share this here. Genshin Impact has a preview of the next region, Sumeru. They basically showed off all the new playable characters at once. I have a MIGHTY NEED to draw Dehya, Nahida, and Cyno now!


A VR game called Walkabout Golf just got a Jim Henson's Labyrinth set of courses. Made me think of Occams, so I'm sharing it here. My Jim Henson experience begins and ends with the Muppets and Mirrormask, but I've heard good things about Labyrinth.


Updated my pricing sheet with sketch commissions! I never stopped doing them, but I rarely get asked for just a sketch. Also added some recent art. I'm trying to save up for a fancy Sakuna figu-...er, Important Adult Things. Reposted to allow comments!


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