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"What the Golf?" devs have made a new game: "What the Car?"! Looks like silly fun. Can't wait for it to come to a platform I care about.


The Lupin III fanart book I'm in is up for preorder! Here's a preview of my entry. Link below!


Megaman Battle Network PvP is so interesting! I've never even seen most of these chips before.


New phone GET! It's like 4 or 5 models ahead of my last one. The size is the same, but being able to consistently make phone calls that I can hear without speaker mode or headphones is a big plus. Also it's on that 5G thing I keep hearing about.


Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection has collectively sold over 1 million units globally. WHOA!!


I've been getting lots of pins from Etsy and elsewhere lately! More pins below.


Happy Birthday, Occams! You're one of the kindest, most inspiring people I know.


Another $25 waist-up sketch example - this time, Frieren! BUMP!


Street Fighter 6 is getting a Direct on 4/20 hosted by Lil' Wayne (yes that one). No, really. T-Minus 27 minutes!!


As always, the Japanese Direct had a lot more information. They had an entire story trailer for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. It's in Japanese, but hopefully they'll make an English version. Also I found some low quality demo gameplay from a year ago. Video below!


There's a Nintendo Indie World tomorrow! These often have some nice surprises. New Bomb Rush Cyberfunk trailer, please!


I advertised some $25 colored bust commissions on twitter with Best Girl Ryo, from Bocchi the Rock. BUMP 2!


Me: *Drowns my Amazon sorrows in Battle Network memes until my copy arrives next week*


Today was the first day of a 6-day "vacation" from work. I'm not getting paid, but I am getting rest! That said, I spent so much time running around to do errands and waiting for the bus that my body feels like I went to work today.


Amazon....what do you MEAN my Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection is arriving a week late!!!?


The super-final-real-for-all-the-marbles Tears of the Kingdom trailer drops tomorrow!


Coco, from Witch Hat Atelier! I submitted it to a glow-in-the-dark t-shirt contest, but it didn't make the cut. Oh well! BUMP!


I applied to like 2 jobs today. I just feel so directionless, and everything either sounds awful, perfect but has a catch (ie: need a car) or is just a lateral move with a different name (ie: sales, marketing). I hate the job market.


New Spider-Verse trailer! I gotta see this movie! Alternate trailer below. BUMP!


Talked to my manager about not doing weekends. He tried to dissuade me and negotiate for every other weekend, but I held firm. It'll really cut into my hours, but it's better for my health in the long run.


I did a Lupin drawing for a zine I was in last year. It should be available soon, but here's a preview!


TheYetee is doing a silly April Fool's Day thing about the 3DS eshop. I like that you can actually buy these. You know I got the dead eshop guy pin and Gamer Broth energy drink!


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