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So, my the back of my leg has been hurting quite a bit for a few days now, probably due to going back to work. Yesterday it got so bad I could barely walk on it. Had to call out from work today. In my infinite wisdom I only thought just now to ice it...


So many cool/meme remixes of Jet Set Radio music came out yesterday from SiIvaGunner! This one is more the former.


Cyberpunk pre-order is $50 on Amazon. Looks like it comes with a lot of good stuff!


Here's some gameplay of Mr. Driller: Drill Land for Switch. It looks like a fun time!


On the one hand, getting Fighter's Pass 2 wil let me save a small bit on all the characters coming out. On the other, I might be unknowingly paying for someone I don't want, like Minecraft Steve...


Thanks Sony, just what I wanted for your anniversary...Sports...


Gamestop has this blind-ish box thing they do occasionally. While I usually don't care about them this one includes a Futaba figma that normally costs $25 more than the box, so I think I'll bite this once. BUMP! https://bit.ly/2A6hiHQ


For those of you that play Fate: Grand Order, the 3rd Anniversary is today. You'll get 30 Saint Quartz just for logging in!


Diving is back! As is Pascal. I was just looking for more stuff to do. Hopefully this is enough to tide me over until the next update.


I was messing around with layer filters and stuff in Photoshop to make a quick-ish thumbnail image to see if I could. How is it?


So I got into the beta for Genshin Impact, a Chinese open-world action game reminiscent of Breath of the Wild. Looks cool so far! (turn on CC for subtitles)


Happy Birthday to all the Dtoid Dads out there! Also, if the world really is ending today, can it come before my first retail shift in months? I really don't wanna go back there...


An awkwardly-buff dragon made me climb stairs and do Yoga poses. How DARE he!


Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed to November, it seems. At least they're not rushing it.


I'm always late to stuff like this, but I'm at a checkup appointment and have a long trip home, so why not?


Nintendo released a free game on the eshop last night called Jumprope challenge. It was made by a few Nintendo devs while working from home in Japan to do some exercise. You move the Joycon like you're jumping. Actual jumping is thankfully optional. Cute!


IGN showed almost 10 minutes of Knuckle Sandwich! It's definitely a mix of Warioware & Earthbound. I kinda worry how long repeated fights will be, but otherwise it's looking good so far! https://www.ign.com/videos/knuckle-sandwich-9-minutes-of-gameplay


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