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Sea of Solitude and Unravel two were my favorite parts of EA's E3 conference. Good luck, indie devs!


Me: Oh yeah, EA's on. Did I miss anything? EA: *goes on at length about Sports games* Me: Nope!


This morning sucks already. Had to leave early, no time to really wash (and griping from Mom because I didn't), and I have to take a cab to get to work if I want to have enough time to eat breakfast. Sorry for all the complaints; this week is just bad...


I'm enjoying my time playing Tough Guy With a Heart of Gold Simulator 0. So many people to help, and so many problems to solve! And in my spare time I go through that lengthy sidequest about proving my innocence or something.


So, I guess my request for Tuesday off was rejected or ignored. I am scheduled to go in that day. The upside is that it's late enough that I can still catch Nintendo's E3 and get to work in time. I just hope things get less busy there soon...


Tonight at work there were literally DOZENS of people who came into the store at one time and needed help, and only 3 of us around to do so. Current status:


Here's some good content that I hope brings a smile to your day! Source:


This brought a chuckle to my day! Source:


The opening song to Crystal Crisis has a real Saturday Morning Anime vibe to it. I love it! I hope they consider having Gunvolt as DLC.


Yakuza 0 acquired! I left early enough that I got there 10 minutes after they opened. They almost gave me 6 by mistake, but I caught the mistake on my way out. No harm, no foul. Now to head home!


So, I have decided to purchase Yakuza 0 tomorrow. The catch is that the only store in town that has it (which is an hour away) only has 1 copy, so they can't put it on hold for me (for some reason). They open at 10 tomorrow, so I'll have to be quick!


Hey, I rolled a rare guy this morning! Super weak, but super rare. Thanks, Gacha Gods!


The Shuten-er, Ibaraki Douji event is finished! A bit repetitive, but honestly I kinda zoned out after pulling best drunkard oni on Day 1. In unrelated news, I feel....a very nice sleep coming on.....


Megaman 11 confirmed for October 2nd! Also he has Bullet/Witch Time now.


>Opens up FGO >Puts on headphones >Plays any one of Shuten Douji's voice lines


So me & my family went through some of my little sister's old stuff, and now I'm the proud owner of Skate 2/3 for 360, SSX on Tour/Tricky for PS2 (which I don't have anymore), and Little Big Planet for PS3, which I forgot my Stepdad owns but doesn't use.


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