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I got an interesting delivery in the mail today...Photo from the front below!


As a 3DS owner, I'm pretty happy with yesterday's Direct. A port of a classic, ports of games I haven't played, Dillon, Sushi Striker, Warioware Megamix-style, and Detective Pikachu. Even if this is the end of the road for 3DS, at least it'll be fun.


More Sakura shenanigans. This time I fought a Zangief, surprisingly. Timed fireballs, grabs, and sweeping ensued! Eventually, anyway. It took a minute to get the hang of what they were doing.


Here's hoping they'll have a release date for Sushi Striker at tomorrow's Direct. That theme song is still snazzy!


I was about to go out to work in this major Nor'Easter, but my Supervisor contacted me saying not to come in. My shirt by Mrs. Blues shipped. And there's a Nintendo Direct tomorrow with 3DS games. Lots of good news today!


I watched TV today - ON my TV! We were finally able to switch our cable package for one that has channels I'll actually watch. I can finally watch Cartoon Network, Disney XD, and Food Network again!


That gold coins to money conversion through My Nintendo mentioned here last night is live in the US. It seems to mainly apply to the Switch. Link below because it didn't play nice with QPosts.


I thought I'd try Okami HD quickly before I went to work today. The intro's...a little long. It all looks pretty, but I might not have time to get into the game proper before I go.


Question: Can I delete the on-disc version of games I physically own on PS4? Its hard drive is getting full, and I don't see the point of having it installed if I can just run it from the disc...


So, I got some new sneakers. They look nice enough, but they kinda hurt to walk in. They're not tight necessarily, just snug. But they also hurt to walk in with my insoles. Should I wait for them to be "broken in", or just go back and get a size larger?


Should I get Okami HD for $15, Watch Dogs 2 for $26, or just hold onto that money? Also, any cool animu PS4 themes you'd recommend?


Also, Nepran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash arrives on March 7th stateside. Sweet!


In positive news, I did get a good amount of money in today. Not only did Staples give me a bonus, but the other part of my tax return arrived! It's such a big help. I can't remember the last time my bankaccount remained in triple digits for a whole week.


I just finished an 8 1/2 hour shift! I know that's not the longest shift ever, but there was So. Much. Standing!!! My poor feet...


On the one hand, it's a bit frustrating constantly being pitted against people a rank or more above me in Street Fighter V - I'd much rather play against just those at my level. On the other, I ruined a Ken's Rank-Up chance, so I can sleep easy tonight.


Shantae HGH: Ultimate Edition is coming out in Japan, and has some new interior art for the physical edition. Very cute!


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