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I got the 2TB external hard drive, took the casing off of it, and am going to switch it with the PS4's soon. Thanks for all your help before, everyone! Current PS4 save/game/image file status:


Fun fact: The English VA for 9S in Nier: Automata is the same as Mob from Mob Psycho 100. SOOOOO...


Black Friday stuff: Batman 1/2 for $5, 1 extra year of PS+ for $40, and a 2TB external hard drive (soon to hopefully be INTERNAL for my PS4) for $60. And don't worry, I was responsible and put money on my usual bills/loans. The power of ADULTHOOD!!


So, I doodled a thing. From my head place. It's a work in progress. Daytime bump!


And one more thing: For those watching the parade today, they now have a Goku float! Now updated with his sightings.


PS+ is on sale until the 27th. I'll probably bite on that. Link in the comments, as it won't play nice with QPosts. Reminder Bump!


Anyone know if there are any deals on hard drives for PS4? Preferably 2TB. Also: Are said drives easy to install?


If you wanna hear the Smash announcer (who is totally channeling his inner All Might here) talk for 7 minutes, then this is the video for you!


This Sonic SFM animation is great! Feels like a 3D remake of an episode of the cartoon (not SatAM)


I just went from having a 3-day weekend to only having Turkey Day off all week. Retail is brutal.


I finished the first half of the Superior Spider-Man. While some parts are as "edgy" as you'd expect, there's a surprising amount of lightheartedness to it in places. Otto's bid to make even Peter Parker's life "Superior" makes me wanna do the same.


Batman 1&2 are also on sale! I was gifted the original on Steam long ago, but my laptop couldn't run it, so I've never played it. Hmm...


First the game, and now the DLC is on sale...good planning! I'll see if I should get it once I'm further in.


Sure, why not? Let the adventures of blindfolded Sword Woman and Robin begin!


Hey Gundy! Your wives/murder victims will soon be ships in a mobile game.


I haven't lived up to the first half of my username in 9 days, so....Near: A Tomato for $30? Yay or nay?


Lady Ann with mid blonde hair arrives in Persona Q2! It's also her birthday, which is pretty cool. AnnxChie fanart when?


It was very different from the original, but I rather enjoyed FLCL Alternative, even more than Progressive. Have a sketch of Pets, whose actual name I forget! Hands are hard...Bump!


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