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Oddly satisfying. And I like how most of them have mods for the new Spider-Man outfit!


I've been waiting for this Persona Q2 trailer starring Akihiko Sanada!


There's a new story trailer for Dregalia Lost. With the look and all, this really seems like the plot of a console/handheld RPG, rather than a mobile one.


TFW when you were wondering this morning when the Spider-Man review embargo lifted and it was TODAY


Man at Arms has done the original Keyblade before, but I never would've expected them to make THAT one!


A fan translated this Persona Q2 overview trailer from earlier! Also it seems that the wall of Battle Music DLC at the end of these trailers is a free pre-order bonus.


Chie Satonaka trailer for Persona Q2. She seems cute enough! Also fsteaks.


And in related news, is anything worth it in the PSN PAX Sale? I'm looking at Final Fantasy XV, but I don't know how I feel about it. It looks pretty, I guess. Never played a numbered FF game before.


What do you guys do on your days off? How do you make the most of what time you have? I had today off, and while I did some commission stuff and paid bills, I didn't do much else of note. I haven't had a break in so long I didn't know what to do...


BEST P5 GURL FUTABA HAS A PERSONA Q2 TRAILER!!!!! She's clearly freaking out and being snarky everywhere - she's great!


One the one hand, starting tomorrow I could have a grand total of 2 days off for once! On the other, I was offered a full time shift on that 2nd day off if I wanted it...I should do the shift, shouldn't I?


New extended Persona Q2 trailer with TONS of new content - SWEET!!


Ask Me Anything, Tell You Anything! It's one of those life update posts duck-taped onto one of those AMA posts people were doing before that I missed the boat on. ROUND 2!


The next Persona Q2 trailer is for the ninja-hat-and-cool-jacket-wearing Shinjiro Aragaki!


Yay, it's the weekend! ...*realizes I literally have 6 straight days of work left with no break inbetween*


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