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I'm kinda in a weird position workwise. On the one hand I seem to be in a filler position where I'm mainly situated to fill in gaps in the schedule. On the other, I feel like I'd be miserable full-time, despite how often customers say I'd be qualified...


It's 1 week until my Birthday - I'm getting old! I dunno what I want besides money and eating out somewhere (I don't know where I wanna eat at, though). I haven't accomplished much, but I still have time to do so. Age is just a number and all that.


The Steam version of the original Bayonetta is going for $4.50 on Chrono. Should I get it here, or on Switch? https://www.chrono.gg/


What are you doing, Xenoblade Chronicles 2? You're not supposed to be here until tomorrow. Stop that, Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I'M OFF FROM WORK TODAY...


...*Eagerly waits for Saturday when I can finally play that game I've been wanting to play*


Hey, it's Nintendo Direct Day! I'll be at work when it starts, but the instant I'm off, IT'S ON!!


Here's some Shantae and the Seven Sirens gameplay, taking place in a dungeon. It's definitely more in the Pirate's Curse style, and it feels a ton faster than Half-Genie Hero. It's looking good so far!


One Step from Eden, the Megaman Battle Network-inspired indie game, just entered Closed Beta. I got my key, and I'll be playing plenty of it in anticipation for the full game. It seems cool so far! Here's a trailer from a while back.


UNTITLED GOOSE GAME HAS A RELEASE DATE!! September 20th on Switch and EGS.


The pre-order theme for Mirror's Edge Catalyst is now free for everyone on PSN (BUMP!): https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0006-CUSA01566%20-MIRRORSEDGETHEME


My Joycon have finally returned home from the war! We were drifting apart there for a while...


After almost a month, my Joycon are finally being shipped back to me! They both have separate tracking numbers for some reason, but they'll be arriving the same day so they're probably in the same package. I hope the wait was worth it!


So I was taking care of my friends' cat and dog and living at their place. They got home tonight, so now I'm back at my place. The little taste of freedom was nice, and their talk about wanting to achieve their dreams makes me wanna do the same someday...


Rocket League looks rather pretty when it's not going at 10FPS on my last laptop. Also, that banner looks kinda familiar...


Dragon Idol GET! I just so happened to have watched the concert video for the event starring Siren, then immediately after I summoned her AND Summer Cleo. SWEET!


This animated adventure game called Later Alligator looks AMAZING! It'll be coming out September 5th.


Superbeat XONIC is only 89 cents on the Switch eshop! https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/superbeat-xonic-switch/


So I've been pet-sitting for some friends this week, living at their house as I did so. It was interesting living on my own for a bit, even if I couldn't afford to do much in the end besides watching their Netflix and using my laptop. 2 days left...


So, that big bonus I was supposed to get from work...turned out to be not that much. I thought it'd be a big bonus like last time, but it's a tiny amount more in line with what we used to get every few months last year but stopped getting. Yaaaay...


CHAO GARDEN!? There's no way to access the site just yet, but I bet there will be soon... http://notthechaogardenblackmarket.com


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