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On this week's issue of Lucky Gacha Pulls : TWO Banana Onis! That's double the Potassium, and none of the Sodium Chloride.


So, I ended up getting that year of PS+ for $46 after all. I figured with the discounts alone it'd be worth it. I'm hoping by the time it expires I'll be in a better money position to afford things. And maybe...play something multiplayer-y with you guys?


When you're trying to farm an event you like in FGO and the app crashes at least TWICE every mission, so you have to go back in and wait 2-3 minutes to start it again every time...


I'm off for the weekend thankfully, as after this week I'm at peak done-ness with other people. I have enough points to use for a 2nd free movie ticket, so should I go see Deadpool 2 or Incredibles 2? Also, $45 is as good as I'm gonna get for PS+, huh?


I know hardly anyone cares about the 3DS anymore, but I'm still interested in getting games for it. Anyone have any recommendations for the E3 sale ( https://e3.nintendo.com/sale/ )? I recently won $10 in eshop points, so anything I get is sorta cheaper.


Feeling rather melancholy over my usual concerns today, but maybe that's because I'm tired? Seeing as others here are having a much worse time of it than me it doesn't feel like it's worth whining about, though. Maybe I just need some rest...


After much, much, MUCH deliberation, I have my final steaming-hot takes from everything. Also, this is my 2,000th QPost - sweet!


I'm trying to think of what grade I'd give Nintendo. Seeing the videos again and people's reactions to them make me happy, but thinking about the fact that none of this means anything for me personally is a bit of a downer...


I'm going into work now so I can't see the PC Conference. This is my dramatization of what it'll probably be like though


I did one of those E3 card thingies. Behold my not-so-trendy opinions!!!


Me watching Bethesda's conference, not really wanting any of their stuff myself but hoping you guys get the games you want:


Thanks to some associate points from work I was able to get a free movie ticket, so I finally saw Avengers. I knew the thing was coming, but it did not adequately prepare me FOR the thing...


Sea of Solitude and Unravel two were my favorite parts of EA's E3 conference. Good luck, indie devs!


Me: Oh yeah, EA's on. Did I miss anything? EA: *goes on at length about Sports games* Me: Nope!


This morning sucks already. Had to leave early, no time to really wash (and griping from Mom because I didn't), and I have to take a cab to get to work if I want to have enough time to eat breakfast. Sorry for all the complaints; this week is just bad...


I'm enjoying my time playing Tough Guy With a Heart of Gold Simulator 0. So many people to help, and so many problems to solve! And in my spare time I go through that lengthy sidequest about proving my innocence or something.


So, I guess my request for Tuesday off was rejected or ignored. I am scheduled to go in that day. The upside is that it's late enough that I can still catch Nintendo's E3 and get to work in time. I just hope things get less busy there soon...


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