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Day 4-5 of my cold. It seems to be getting worse rather than better. Earlier this morning I felt chilly, even under the covers and with the heater blaring next to me. I took off today and I might do the same tomorrow, too. Ugh...


This really makes me wanna try out Toon Link more, even though I only have the less-than-optimal Joycon to work with. I hope he'll do one on Palutena someday!


I honestly kinda forgot Blaster Master Zero 2 happened this year. I need to really get back into it. Neat that the DLC will be free for a little while, too!


So, it's now called Guilty Gear Strive. Neat! It's sweet how everyone basically knows the words by now :).


I WOULD get sick during a 4-day break! I just hope I can get it together by Tuesday...


So, I got a message from work today saying I don't need to come in tomorrow. Combine that with my days off on Sunday and Monday, and a single day off turned into a 4-Day Weekend! I gotta make the most of it!


The incredibly-beautiful Tetris Effect Metamorphosis Theme is free on PSN (BUMP!): https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0751-CUSA13594%20-TETRISEFFECTDYN2


Persona 5S trailer starring Ryuji. He better have the fastest running animation!


The Konosuba Movie is airing in an hour and a half and I'm about to leave for it now. I can't wait!


As a reward for paying bills, I got myself the Fighters Pass! Terry is pretty cool. I kinda paced myself like I do when playing SFV, and it worked! I almost look like I know what I'm doing.


Not sure if I should just go ahead and get the Fighters Pass for Smash now, or keep waiting for it to go back to $20 (at least, I THINK it was that price somewhere at one point!). I already bought Joker individually, but maybe the rest are worth it?


A very Happy Birthday to the ever-lovely Chris Moyse, Best Dorothy Fan DeScruff, and Best Robo Girl herself, Dorothy Haze!


So, I won a free year of Nintendo Switch Online in a giveaway, meaning I'm pretty much set until 2021. Neato! I have Smash (and terribly-suck at it) already, but is there anything else fun to play with it?


So today was the first of a three-day break I have. I don't even get most weekends off, so this is a really nice change of pace! I just need to motivate myself to work on the things I wanna work on, and not just slack off all day...


I ordered the series BluRay of Nichijou! I haven't seen it all yet, but I did like what I have seen. Should be a good chance to catch up!


Hey, I made it into the One Punch Man beta! Sadly I'll be busy for some of the active periods, but I'll make do with the few I'm not.


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