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This Sonic statue looks AMAZING! (Also, tun on subtitles for this one)


Artwork by Tetsuya Nomura to celebrate the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind. Link to full-size pic and source below!


Cyberpunk 2077 got hit with the Delay Hammer even harder than FF7. It's now out in September.


I've been slipping, since I haven't had to balance my time between two (technically three) consoles in ages. Still, I can't see myself dropping the PS4 anytime soon. I don't think I'll ever forget what you guys did for me :)!




What are you guys getting in the Switch sale? I was thinking some combination (but not all) of: Super Bomberman R, Luminous Avenger iX, and Team Sonic Racing. I was also considering FighterZ, but I keep getting the feeling I'd get bored of it quickly...


Here's a commission of Ann Takamaki from Persona 5! It's a complete redrawing of the one I did last year, but hopefully better. Like before it's supposed to be similar to official artist Shigenori Soejima's style. I really like how it came out! Last BUMP!


That Pokemon Direct sure was...something. At least the parts that didn't loop or get cut off. I'll give Mystery Dungeon DX a try. Never got to play those before.


So, they finally announced the Direct we've all been waiting for...


A friend got me Celeste for Christmas, and while it's challenging it feels...surprisingly-fair? I'm 2 chapters in, and hoping to get to the end at some point. It's rather cool!


Bug Fables is a Paper Mario-inspired RPG with Action Commands and the like. I remember hearing about it here before, but what I didn't know is that it's been out since November on Steam, and comes to Switch sometime this year. Neat!


So, remember when I said today was a good day? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell...I got lucky on a thing.


I just came back from a heart stress test, and the results were good! No blockage or anything I need to worry about. Also, it looks like disqus finally cleaned up their act and got notifications back up. Overall, a good day!


Starting off 2020 right. HAPPY NEW YEAR, DESTRUCTOID!!!! And a Happy Belated Birthday to Soulbow~


Not gonna lie, this decade on the whole has been god-awful in some respects. Some good times, but a lot of bad times. Still, YOU GUYS are the ones that made it bearable. I'm so glad I found out about this place. I love you all, and Happy 2020 in 2 hours!


The Joy-con Drift...that Nintendo took a month to fix...is BACK!!!! Do I have to turn it in again? Will it still be free? Should I just get a Pro Controller when I can afford one?


Baby Sonic!? Baby Sonic. Neat how they used the Sonic Mania music for him.


Dragalia Lost is getting a Monster Hunter collaboration next month. AWESOME! BUMP!


Volume 6. This is the final song of the night. Thanks for sticking with us here on PADORU RADIOOOOOOOOOOO!~


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