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I finished Spider-Man and it was great! It was the best interactive Spidey movie ever. Next I'm thinking of getting BlazBlue CTB. Should I be cheap and get the base game for $35, or shell out for the version with the mountain of DLC for $49?


I went to the nearby 7-11 and got myself these mini-sized birthday cake treats. They're not bad! Current status:


Here's the opening animation for Persona Q2! Supposedly it was animated by the same people who are doing the P5 anime. Looks good, and the music is snazzy!


Here's a Persona Q2 trailer starring the female P3 Protag! And better yet, a fan subbed it. They've done the other character trailers as well. Also we're getting a 3DS theme for the game - SWEET!! Morning BUMP!


When you haven't touched Steam in so long that the UI has completely changed and your custom skin is freaking out and has to be upgraded a couple of versions ahead.


This seemed like pertinent information for Dtoiders looking to buy Red Dead 2.


3 hours (2PM EST) until CrossCode comes out of Early Access and fully releases!


In more positive news, look who I saw on my way home. CHARIZARD USED ROLLOUT!


Today at work was one of those Murphy's Law days where nothing went right and I just left feeling cruddy. This song often comes to mind on such days...


Persona Q2's newest trailer stars kid-with-too-many-layers-on Ken Amada!


New Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer featuring the Big Hero 6 world! Morning BUMP!


It's been a VERY long day, but I came out of it with a decent paycheck from last week and a RIDICULOUS amount of money in tips. Now it's time to relax and enjoy my weeken-er, day off tomorrow before I go back on Sunday. Oh well!


Here's a preview of Persona Q2's Battle Music DLC! Yep, that's Persona music alright.


I have a question about money for you guys: What do you spend it on? What do you save for, or would like to save for? My very-responsible answers in the comments.


Here's an elegant Yukiko trailer for Persona Q2! Also Ryuji in the comments, since I missed that one somehow.


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