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My Nintendo has some Holiday-themed Mario rewards available now! They look pretty nice :).


Anyone remember Tenchi Muyo? I drew a Ryoko! I sketched her entirely with my new tablet in Clip Studio Paint. It's amazing being able to move my sketch over if I drew it too far to one side. More to come soon! BUMP!


It's been literal years since I've seen one of these Team Service Announcement videos. They're always good for a laugh xD!


Sakuna has sold over 500,000 copies globally. Congrats to Edelweiss - good for them! https://www.xseedgames.com/2020/11/25/sakuna-of-rice-and-ruin-reaps-an-abundant-fall-harvest-with-500000-copies-sold-across-multiple-platforms/


The G4 Reunion Special is on - not sure what to expect, but I'm interested!


I got a package today...a big one! What's in it? Find out below! (Warning: Only a 50% chance of it being spaghetti!)


Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX is $9 on the eshop: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/gunvolt-chronicles-luminous-avenger-ix-switch/


It's gonna take me a while to not see Rindo as a "COVID-compliant Roxas", but he still looks cool all the same. Here's a sketch of him and Neku by Nomura, with commentary below.




So, as it turns out the TWEWY countdown site just resets to 24 hours if it hits midnight in most time zones. Most likely it'll be "finished" on JP time, which according to fans is 10am tomorrow. ACTUAL countdown timer below!


Looks like the TWEWY Countdown is in its final 13 hours. There's an image of someone holding a phone with a strange blue symbol on it. The countdown seems to end at midnight, so here's hoping it's something good! https://www.jp.square-enix.com/7days/index


Persona 5 Royal is $20 on Amazon. Also DBZ: Kakarot is $15. Special mention to Sakura Wars, which is going for $30.


So, I guess I had a lot of PTO stocked up, because my job asked me if I wanted to use some of it up for all my shifts this week. Of course I said yes. IT'S VACATION TIME!!!!


*Enters Secret Santa* *Has no earthly idea what I want on my end* I'm...gonna work on that list, Santa! Everything there is from previous years...


Nintendo released a new Mario render for the Winter edition of their Japanese magazine. I've been using it as my lock screen wallpaper, and it's great!


Last week was a good week for games! Here are my favorite protagonists from last week, Miles Morales and Sakuna. They're both masters of swinging, fight a ton of enemies, and are making a name for themselves in their new home. What's not to love? BUMP 2!


My Nintendo has an Age of Calamity hardcover memo pad up now! It's 600 Platinum coins.


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