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Anyone know of any good Spidey stories? I recently finished Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Man Worldwide through the Marvel app, and they were pretty cool.


There's a neat little puzzle game with dynamic music that came out yesterday called Mixolumia. Seems simple, but neat! https://davemakes.itch.io/mixolumia


The Art of Shantae book preorder is $34.41 at Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/Art-Shantae-WayForward/dp/1772940976


These just came in today. I have giant gorilla feet, so most cool shoes don't come in my size. Still, these ones serve their function well and are just big enough to house my feet and my insoles. This'll be my 3rd pair - I like 'em! #shoetoid


Kill la Kill IF is going for $10 on PSN ($9 with Plus): https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0036-CUSA13553%20-000000000KLKGAME


"Attendre, Boire!" So the new Summer event begins in Fate: Grand Order today! Here's a sketch of the Summer version of Edmond Dantes, sitting back with a cold one. Good luck with your Summer rolls, everyone! BUMP!


Oh hey, Leo's in. But MORE IMPORTANTLY, the Cool Samurai Guy from the first trailer has a name!!


PSO2 has a Steam page! Supposedly it'll be out August 5th. BUMP! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1056640


I haven't played myself in a few days, but it's nice to have these back. And FINALLY the backup feature is in! Looks like save transfers will still take time.


How nice of ATLUS to officially confirm that Scramble is coming over after months of radio silence and awkward polls...


Felt very lazy and tired today. There's just so much I feel I "should" be doing in my life that I dread doing any of them and compromise by doing something I want to do. And even then I'll sometimes procrastinate that to do something else...


I have turnips for 339 in Animal Crossing if anyone needs to sell. I'm not trying to leave the gate open for hours like before, but I'll open it up for a bit if you guys wanna come over :)!


Team Reptile, the team behind Lethal League, have just announced Bomb Rush Cyberfunk! It's an upcoming game where you fly around on hoverpacks and spray graffiti. The inspiration is obvious, and they've NAILED the look/sound! Is it 2021 yet!?


Panzer Paladin just came out today. It's a mech/Blaster Master-style game where you pilot a giant robot that specializes in melee weapons. It even lets you design your own weapons. Looks cool!


My current New Horizons lineup. I'm kinda out of reasons to really play these days, but I do log in once or twice a day. For now.


Atelier Ryza is on Steam and the shop for $36.59 now, the lowest it's been since launch! That's probably because of the announcement of the sequel today in Japan's Direct Mini. Which platform should I get it for - PC or Switch?


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