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New Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer featuring the Big Hero 6 world! Morning BUMP!


It's been a VERY long day, but I came out of it with a decent paycheck from last week and a RIDICULOUS amount of money in tips. Now it's time to relax and enjoy my weeken-er, day off tomorrow before I go back on Sunday. Oh well!


Here's a preview of Persona Q2's Battle Music DLC! Yep, that's Persona music alright.


I have a question about money for you guys: What do you spend it on? What do you save for, or would like to save for? My very-responsible answers in the comments.


Here's an elegant Yukiko trailer for Persona Q2! Also Ryuji in the comments, since I missed that one somehow.


I liked the Direct enough. I'm mainly in it at this point to live vicariously through everyone else, and get thrown an occasional bone.


It's 10 days until me and Nathan D's Birthday! I requested that day off at Staples, so hopefully I get it. I just want a chill day with Birthday presents and some quality down time~


Lethal League Blaze, the sequel to the original dodgeball/fighting game, has a new trailer with music by Hideki Naganuma! It's coming to Steam on October 24th, and consoles in Spring 2019.


Start your week with an Elizabeth trailer for Persona Q2! Her 3D specs are cute~


Hey guys! A friend of mine is doing a giveaway for a digital code of Xenoblade Chronicles 2's expansion pass: https://twitter.com/mkdu%20/status/1038596039941345281


Spider-Man is finally finished downloading and is starting up now! current status:


Uhh, guys? My drawing of Spider-Man and Kat blew up on twitter! Not sure how that happened. I didn't have a soundcloud to link to as per twitter tradition, but I linked to more of my art. And Alphadeus's bandcamp, which is like soundcloud!


Cool powers, zipping through an open world, always willing to help, and on PS4. Sounds familiar! Night BUMP!


I got something in the mail yesterday: My Kickstarter copy of ARIA the Animation! I know it's not the kind of series that's for everyone, but I've been wanting an official English release for it for a long time now, and I'm glad I could get it!


New Persona Q2 trailer incoming! This time it's Theodore, in popcorn form. He seems to run a shop that sells stuff that'll help you in the theater. I can only hope every item is concession-themed!


When I get paid, I'm totally getting Spider-Man! What about you guys? If so, did you pre-order it, or are you just buying it Day 1? Digital, or physical? What would you recommend I do? Gif Source: https://twitter.com/SunhiLegend/status/1037005358697525250


I finished the Prisma Causeway/Codes event for FGO just in time and got everything! The true star of this event was Rider Kintoki+Origin Bullet. GOLDEN DRIVE!!!!!! Alternate Title: *Johnny Bravo sounds* "Man I'm pretty!" BUMP!


Oddly satisfying. And I like how most of them have mods for the new Spider-Man outfit!


I've been waiting for this Persona Q2 trailer starring Akihiko Sanada!


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