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I played some more Fighting of the Streets. I'm not very good with Ibuki, as I haven't used her in ages. I mainly wanted to try out her Kirin Armor outfit. The ending gave me a good laugh!


I just found out my 5 1/2 hour shift became an 8 1/2 hour one. Doesn't sound like much to most, but that's a TON of standing/walking! At least it'll make up for the hours I missed during Wednesday's Nor'Easter. Must...be...STRONG!!


The lengthy Radiant Historia demo has sold me; I'll get it! I was thinking of getting the physical launch edition, as my 3DS is filling up and it does come with some fun extras, sans the ATLUS tax.


*Hopes ATLUS remembers Persona Q2 exists and that it's still on 3DS*


I get the feeling that Jiraya may have hunted some pickles today...


I recently found out a friend landed a job he really wanted that gets him closer to his dream job! I'm really happy for him. I wanna be next to do the same, but I just don't have any idea how to get there yet.


Kens are usually kinda frustrating to fight against, but I held my own against this one.


I know most people probably aren't, but I'm pretty excited for a possible Sonic R sequel/remaster. Just think of the music!


I'm technically off today, but they asked me if I wanted to come in for 4 hours. Considering my return money is slowly running out I figured it'd help to go in. At least after tomorrow I'll have worked for over 30 hours this week. That's almost normal!


Best P5 girl finally has a Dancing trailer! She looks like she's making her moves up as she goes along, which is cute. I'm digging the 4th Palace remix here, too.


Speaking of which, this is my current team. I've gotten pretty far without spending a cent on it! That may change come the end of May, but for now I'm still F2P.


When it comes to games/movies/stories/etc., do you prefer happy, sad, or bittersweet endings? Why? I personally prefer happy, but have enjoyed bittersweet endings, and maybe only one or two sad ones.


Another Ed match. The ones I've seen all seem to really like that alt costume. Lots of sweeping and blocking ensued. of attacks. And Rank Up chances...


Compile Heart is working together with Canada-based Artisan Studios to develop a new 2D Nep game called Brave Neptunia! More details to arrive in Dengeki PlayStation magazine on April 26th.


I didn't know Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology had a demo! They should've advertised it a bit more. Also there are two free 3DS themes in the Theme Shop - one with the main art style, and one with a chibi art style.


"A! B! C! ...it's easy as 1! 2! 3!" "or simple as Do! Re! Mi!" "ABC, 123 baby camp with me, girl!"


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