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Outlines and base colors! This is really coming together now :).


I'm doing a commission for Kerrik of Farah Oersted from Tales of Eternia. I finally finished the sketch late last night. I tried to make it dynamic, so I used a bunch of references to get the look down. I think it came out great! BUMP!!


On today's episode of "Now That's What I Call Petty!"


I'll probably be putting up my updated Commission Prices here soon. Money's not catastrophically-tight, but a lot of upcoming expenses will certainly get me there! My art style's been changing up a bit lately, but I can still do the older style. BUMP!


Can you imagine changing your avatar to a Christmas version on the 1st of December? Couldn't be me.


Me, now that I have the flu shot in my left arm and the booster shot in my right:


NEO TWEWY is going for an INSANELY-cheap price on Walmart right now! If you loved the original...you probably already bought this months ago. But if you don't have it yet, it's well worth a try for the price :).


There's a Piplup and Team Galactic phone ring holder on My Nintendo! I don't see the Zelda one just yet.


There's a pretty big sale on Switch games over at Gamestop!


Man, do I LOVE the Cowboy Bebop Live Action......'s music. Yoko Kanno's still got it!


The WB Multiverse game just got its first trailer. I'm surprised it's Free-to-Play! Also, thanks to Google I know who Arya Stark is now.


Padoru Season cards and ornaments are back at My Nintendo.


KoF XV's Open Beta for PS4/5 is available to download now! It'll start on the 19th.


Dragonball Z-ombie Survival game? O-kaaaaaaaaay....


I can't believe the next Guilty Gear Strive character leaked - it's Jam, with her hair down! Quite the high kick she's doing there.


So, I scheduled to have off around Thanksgiving and Christmas. My Manager gave me some grief about it because Retail. The thing is, if I don't use my hours they don't carry over, which is a waste. I'll supposedly talk with him about those days soon, but..


The Genshin Impact 2.3 livestream! ...just happened while I was asleep. Oh well! The great thing about the internet is that someone's always recording. The actual livestream part starts at 9:56. Hopefully a lot of good stuff is coming!


Looks like Jump Force digitally is going kaput in February.


So, this pair of VTubers I follow asked permission to use my art for their schedule this week. It was just a sketch, but I was so flattered they liked it enough to use! Proud-of-Myself BUMP!


You can get 100 Platinum Points if you log into the Amazon page for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: https://amzn.to/3ETZ7Rz


Lately my Mom has been suggesting I take off, after I mentioned how painful some of my shifts have been. I finally decided to go for it! I somehow feel more tired now that I'm "allowed" to rest. I also go to physical therapy on Monday, so that helps!


Also a very Happy Birthday to DeScruff and Dorothy Haze, one of my Top 2 Favorite Redhead Androids named Dorothy!


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