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Target Acquired! It's through Gamestop so who knows how long it'll take to ship, but it's better than stalking the Amazon page to see when it'll go live.


Nintendo released a Development History video about Metroid Dread. Neat!




T-minus 35 minutes until Nintendo's E3! Am I excited? Yes! Am I also wary? Yes!! Will Shantae, Phoenix Wright, or Viewtiful Joe be confirmed for Smash? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I hope!)


Boy do I LOVE having work every day for almost the entirety of E3! Thankfully I can catch Nintendo's in real time, but that's it. Would also be nice to have actual weekends again. What'd I miss so far?


A portable Virtual Boy? It actually looks pretty neat!


Heads up if you download the latest Switch update. So much for stability...


Guilty Gear Strive will be up for the Deluxe Edition players in an hour. I'm STILL not sick of this song, and now there's more of it!


The definitive May guide for Guilty Gear Strive has finally been made! This clears up so many questions I've had about her playstyle.


Hey, everyone! Thanks for all the support as I learned to drive. My next step is getting a car of my own. I don't know the first thing about cars aside from some logos. I just know I want a mid-sized/larger car. What do you look for?


So, I just got back from driving my Mom's car - ON MY OWN!!! I went to get a haircut and some groceries. I regular parked and parallel parked and everything...on my own! Am I really allowed to have this much power!?


Looks like Shin Megami Tensei V's release date got leaked - November 11th!


Hey! I drove to work this morning. ON THE FREEWAY!! I got from home to work in under 20 minutes. I need to work on going faster, but I got through without any issues. I just need to get my own car sometime soon.


E3 Nintendo Direct time confirmed! 40 minutes is about the usual amount of time for these.


A friend took me out driving today, and it was lovely! Gave me me a taste of the freedom I could enjoy if I pass the license test tomorrow. I think I'm ready! I hope I'm ready. I think I am!


The full versions of some of the character themes are out already? Neat!


Finished another lesson with the driving instructor where we went over the actual exam. Either tomorrow or Monday I'll go out to the driving exam in my Mom's car to practice. Real test is on Tuesday. Slightly nervous, but I have noreason to be. I'm ready!


Apparently there's a pricing error with Australia's Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Expansion Pass where it's free right now. Haven't tried it myself, but it's worth a shot. Here are the steps:


Genshin Impact 1.6 stream in T-minus 18 minutes! LET'S GOOOOOO!!!!!


New Genshin Direct today! I'll try to upload it when the stream is live. I have work, but I start late enough that I might be able to juuuust make it before heading out. Should be neat!


T-Minus 2 hours until Sonic Central! Sadly I have work, but I'll probably catch it during lunch.


The Blockchain-free Cooking Mama sequel you've all been waiting for, "Today's Menu for the Emiya Family", is finally coming stateside! The release date is June 2nd. The website is live now: https://everyday-emiyafamily.com/


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