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The Sonic Frontiers update is pretty fun! Found lots of good music so far. Also this skin is fantastic!


The dub of the Megaman Battle Network anime is on Youtube for free until September 20th - NICE! Just the two seasons that were dubbed officially. Apparently there's also a lost episode in here somewhere - I always find stuff like that interesting.


As much as I love it, I wouldn't wish navigating the 3DS eshop to purchase hundreds of games on my worst enemy (well, maybe just my worse enemy!). Kudos to them for making it work, though!


They're deleting Mirror's Edge and some Battlefield games digitally April 28th. How dumb! Especially for Mirror's Edge, which is singleplayer except for online leaderboards. https://www.ea.com/games/battlefield/legacy-sunset


My Nintendo has a set of Metroid Prime Remastered pins up for 800 platinum coins. I already have the Metroid Dread pins, but....SOLD! https://www.nintendo.com/store/products/metroid-prime-remastered-big-pin-set/


The "Sights, Sound, and Speed" update for Sonic Frontiers launches March 22! Updates include new time trial/boss rush modes, a photo mode, faster leveling, and more! https://sonicthehedgehog.com/the-sights-sounds-and-speed-update-available-march-22/


The lengths people go to to get Mew are amazing! Really feels like the culmination of MissingNo and all the playground rumors it spawned. Also a good reminder to download Pokemon Bank/Home for 3DS while you can!


Happy Birthday, Alphadeus! Never stop making those rad, rad tunes!


Playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, and am in awe of how they fit all this onto a (New)3DS!


Called out today because ankle is in Hurt Mode, and walking is not pleasant right now. I also just feel kinda groggy.


Layton is in America! I repeat! LAYTON! IS! IN! AMERICA!!!! Also Luke went through like 5 growth spurts in a year's time.


I finally did the thing that's surprisingly easy to do with a 3DS! I think I'll mainly use it for GBA and DS games for now.


Genshin Impact Gift Code - LA9C3RHPPHQH - it gives you 60 primogems and 5 books. Also you now get an Intertwined Fate in the notebook for every Archon Quest you've ever cleared. I got 19 so far, and used it to pull for my first Mona!


I don't like Horror, but I GUESS I can give this a try!


Level 5 is doing a presentation on March 9th at 6AM EST. They'll be talking about new games, most notably the ones featured in the recent Nintendo Direct. It'll be in Japanese, but have English subtitles. Interesting! https://www.youtube.com/LEVEL5ch


Feeling better enough to be back to work today. Hasn't been terrible so far, but I'm not looking forward to the leg pain and retail shenanigans. On a positive note, I hung out with friends yesterday, and seeing them succeed in life made me want to, too.


Gather 'round and learn about one of the best DS puzzle games!


A package from Japan!? I wonder what they sent me?


The Hi-Fi Rush soundtrack is officially on YouTube now! It's so good. Hey! Chai!! HEY!!! CHAI!!!!


Oooh, glow-in-the-dark Samus shirt! I have a lot of Samus shirts, but none that glow in the dark. https://theyetee.com/collections/now-thats-what-i-call-yeteemart/products/beyond-the-armor


I really hope they put Wario Land 4 on NSO sometime soon. I'd love to give it a try!


There's a Genshin Direct!? No one told me. They already started and are going over Dehya from Sumeru and Mika (that one delivery boy from Winefest). [Update]: It's on Youtube already! That was fast.


Looks like VIZ has put entire subbed series of anime up on their Youtube channel for free (with ads)! All of Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, HunterxHunter, Death Note, etc. Neato!


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