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Without spoiling anything, I´m still wondering which is the connection between Xeno 1 & 2. (I haven´t played X, so maybe there was an explanation)


As someone who has just played Beyond Good and Evil HD, I'm really excited. I don't think the first one was excellent, but it definitely had a lot of untapped potential. Although the change of direction it has taken worries me a little bit.


Damn, this new season of Lucha Underground is looking fine.


I can´t no longer find Alan Wake on Steam. Is it ok to pirate it?


Bayonetta: Let's dance, boys!

When I got Bayonetta 1-2 as a Christmas gift, I didn´t really know what I was really getting into, as I had only played one Hack  n´ Slash game before, and that game was God of War 3, which is a totally different game....


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