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The Boss 101 Hat contest ends this weekend. THANK YOU DESTRUCTOID for all the awesome suggestions so far! There's still time if you haven't dropped an idea!


Boss 101 Screenshot Liftoff for adventure!


2017.08.08 Boss 101 Hat Contest Continues! Reply here if you haven't suggested one yet. We'll pick our fav and put it in the game. Thank you and remember TO LIVE YOUR DREAMS!!


Game Development: Designing On-Screen Warnings

Hello and welcome back to the Boss 101 development update for the week! Thank you for joining us!Help us design a hat!Do not forget the hat contest is still going on for this week and NEXT. All you need to do is reply to this post and ...


Boss 101 Screenshot - Shower and stay clean even in the middle of battles!


Game Development - Hat Contest and Boss Talk!

Hello and welcome to the latest Boss 101 update!Thank you for joining us and we have some exciting news YOU can participate in right now!Design a Hat for Boss 101. Well, more like SUGGEST a Hat for Boss 101! HAHA!So yes, we are plannin...


Boss 101 Screenshot - You want power armor? You want a team that rocks? YOU GOT IT! The Boss 101 Armor Brigade! YEAH BUDDY!


Game Development: Making Steam Achievements

Hello and welcome to the latest Boss 101 update!Thank you for joining us again as we talk this week about the Boss 101 Steam Achievements! Exciting stuff right?Steam AchievementsSo you know we have spoken about the various in-game aler...


2017.07.19 Boss 101 Screenshot: Power beat down armor!


Destructoid friends and fans - thank you SO MUCH for your support as we have been working on Boss 101. As we head into the final stages of development we want you to remember - WHO LOVES YAH BABY? We do and we appreciate all your kind words and comments!


Jim Sterling done Boss 101 Style. That's right son!


Game Development: Creating Lore and History

Hello and welcome to the Boss 101 weekly update!Polish, cleanup and bug fixing continue! We’re three people working as hard as we can FOR YOU! Boss 101 is heading your way as fast as we can make it. Some good news is we are getti...


Boss 101 Screenshot, win a round and set off fireworks to celebrate!?! Yes you can! Hope you are having an AWESOME day!


Boss 101 Screenshot, Kitty Bad Breath - look out, he's stinky!


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Hello and thank you for stopping by!

This is Tim and have been making games for a long time. I'm working on a new one called Boss 101 and I am lucky enough to have some amazing people working with me. Boss 101 is the product of a ton love, dedication and passion. I know that gets said about a lot of games but we are putting in the time to make things the best we can. In the end our games are YOUR games.

I'd love to give back to the game community since it has given me so, so much. Please feel free to message or contact me with any questions you might have, not just about my games but about anything you think I might help you with. I would love to hear from you!