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Man, we finally did it! Boss 101 is out on the Xbox One right now. What a journey. I know we have been quiet here on Destructoid but we are working behind the scenes! Hope everyone is well and remember to always - LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


2018.04.23 Zazmo Arcade Weekly Update 4/23

Welcome to the Zazmo Arcade Pack Weekly updateGeneral NewsNot a whole lot to report. We had a busy week with game submission BUT we do want to add we are prepping for our Xbox One console release as well we our upcoming Steam release. ...


2018.04.15 Zazmo Arcade Weekly Update

Welcome to the weekly Zazmo Weekend update! Let’s get rolling with the news and then share some of the latest development videos. Boss 101 and ZazmoThough this is not a Boss 101 update we do need to talk a little about ...


2018.04.01 Zazmo Arcade Weekly Update

Hello and welcome to the latest Zazmo update and game development summary for this week. Most of the news this week was things like tuning and powerup adjustments. We did a few game nights and you can check out the videos below.&n...


Our game night video - be warned - lots of laughing and screaming! Joshua and Tim talk about new game work while we play BroForce!


2018.03.25 Game Dev Video Updates

Hello and welcome to the latest Zazmo Arcade Pack update!As you might remember we are working on making our updates a little jazzier and to that end we are now recording videos twice a week to track the game’s progress. Let&rsquo...


Game development fun! Watch the fourth episode of our new series - The Clueless Programmer! Game Dev night with Joshua teaching game programming to Tim.


Game development game night with a few of the Boss 101 and Zazmo team. Joshua and Tim jabber about games while playing old retro classics! Check it out - be warned - loud laughing!


Zazmo Arcade Pack Development Stream - The Clueless Programmer Ep 03 More fun with game development! Watch the Third episode of our new series - The Clueless Programmer. Game Dev night with Joshua teaching game programming to Tim.


Game Night at the Foundation and we play old arcade games! Watch Joshua and Tim talk about game development while laughing and screaming a lot. We play OutRunners and the Great 1000 Mile race!


Check out our game dev video series - the Clueless Artist with Joshua and Tim. See how we do the magic and get a peek behind the scenes.


Check out last night's dev stream for the Zazmo arcade. We make it and then we play it LIVE! We also gave out free keys for the Steam BETA! Join us next time if you like. Fun for all!


Game Development: Our latest journey!

Welcome to the latest ZAP update and thank you for joining us!A lot of show and some tell for you this week so let’s get rolling!Controllers and support for keyboardYes, we have it! Check out the latest, we have keyboard configur...


Remember you can always come to us for laughs, love and a HUG! We love you! We also love the manually guided shots we just added to our new Tank Wars game. Makes head to head battles with a buddy SO much more fun. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Look at that curve


Game Development: Five Games in ONE!

Hello and welcome to the weekly Zazmo Arcade Development UpdateLet’s start with a refresher – you get FIVE games for one price with the Zazmo arcade. Yep, FIVE games and each has multiple gameplay options for you to enjoy. ...


Zazmo Arcade - Big Giant Head Podcast #11 - Matt and I talk about the Steam Early access, game development and we review Last Jedi (yep ,we're so topical! HAHAH)


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This is Tim and have been making games for a long time. I'm working on a new one called Boss 101 and I am lucky enough to have some amazing people working with me. Boss 101 is the product of a ton love, dedication and passion. I know that gets said about a lot of games but we are putting in the time to make things the best we can. In the end our games are YOUR games.

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