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Gorescript – Level Editor Goes Live!

We're celebrating the launch of the new Level Editor for Gorescript and we decided to top it with a 30% discount on Steam! The Gorescript Level Editor allows you to create custom levels for Gorescript. You can: Create entirely new lev...


Gorescript - Shooter and something more

Gorescript is a classic FPS and some people, including us, would swear by that. However, within the game, the developer sneaked some game elements that might change a bit your perspective. Some areas in Gorescript’s levels seem ...


Gorescript - Great words about the game

More than a month passed since the launch and it's time to go through Gorescript's press mentions. We were extremely pleased to see a lot of players and reviewers felt the same way we did about the game and identified the elements that...


Gorescript - The story so far

It all started in March 2017, amidst the rumors of Steam, the largest games digital distribution platform, closing their Greenlight program and replacing it with an unknown yet submission fee. The time was right to launch our Greenligh...


Gorescript – First Week on Steam

It's been already a week since Gorescript launched on Steam. And what a blast this one has been! Let me show to you some of the mentions we got on our first week (drumroll please!): “...this is a classic-style FPS, but oh so muc...


Gorescript, a classic FPS available on Steam!

It’s been quite a journey and here we are face to face with the publishing button on Steam. And we pressed it making our pixel carnage available to the world! We hope you’ll enjoy running like crazy through the monster inf...


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