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FEAR made the mundane more atmospheric

Remember FEAR? That action horror series for the last generation of consoles that petered off into obscurity when it decided dude-bro military antics and online multiplayer were the be-all and end-all of shooters?  Me neither, bec...

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The Wii was the tightest last-gen console

Every generation of consoles revolutionizes something about the industry. The PS1 and N64 developed 3D gaming, and the Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox introduced online gaming and evolved many genres around two thumbsticks.  Last generatio...


Wrote an entire piece about the imagined conflict between social progressivists and the alt-right. Forgot to save. Switched tabs and the tab got closed by shitty Safari. Fuck.


It feels good to be single and so can you

Valentines Day is a time for romance, where two (or more, no judgement) partners connect intimately and take a day to show respect for their flourishing or long-lasting relationships.  Unless you're single in which case Valentines...


A review of the Halo trilogy

In the past year, I've played a lot of shooters. 2016 was the year of the shooter for me and I played Doom and Quake for the first time, and immediately fell in love. Since then I've gone back and played a lot of classic shooters, but ...


The struggle of wanting hard copies of games

I consider myself a game collector, and unlike some people, that doesn't mean I have 4,000 games on my Steam backlog. So far, it's meant going out to flea markets and searching online for games I'd like to add to my collection. In some...


Let's give some love to Demon's Souls

Now don't get me wrong, it's not that Demon's Souls is unappreciated, but let's face it. Demon's Souls is dramatically overshadowed by its older brother.  And to some extent, that was unavoidable. It was PS3 exclusive when all the...


7 games I should play in 2017

Right now I have hundreds of games on my shelf, and I'm sitting here watching my cat chase her own tail.  So I went through and played a ton of games this year, and really flushed out my backlog. I didn't play every game to comple...


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Vicious Circle"Circle of Life"


Telling Lies"'Truth'"


Oninaki"Spirit guide"


Age of Wonders: Planetfall"Aiming for the moon, landing among the stars"


Witcheye"I spy with my little eye"


RAD"For once, truth in advertising"


Dicey Dungeons"Can Terry Cavanagh do no wrong?"


Ion Fury"Bombshell's redemption"


The Blackout Club"An endearing mess"


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*3Folks our boy Xeo is going through some His whole family If we can save one Dtoiders house this month we can save Lets band together and give this lovely family some damn After years of bs, and medical Deets in comments


When you paint a miniature for the third time and it still looks terrible:


So I apparently now work for the LARGEST leading company of insulation fabricators/distributors in Definitely lucked out

Cygnus Rush 961

Was messing around on Forza Horizon 4 and got a Cadillac limo via the Auction First thing I decided to do was fling it off the highest cliff to show my absolute disgust towards The Orange


This will be the best 2 1/2 minutes of your


is using

Riff Raff

Another one down! Just finished Baldurs Gate What a game and it makes me so sad what EA has done to Making great progress on my gamer vacation! 3 days of it Should be able to finish FE 3 Houses and Ultimate Alliance 3 by


Is anyone else finding it impossible to add comments to the QPosts right now? Edit: Of course a minute after I post this it starts working! XD


I dont get

Anthony Marzano

New theme is the worst one theyve put out yet but it didnt stop me from stomping the top



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