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Day one off work due to Covid-19. Finished A Plague Tale: Innocence. Good gameplay and amazing story. Loved it.


Had my first competitive Kill Team tournament. Ended with a 1-2 record. Had a great time though. The picture is of my Aspiring Sorcerer surviving over 15 attacks and living through it.


This is my first warband for Warhammer Underworlds. It was, I believe, my 3rd, 4th, & 5th models I painted.


Some reinforcements for my Thousand Sons Kill Team. Next up is Tzaangors.


Finally finished a Warhammer Underworlds Ork band I’ve been sitting on for over a 2 years.


My 123 point Space Egyptian Kill Team.


I have been reading Facebook comments after the announcement of the Switch Lite. People are so stupid. If a product is not specifically made for them it’s trash apparently. Ugh.


Just got back in from Lyfting tonight. Was my first time and it didn’t go too bad until my final passengers. One ended up suddenly puking out the window while I was going 65. All over the side of the car and some blew in as well. Joy.........


Just picked up a new copy of God of War for $14. Sometimes waiting pays off.


So awhile back I decided to bite the bullet and get a PlayStation VR setup. I’ve been really enjoying it on my own. Tonight, however, I let some friends play it for the first time and it made it ten times worth it. Seeing their astonishment was amazing.


So I was perusing the electronic section with the wife and saw the new PSVR set. I stopped and looked at it. Then my wife tells me I can get it if I want. The problem is if I should bother getting it since the PS5 is out next year.


Finally got around to getting Super Smash Bros for Switch. This one is much more enjoyable for me since it has quite a lot of single player content. Must get all the spirits.


Well, time to introduce myself. I’m CobaltVega. I’ve been lurking this site for around 6 years now. Figured I would finally try to get active. This site is amazing and am looking forward to getting to know everyone. That’s it. Have a good night.


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