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I’ve joined only last year. How do you post a review for a game? I would like to know.


Sonic the hedgehog: the movie - B+ Super Mario Brothers: peach-dime - B- I'll explain why I graded this based on reviews later, right now, I'm working on a blog for a game based comic for Sonic, then I'm doing Mario's next.


How fast is Sonic the hedgehog?

While in his normal form, Sonic can go at an average of 750 miles per hour, but over the years in his adventures, Sonic the hedgehog has been increasing his avenge top speed so there is no real limit on how fast he can go.  ...


Who’s better, Sonic or Tails

    Okay, so Sonic fans have been arguing over rather Sonic or Tails is the better character. Well, I’ll make it clear to you people. Tails is not any better just because he’s smarter with an I.Q of 300 or 400, b...


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