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Merry Christmas Dtoid, you’re my favorite band of weirdos and I love y’all ❤️


Hope you’re doing well. Me, I’m tired from work so watching X-Files half asleep is quite the only thing I want to do :) Also, my sister-in-law has high fever so it seems like christmas with my adorable nephews is fucked. PS: Hellblade is GOOD.


Initial thoughts on Fallen Order: gameplay is wonky, but the writing is... surprisingly charming? I want to know what happens next! That’s high praise in my book. Time to change discs and see if Hellblade lives to my self-generated hype :D


I went to my local game shop to buy something for cheap: found physical Hellblade for 15€ (EAGER to play it!) and Jedi Fallen Order for the same money (honestly I’m not expecting it to be any good, I buyed it just to take photos XD).


Here we go again... I could say that it’s your fault, but I hyped you for the game in the first place so maybe it’s 100% my fault.


Well... CDPR tweet in comments.


Ok so I just woke up and seems like there’s a new Riddick game wooooo!


Please, tell me the possibilities of having a Kojima Productions announcement/teaser in the Game Awards today. (Anyone with an answer under 80% will be shadow-banned)


So Ghost of Tsushima won the Player’s Choice Award at The Game Awards. I respect everyone’s opinion, but...


#Blessedmas So Mrs Pliskin wanted to do something like a nativity scene for our home’s christmas decoration... We aren’t believers so we took some of our Ep IV-V-VI stuff and we did this. Detail pics in the comments.


A MGS nerd and cosplayer named Leah is making a thread in twitter, “METAL GEAR characters if you asked them to get you pads: a thread“: it’s very funny. She posted several characters like this. My little contribution is in the comments.


Good morning! A wise man changes his mind. The original, darker version of this #Philkensmas is better. Was fun to add those middle fingers tho.


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