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Happy Birthday Sam & Gus!!!


Every MGS nerd should love this. I’m having a blast being Solid Snake as Sam Porter’s photographer, all while narrating Death Stranding story without any spoiler. Also, Old Snake quotes are <3 #embraceyourobsessions #quarantinenerdproject


«Succession» is like watching Game of Thrones but with every single character being either a Lannister, or a Bolton. I like it.


Welcome to french surrealism... it gets crazier. What’s your favorite music video???


‘The New Pioneers’ 5: «Walk in my footsteps». The chiralium in the air smelled like a roasted battery. Can’t even imagine how it feels to “sense” those things.


Please somebody explain me what the hell is a “turnip” and why everybody’s speaking like the fucking Gordon Gekko.


Day ??? of quarantine. I’m on Twitter roleplaying as Iroquois Pliskin, ex SEAL and S.A.S. and now a documentary photographer, posting a diary with photos of my journey following Sam Porter Bridges across America. THIS IS SO META.


Have a good day, everybody <3 (Can’t see why but if you’re in a hurry, Cory Henry finds it at 0:40)


I knew Ali Farka Toure was a damn fine guitarist, but his son has some moves too! Short video in the comments:


No FF7 for me, but cat photos I have aplenty! This isn’t one of our two cats, but one neighbor is a bastard so we’re feeding and healing this poor boy (he’s in much better shape since he came a week ago)...


30 hours into my D. Stranding 2nd playthrough (finishing Ch.2) and it keeps blowing my mind. Turns out that I missed a prepper in the initial area, and he gives you an item that's JUST WONDERFUL. It'll be so cool to have it during the rest of the game :)


Well, I have to know it: for those who played it, did you liked Death Stranding? A quick thought would be nice, and a good Death Stranding meme would be almost nicer.


Not April fool’s:


Quick update. See you soon(ish, I guess?), I miss u people!


I’m having my best time in years with D.S., & to keep playing it «blind» and to avoid being a pain in the ass for everybody about what qualifies as a spoiler, I’ll be leaving you while I play this. <3 u all, stay safe & hydrated. I’ll be back.


IDK who you are. IDK what you want. But if you're looking for spoiling even the slightest thing about D.Stranding, you should know that I have a very particular set of skills. I will look for u, I will find u, and I'll flood your post with atrocious GIFs.


Time to go to work. Gif related:


My first contact with Death Stranding degenerated in a 6 hour long gaming session, so I went to bed at 4 AM. Initial (and 100% spoiler-free) thoughts in comments.


Yeah my wife and I use to communicate with each other mostly on gifs too:




I never do this with upcoming games but DEATH STRANDING, BRUH.


I'm taking the risk of reading something related to Death Stranding just to wish you a happy birthday, Chris. Love you buddie <3 Over and out, people. See you soon(ish).


My wife is a genius.


Mrs Plissken preordered Death Stranding for me at my local videogame shop... Damn I love this woman.


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