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For all of you who are going through rough times, I hope you’ll find your inner strength. Song related (& please don’t miss the video in the comments, best choristers of all time!) <3


I rewatched Jurassic Park yesterday. What a inteligent movie it is.


In which world pointing out that some homophobic morons included hate messages in a game is considered « political leaning »??? I’m not wanting to start a conversation here so just vote up if you also think this world is pretty fucked up.


What's your favorite game that you didn't play yet?


#SHAMELESSBUMP: I overcome my analphabetism to write a CBlog, but doesn't display the pictures if you click directly on QTOID's right side bar. Have to click the link in the comment or enter through the Community Blogs section


All right, so I... uhm , posted a community blog. God help you all, I became a writer.


Don’t scare fish.

Looking for friends to kick the head off of each other. This post is going to be EXPOSITION-HEAVY, so if you are expecting for linguistic pirouettes you better go check the latest Torguebow comments in the QTOID section, mates. You ha...


Hi everyone, have a nice and peaceful day. And if you can’t... crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women <3


Not my best play, but it's a little glimpse of how good this game is. I've lost my progress due to an account change, so if someone wants to start playing along, I'M HOT.


Found this path this morning at 6:30... waiting to see a fetus or Nicholas Widgnin Refn in a weelchair but I saw nothing. Quite disappointing.


17h: Too hot on the streets to hang out, so no clients on sight. 1 and a half hours to the weekend. Too lazy to do something productive. AMA! I’m listening :)


#carporntoid What’s your all time favorite car? Here’s mine: behold the beauty of the 1971 “Hakosuka” GT-R <3


#therapytoid I've been kind of an autodestructive person, with drug problems and several other adictions... Yesterday I came across this song, that defines in a very precise way how my wife saved me from myself. What's your favorite love song?


If you want to chill with some music my buddy Brad Stank have you covered <3


Glad I don’t live in Madrid anymore! I remember the « squeaks » you hear while walking because your shoes get so hot that they start to be sticky lol


Who’s your favorite « over the top » movie villain?


That’s cruel, Kojima. I’m sure you are having fun you sexy bastard <3


Old Bats number two... girl Robin is best Robin <3


...there goes 1’5 hours of my life. Fuck productivity!


Here’s my baby <3 Description in the comments :) Do you play any instrument? Add a photo too!


I won Verlet Swing AND Figment from Dtoid contests 'cause you EU fellas didn't participate enough for the second one. Well, it's not fair to get DP (double prized) so here's the code for 1 EU Ps4 Figment copy. Tell me who you are, you lucky euroDtoider!


Kind of a boomer if the leak is true and Ninja Theory's new thing is a multiplayer game...


My alternative cast & crew for the Uncharted movie:


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