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They’ve just announced a new quarantine here in France. Tomorrow is my last day at my shop, for now. 4 weeks minimum. The most important question that I’m asking myself is in the comments.


Did you played “A Way Out” with a friend? If so, what do you think about the game? Spoilery opinion in the comments.


This is a Chris Moyse appreciation post. Use the comment section as you wish. Maybe just a like, or a few kind words for him, or an unholy gif... everything counts. I really hope this post becomes the most commented in Dtoid history, tho.


My wife laughed when she saw where I placed the tusken. Mission accomplished.


Youtube algorithm knows that I’m a moron. And I’m grateful for it.


Please Kojima, release a teaser or something so I can start to freak out already


I would happily rewatch Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movies, but this time directed by Edgar Wright. Throw here other director swaps, fan-casting is my favorite sport!


Hahaha the puzzle said 2-4 years, but I finished it in only one year.


Happy #caturday ! I swear this wasn’t staged, she’s a natural.


So yesterday, near Paris, a teacher was decapitated because he showed a drawing of prophet Muhammad in school... he was teaching 13 yo kids about freedom of expression. Fucking world, man.


Current status:


Gravitas is an OP word and must be used wisely. Just saw a movie video essay and the guy said it like 15 times, so the poor term lost all his mojo... What's your favorite OP word?


So I’ve just finished TLoU2... initial thoughts in comments.


Exchange rate for 70$ is 60€, but PS5 games will cost 80€. Why?


Current status: obsessed with Akira insane animation.


It’s 2:30 AM and tomorrow I have to get up early, but it was impossible to stop playing TLoU2 before “Seattle Day 1”. Holy Fuck.


Could you give me some non-spoilery insight on TLoU2? Is it a masterpiece like the first one? I kinda want to play it but I need a final push. Loving so much the first one has setted too high spectations for me and I'm afraid to be dissapointed.


IDK how I ended seeing this on google images.


Changing my house’s roof. Sun hits like hammer. Mucho hot.


This is going to be a shitshow, but I'll ask it anyways XD ... I need a phrase for the new tote bags for my shop. All sugestions are welcome :) I mostly sell clothing from the 80s and 90s, so a movie quote would be nice, OR SOMETHING.


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