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I’m in a serious MGS nostalgia trip this week... Currently listening to « MGS1 full movie » while doing stuff at the shop. So many good goofy dialogue lines lol


I was waiting to find the perfect little mirror for the clients to try the sunglasses... But I already had it and just realized today: Aliens‘ extended cut on Laserdisc <3


#Curiositybooktoid Tom Cullen’s ‘Autumn of Terror’. A ´71 ed. (1st is from ´67). A careful dissection of Jack the Ripper’s crimes, based on police data and documentation from the era. One of the books Alan Moore studied to write ‘From Hell’


Listening to a 2 hour documentary about MGS2 while doing stuff at the shop I realized... Matthew Macgonaphieuw would be a great Solid Snake. Comment here if you a) agree b) disagree c) doesn’t give a shit <3


28 years since Coppola’s Dracula. I won’t lie, that made me feel a bit old XD


Too tired to play games but not too tired to make memes in my phone while watching The X-Files


Quick reminder: “JETT: The Far Shore” looks (and sounds) amazing. I’ve never played a game from these devs... was Superbrothers: S&S as good as it looked???


If one day I’m 1/10th as badass as this kid I’ll die happy


#Curiositybooktoid «Dictionary of Espionage», 1971. Full of espionage terms & techniques, famous spy names and ops, planes, satellites, etc alphabetically arranged. Of everything Covid has messed up, flea markets is one of the things I miss the most :)


Oh, happy Bday to Shibboleto and Juic3! May your day be pleasant and full of joy 🎂


Hey Slimybear245 it’s me, Sam Porter, from that game you don’t wanna play. I’m very disappointed with your decision.


Happy new year!


Well played 2020, well played.


Happy Bday mate 🎂!!!


I need your help friends!!! My PC is dying and I know nothing about computers. I need a cheap laptop that won’t freak out if I use Ableton or edit some video. If it can play indies like, let’s say, Mark of the Ninja... that would be a HUGE bonus <3


Behold the beauty of my new winter sneakers: the classic color combo, the yellowish but not too much tone of the sole, the overall (VERY) slightly used condition... Mrs Plissken really knows me well and I love her. Best gift I’ve had in a long time <3


Merry Christmas Dtoid, you’re my favorite band of weirdos and I love y’all ❤️


Hope you’re doing well. Me, I’m tired from work so watching X-Files half asleep is quite the only thing I want to do :) Also, my sister-in-law has high fever so it seems like christmas with my adorable nephews is fucked. PS: Hellblade is GOOD.


Initial thoughts on Fallen Order: gameplay is wonky, but the writing is... surprisingly charming? I want to know what happens next! That’s high praise in my book. Time to change discs and see if Hellblade lives to my self-generated hype :D


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