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Kind of a boomer if the leak is true and Ninja Theory's new thing is a multiplayer game...


My alternative cast & crew for the Uncharted movie:


Yesterday I saw Perfect Blue again... IMO hands down one of the best psichological thriller of movie history.


What’s on the screen kojima?!?! Is he repairing his moto? setting some sort of hi-tec camping spot? jerking himself? I try to stalk you but I get more questions than answers you sexy bastard!


So Robert Pattinson will be the next Batman... I can't wait to see the memes XD


Obsessed with Louis Cole videos, I love this shit


I'm stuck in Sekiro... a bull from Pamplona in one side and a crazy old lady in the other. The game is been easy so far, until NOW


Kojima is teasing a new trailer at instagram... with a voice-over?!?!


OMG the first big encounter in God of War is serious shit!!!! But I can't speak about it to not spoil the thing to anybody aaarrrrggggg


After seeing Antman I realized that Paul Rudd MUST be Nathan Drake. I respect your opinions, but if you don't agree you're wrong as fuck ;)


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