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Have a good weekend everybody <3


How you doing people??? I've been working all the weekend in a vintage festival (11 hours per day friday, saturday and sunday, + bringing back the stuff and re-detailing my shop monday), so I'll be chaining two straight weeks of work and I want to die. <3


I don’t like to be on photos, so that’s a testament of how much I love you all! Sideways #selfietoid I guess...


Can’t log in from my PC... any advice? P.S. How you doin’ people? I have a cold and a severe backache but besides that everything ‘s good lol


Peace is restore(ish) at the home of the Plisskens. Life always finds a way.


Don't feel like getting into details, but this morning I had an arguing with Mrs. Plissken... she told me to let her be during the day (logically) so I'm just here at the shop feeling like shit.


Introducing Wes Montgomery and his bionic thumb. GIF Related.


All work and no play makes Plissken a dull boy.


My brain works with almost a year of imput lag I guess, 'cause this just came to my mind right now... Do you know what would have been the perfect subtitle for the review of that bizarre game "The Quiet Man"? DEAF PUNK. *LOLs hard at his own joke*


I'm obsessed with good slow walk animations, and I really liked how Jesse walks in Control, until last night wtf (more in comments)


Dave Van Ronk's music is just delightful. Have a good weekend everybody, and if you work on weekends like myself: hold fast, efforts always pays off ;)


Have to stay strong to not see all those Death Stranding videos...


<3 Still rough and blablabla but here it is! THE FEELINGS!


Last year my black cat killed our bird so, in an act of redemption, she just hunted this little beauty and bringed it home, without harming it. She went inside, opened her mouth, and let the bird free in the same room our last bird lived. WTF.


It's time for me to think about Deadly Premonition 2, and the fact that probably I will never play it because I'm not planning to buy a Switch. This song is the soundtrack for the gif below.


Current mantra:


Woke up this morning with this song stuck in my head. Hopefully this will spread the infection. Have a good week everybody ;) EDIT: Link didn't worked, song in the comments!





I didn't let a client to spend money at my shop because he was an unpolite and arrogant prick :) Feels good to be the boss.


Rewatched Galaxy Quest last night. Such a modern classic :)


Current personal Death Stranding hype status. What's yours? (I only accept GIFs as a valid answer)


When you read in the review that CONTROL is Remedy’s magnum opus:


Finishing to paint my house today. This song is helping me to not rush it, doing a proper work so far!


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