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A sneak peek into the mind of a genius.


Hum, I just booted up Ghost of Tsushima and it did something nice with its main menu... I appreciated it.


Fuck, I'm such a Kojima fanboy...


Today it's been exactly 15 years since my first date with Mrs Plissken. I was a 22 year old immature child and look at me now, I'm a 37 years old immature child!!!


I forgot that Refused is doing songs for Cyberpunk 2077: I was already sold on playing this, but FUCK YEAH!


Option A: This is #wholesometoid Option B: That guy bullies his own wife and then posts it on the internet :/


Black ronin attire, patchwork straw hat and lethal difficulty have saved Ghost of Tsushima for me. NOW I'm having a blast.


Happy birthday to my brother from another mother, the one and only Mr Pat Bateman!!! I hope you’ll have a great day mate <3 !!!


I need that Kojima breaks the internet again. Please give me something dude!!!


This is the raddest musical shit I've seen in a while. I've actually seen it twice in a row before sharing it here... Hope some of you watch the whole thing!!!


This guy is telling me that he is not a racist...


Wanted to say “birthday” instead of “anniversary” 🤣 Fuck: my english isn’t improving with the years lol


It’s my anniversary bitches!!! Yee-haw 🎉 ! (Hope everyone is safe and fine in this crazy days tho)


So I just liked a Qpost to get it into 69, for the first time in my life.


I want to hire Mark Cerny to tell me a story every night. Damn, he could even read me the leaflet of an aspirin or no matter what other shit.


#Happytoid Walking in the city with this song on my headphones turns everything into a Technicolor music video, and I have to fight the urge to dance-walk instead of just walk like a non-crazy person :)


Just started to play Days Gone last night. I’ve embraced Survival mode and enjoying the shit out of it. Coasting downhill to save gas, scavenging everything, and taking my time... So far it’s a GOOD game!


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