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Exchange rate for 70$ is 60€, but PS5 games will cost 80€. Why?


Current status: obsessed with Akira insane animation.


It’s 2:30 AM and tomorrow I have to get up early, but it was impossible to stop playing TLoU2 before “Seattle Day 1”. Holy Fuck.


Could you give me some non-spoilery insight on TLoU2? Is it a masterpiece like the first one? I kinda want to play it but I need a final push. Loving so much the first one has setted too high spectations for me and I'm afraid to be dissapointed.


IDK how I ended seeing this on google images.


Changing my house’s roof. Sun hits like hammer. Mucho hot.


This is going to be a shitshow, but I'll ask it anyways XD ... I need a phrase for the new tote bags for my shop. All sugestions are welcome :) I mostly sell clothing from the 80s and 90s, so a movie quote would be nice, OR SOMETHING.


I'm really, honestly excited about the adaptative trigger thing on the Dualshock 5: In Deathloop, when your gun jams, your trigger jams!!!


Happy birthday Roager!


Ok, after watching this, I NEED to see Idles live. (Also, I didn't know that Sam Van der Meer liked to perform shirtless!)


Emmett «Doc» Brown or Henry Jones Senior?


If anyone here thinks that The Dark Tower movie was any good, I'm all ears.


A sneak peek into the mind of a genius.


Hum, I just booted up Ghost of Tsushima and it did something nice with its main menu... I appreciated it.


Fuck, I'm such a Kojima fanboy...


Today it's been exactly 15 years since my first date with Mrs Plissken. I was a 22 year old immature child and look at me now, I'm a 37 years old immature child!!!


I forgot that Refused is doing songs for Cyberpunk 2077: I was already sold on playing this, but FUCK YEAH!


Option A: This is #wholesometoid Option B: That guy bullies his own wife and then posts it on the internet :/


Black ronin attire, patchwork straw hat and lethal difficulty have saved Ghost of Tsushima for me. NOW I'm having a blast.


Happy birthday to my brother from another mother, the one and only Mr Pat Bateman!!! I hope you’ll have a great day mate <3 !!!


I need that Kojima breaks the internet again. Please give me something dude!!!


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