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If the current results hardly waver, then Prince Edward Island may be looking at a minority government or hung parliament. For reference’s sake, the pre-election polls predicted a verdant lead. Reckon Canada’s blue wave spoiled the Greens’ hopes.


Sorry, neighbors. Tried hard to hold ‘em back. Least the puffins stuck to their turf.


Happy Earth Day to you Woodsie folks. Wallow in your verdant fantasies!


Just put the final touch on my latest post. Will be a retro look at a game nearing its anniversary. I moved toward a creatively more encompassing format lately due to my artistic shift, with my upcoming subject matter having greatly inspired me.


Took the scenic route toward the tail end of the West Island. Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue and Baie-d’Urfé are my personal favorite towns. Ambiance made me feel right at home. Can see myself living here, especially given Montreal’s hustle-and-bustle.


Didn’t know Montreal’s West Island had a street bearing the same name as that of a certain hospital in a certain survival horror title.


My singing Thief: Deadly Shadows’s praises has led me to another project helmed by Warren Spector, one bursting with dark whimsy. Like Voodoo Vince, Epic Mickey revels in its atmospheric wickedness, a creative quality I’ve come to relish lately.


In a span of a single day, I received more good news and finished my largest article yet (they keep getting bigger!). Will have the former announced in the near-future and the latter published next month.


Trudging through Nope Man's Land.


Today's a day to celebrate thrice: Good Friday's rolling the red carpet for Easter, my brother became legal (21) and a year has passed since I paid id Software a visit and got to meet the studio heads. That last occasion was a high point of mine.


Watching the first two episodes of Fruits Basket reminded me that Tohru’s the textbook definition of an emotional collectivist. Contrasts heavily with the self-reliant Garrett from Thief, which I’m also reliving. Two different brands of humanity.


Crikey! Just came across a PDF copy of the original piece PG Gamer once wrote about Thief: Deadly Shadows's Shalebridge Cradle. Nothing has come close to surpassing this jack in the box of terror. http://gillen.cream.org/thecradle.pdf


No matter how many tests I plow my way through, the results remain steadfast in their accuracy. Being on top of things can be a solitary experience, but boy is it rewarding. What about you?


Received my e-copy of the (highly) extensive CRPG Book as of late. Hard to believe that four years have already passed since its initial inception. If you do get a chance to peruse it, be on the lookout for my S.T.A.L.K.E.R. write-up on p.364-5!


A certain master thief’s third outing shall be celebrating its 15th anniversary next month.


Two months later and Crackdown 3’s music is still in the back of my mind. Slowly becoming one of my favorite OSTs of all time thanks to its sheer energy and catchiness. Echo, for instances, embodies hope and reflection in a hair-raising fashion.


Tech’s certainly fetching and ambitious, but I’m more impressed by the artistic flair Mundfish baked into the idiosyncratic architecture and creatures. The mid-2000s-like atmospheric potency bodes well for Atomic Heart’s presentational potential.


D&D Alignment + Political Test = Something Like This, Albeit With A Certain Bias (Not Mine, Someone Else’s). (For the sake of reference, I happen to be Chaotic Neutral)


The fact that there are sundry analyses of Avatar speaks volume of the show’s quality, with FEE’s take being my favorite. Given how divided society’s become lately, teaching the importance of celebrating human individuality’s become more crucial.


Having taken the alignment test countless times already, it seems like I have a lot more in common with a certain kleptomaniac than any other virtual character. Long live solitary individualism!


Rewarded myself with a screening of Shazam following a week’s worth of work. Let’s just say that I came away surprised at the film’s sincerity. Core theme of family imbues each scene w/ meaning, even if the villain could’ve been more developed.


Marketing department at Bethesda must’ve been having a time promoting RAGE 2 to the masses. Their most recent trailer’s title reads like an individualistic statement of intent with regards to tackling a colorful wasteland. Consider me intrigued.


It's only been a dozen days since the turn of the month, and I've already lent my writing and design chops to no fewer than three academics. Grateful for the opportunities I get to help others self-actualize. Hopefully it'll lead to swell things.


Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs is one of psychology’s most fascinating concepts. I bet it’d make for a solid foundation for thematic and symbolic potency in a work of fiction, especially given that self-actualization isn’t directly tackled that often.


Garrett’s Quarters in Thief: Deadly Shadows remain one of my favorite virtual interiors. From the moonlight seeping through stained glasspanes to the dim flickering of candle wicks atop desks and other bits of furniture, the atmosphere’s spot-on.


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