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Quebec fun fact: The Magdalen Islands and Isle-aux-Grues (Island of Cranes) leverage their unique landscape and climate for dairying. The more time I spend at the Montreal Cheese Festival, the more convinced I am that Quebec is 🇨🇦’s Wisconsin.


Curious about the following: What’s one thing you have to do daily to feel swell about yourself (or feel like yourself)? Personally, I must exercise for at least an hour on the elliptical to stay in good shape and balance out my sedentary self.


Cheese Festival over in Montreal is off to a delectable start. Even took the time to pay L’Ancêtre a visit and invest in a Frugal block. It’s events like this one that add spice to my life. Has me looking forward to next week’s Cider Festival.


As soon as I saw the thumbnail for Wisecrack’s newest vid, I knew a red flag had been raised. While relying solely on one part of your identity is ill-advised, it’s also inhuman to dilute one’s individuality and become a mere cog in the machine.


Montreal’s Desjardins Complex from 2/21-23, colorized. Thank you Linda Kindt for this rendition of everyone’s favorite turophile.


Began watching the original Prisoner from the 60s. First few episodes alone trounce more recent TV offerings in terms of style and symbolism. Whole thing ain’t afraid to bask in its individuality, something that’s lacking in modern entertainment.


Having perused an io9 article on female characterization and exposed myself to stellar women in fiction, I figured I’d throw my hat in the topical ring. Given the nature of the subject matter, my upcoming post will be my most sincere one yet.


Hope Finishing Move will get to churn out more euphonious tracks such as this one. Their work on Crackdown 3 netted them a spot in my ticker. The transition from quiet to loud beats, the nightly mood, the feeling of urban supremacy... All there!


Two of my favorite flags follow me everywhere I go.


It’s been nearly 48 hours and I’ve yet to tune out. I’ll go as far as to say that in terms of open-world tunes, Crackdown 3 sets a personal high bar. If such tracks were paired with a narratively richer experience, there’d be no hating the work.


Given that I've been hooked on Crackdown 3 tunes for most of the day, I'd like to chuck a question at y'all: What recent game/flick/album/etc. won you over with its selection of euphonious tracks? Feel free to elaborate on why that's the case.


With Crackdown 3 finally out, figured I’d share with you one of my favorite tunes. Seriously though, Finishing Move’s handiwork resulted in the first truly consummate soundtrack of 2019 and it’ll take a lot to dethrone this feast for the senses.


Crackdown 3 may have its ups and downs, but one thing that stands out from the pack is Finishing Move’s soundtrack. In terms of conveying the feeling of surveying and conquering a daunting world, Finishing Move’s nailed every beat. Swell done!


The peachy thing ‘bout Quebec is that one may stumble upon people who bear roots in all sorts of places in Anglo-Saxon and Gallic realms. Imagine my surprise when I spotted a feller jaunting about with the flag of Normandy.


In honor of F.E.A.R. 2's 10th anniversary, I'd like to re-share GVMERS's retrospective upload on the original which I've had the honor to write the script for. Remains as engaging as ever, with Craig Hubbard's words proving invaluable and wise.


Seldom binge read mangas unless they exhibit the traits I cherish in my works, but Yona of the Dawn’s the exception. Halfway through VIZ Media’s catalog, and the themes of independence and finding one’s place in an unstable world’ve won me over.


Exactly a decade ago, Monolith Productions unleashed Alma Wade once more with F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin.


Atomic Heart, Sea of Solitude, The Sinking City, and now Chernobylite. One can tell I’m into psychological horror fare. The mix of open-ended exploration à la S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Get Even-style suspense makes The Farm 51’s next game one to watch.


The history buff in me couldn’t help but invest in this piece of military memorabilia. Funny that just a few years earlier, Harper brought the Royal moniker back to the Navy & Air Force. Queen’s crown really emphasizes Canada’s British heritage.


When you identify as a bookworm who remains interested in stories originating from games.


There comes a point when one has to procure the tools for narrative godhood if they’re to advance as a talent. The Art of Character goes into so much detail about characterization that it may seem daunting at first. Liberating’s the correct term.


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