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Gutted to hear that Verne Troyer passed away earlier today. His performance as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers flicks will always remain peerless no matter how hard the test of time is. RIP (1969 - 2018).


While the gaming world is busy with God of War & LABO, I'm racking up kills in Bizarre Creations' criminally underrated shooter, The Club. Here's me taking on a prison full of armed goons and fighting the slightly iffy mouse acceleration.


‪Good morning, Texas. Looks like we’ve got some touring to do today!‬


‪Will be flying down south soon. First time to boot. 🤠 ‬


‪Guess who greeted me in front of my condo’s door at the end of the day. Pyramid Head in all his (cuddly) glory! This Silent Hill devotee is VERY pleased.‬


Life ain’t the greatest sci-fi horror film out there (still a neat flick), but the part when Gyllenhaal’s character whispers “Good night, nobody” struck a deep chord with me. Song that played during that moment amplified the emotional gut punch.


‪Been worrying about EMF radiation due to a headache on the left side of my head which happens to be the same one as my missing headset earpad 🤕 ‬ ‪Luckily I got a safe alternative. Still waiting for my tablet/phone protection cases to arrive.


‪Found a way to enable something akin to Night Mode on Slack by doing some tweaking on one of the .js files in the app folder. My eyes can finally be absolved from the blinding monitor light.‬


While I cherish Sunderland's journey, my heart will always belong to Silent Hill 3's Heather. Not only is she astonishingly detailed, her personality makes her stand out from the series' other protagonists. Have a soft spot for spirited gals.


Stumbled upon a gorgeous row of pansies outside my apartment. Always cherished the flower’s association with freethinking, so seeing them near my abode was a sight for sore eyes.


Personally I consider horror to be at its best when it exposes universal human woes and forces people to face their inner demons in figurative and literary isolation, and with the fear of the unknown enveloping the exploration of the character.


Working on my fourth monster which is inspired by the Thing, but added the ability to consume inorganic matter for combat.‬ Also used the concept of introverts/extroverts to portray the fiend’s slavish dependency on human beings for its growth.


Made use of two proverbs thus far to symbolize my monster designs: “The nail that sticks out gets hammered down” and “The sheep separated from the flock is eaten by the wolf.” You can tell that I base my fiends on individualism vs. collectivism.


‪Third monster design finally done. The Pinner is the embodiment of human pigeonholing and one’s distorted body image, resulting in a pile of flesh ‘n bones that seeks to pin every living entity down, figuratively and literally.‬ ‪Opinion?


What happens when you try to portray Jung's concept of the animus while trying to show the hero's distorted body image via a fiend that stems from her subconscious and hazy memories of a figure who hurt her? You get the Pinner. Arms still a WIP.


The Pinner’s female leg (left) is suitably repulsive in its composition, just like its male counterpart. Drew a bent knee to amplify the fiend’s haphazard build. Still a few discrepancies to iron out here and there (i.e. line thickness).


Silent Hill 3's art direction stood the test of time impeccably, with higher resolutions enabling better appreciation of character/environmental detail. Team Silent's ability to squeeze every ounce of juice out of the PS2 is nothing to scoff at.


We meet again, Samael. How’s it crackin’ in that heaven of yours? *distorted dental drill noise intensifies*


‪Love the feeling of casually exploring interiors in Silent Hill: Downpour. Also helps that the lighting contrasts with the inky darkness imbuing the town.‬ ‪Also managed to find Henry Townshend’s room from Silent Hill 4! No hauntings though.


‪Reached Devil’s Pit in Silent Hill: Downpour. Place reminds me of my time in Tremblant and Bar Harbor, as well as shows such as Twin Peaks and Made in Abyss. Looks great on my screen!‬ XB1 BC now makes the game a lot more stable and enjoyable.


Wishing a happy Passover/Pesach to all my Jewish friends across the globe. Chag Sameach!


Seems like Philip Athans's Monster Creation Form is more valuable than I thought. Finally done visualizing Clockwork Jimmy, the symbolic manifestation of human rigidity, uncompromising conformity and ungodly single-mindedness.


Fog you, Silent Hill 2. I sometimes wonder if the fog effect I currently have with the Widescreen Fix is more pronounced than the PS2 original. Another pair of eyes would be welcome.


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