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Next design article will be up on Destructoid in a few hours. All I can say at this point is that it (unsurprisingly) got the Featured badge on Gamasutra. Not too shabby!


3446 words later, my design article on the art of weaving an engrossing atmosphere in games is more or less complete. Going to give it a polish pass before letting it loose. Had tons of fun with this one. For me, atmosphere makes/breaks a game.


Going to take a moment to share five (single-player) games that were showcased at E3 and grabbed my attention. In no particular order: 1 - Call of Cthulhu 2 - Valkyria Chronicles 4 3 - Metro: Exodus 4 - The Sinking City 5 - Sea of Solitude


Two weeks left 'til I'm moving back to Montreal after weeks of uncertainty regarding my next professional endeavor. Think I'll keep myself busy in the meantime by whipping up a design article on one of my favorite aspects in a game: atmosphere.


Any game that’s based off Lovecraft’s eerily intriguing universe of unknown horrors is good in my book (ha). Yes, Call of Cthulhu is one of the few titles I’m wholly excited, and that’s saying something coming from someone who’s hard to plea


Bump for the Wednesday crowd.


Three months have passe since I began making monsters. Just finished my sixth one, the Tarmot. A reclusive hellfiend that can feel anything touching the tarry pools it leaves behind. This is one critter whose slumber you don’t want to interrupt.


Finally finished From the New World, and... woah. Just... woah. The themes, the lore... A-1 Pictures outdid themselves back with this psychological horror/sci-fi romp. If only it didn’t suffer from Teary Eye Syndrome like M3: The Dark Metal.


‪After six years of hesitation, I’ll be giving From the New World the watch it deserves.‬ ‪Hearing folks sing its praises with regards to its psychological themes was enough to put it in my queue.‬ ‪Hopefully E3 won’t distract me too h


Hold the presses. A game about solitude and confronting one’s innermost fiends in a bleak environment? E3’s officially over, chums. We’ve got ourselves a winner. Good thing I read Heart of Darkness the other day. I’m positively psyched for SoS.


Is it possible to love EVERY second of a film? ‘Cause that’s a feat I achieved with Apocalypse Now. From the unwelcoming backdrop to the handling of themes that made Conrad’s novella thought-provoking, Coppola’s magnum opus oozes timelessness.


Began my reading of Heart of Darkness. The idea of an individual’s state of mind being molded and twisted by a vast environment foreign to them’s something that has always intrigued me. I’m dying to know more about Kurtz’s enigmatic persona.


Character sheet for the Tarmot, my 6th monster design, is done. Picture a tarry monstrosity. Easily the most reclusive foe I've created with a level of awareness that turns the maxim “Consciousness is a born hermit" into an abominable reality.


Reading All You Need Is Kill. The time loop schtick that drives the plot (which predates a similar pattern in the Souls games) remains fetching. I wonder how that detail would be used in a more ambiguous tale. That’s the beauty of inspiration.


Back in MD, meaning that I can get back to designing characters and penning pieces for the time being. Think I'll tackle my sixth monster design since that's something I seem to be getting proficient at...


Reading the Flowers of Evil manga I got for my birthday. Nakamura steals every scene she’s in w/ her devilish mind and angelic facade. Heated bits depict her deftly. I think illustrations are crucial references for describing emotions in prose.


‪Reckon that time of year has come once again. Yours truly turned 23 as of today, and which better place to celebrate my birthday than Salem?


‪Watched Barton Fink yesterday. I sincerely believe that it’s one of the Coens’ better flicks, mostly thanks to the peerless performances and lively script.‬


‪DC -> BOS. 23rd birthday’s coming up and I’m yearning for some adventure.‬


Watched 1408 the other night and thought it was a really well-paced horror showfest. I’ll never forget that fridge scene which provided a humorously stark contrast to everything else in the film. Hardly gets old.


Having perused the Gods of Pegana, King in Yellow and House on the Borderland, I think I’ll take a day-long break from reading by watching something that’s no less emotionally potent. Probably surmised it by now. Then I’ll read Roadside Picnic.


Seems like Hodgson beat Gainax to the punch when it came to depicting supernatural firmaments. The way House on the Borderland nears its conclusion is quite literally out of this world.


‪Current mood while reading time-tested horror novels.


Finally completed my fifth monster design and the first one to be (partially) aquatic in nature. Meet the Memorrhage, a fiend that'll drag you (and people's memories of you) to the bottom of its underwater abode.


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