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Them Commonwealth Raiders sure are an eclectic bunch...


The epicenter of idiosyncrasies indeed. Setting up the exterior portion of the (underground) Coolidge Institute and them Raiders sure went all out with their, ahem, attention-to-detail. Kamikaze Teddy ahoy!


On this day in 1929, the world was introduced to everyone’s favorite Belgian reporter, Tintin. Hard to imagine what my youth would’ve been like without Hergé’s creation.


My artistic senses were tingling, so I whipped up another chibi treat. Ain't she a beaut?


2018 will be a year of change for me. By "change", I mean expanding my creative endeavors to ensure I can better connect with the gaming community. Kicking things off by managing my very own Steam Curator page, Ludobazaar.


Last couple of days were rather rough. Going to watch something light-hearted to let off some steam before putting my nose to the grindstone tomorrow.


Hail to the king, baby. 👑 For the first time in God knows how long, I ended up with the slice of king’s cake containing the luck-bringing figurine (a replica of Tintin’s Dupont, no less). 2017’s ending on a high note. Bring on 2018!


Completed my playthrough of Bloober Team's Observer. Relished the narrative and themes on display, especially given how intriguing (and scary) the idea of hacking into one's memories and dreams is. Reminds me a lot of Get Even for some reason.


Done with RE7's DLC. Next up: Doki Doki Literature Club. Don't let the endearing look fool you: there's a lot more to it and it's... subversive, to say the least. Also, for some reason, I keep reading the characters' lines with different voices.


That moment when you voice your thoughts on TLJ and it gets gobbled up by the masses. Welp, Christmas is off to a good start. Never garnered that much attention before. No, I won’t forget you on the off-chance that I become famous. Merry Xmas!


"Come, Cuddly Child. Let us embrace in this moment of silence and endearment." Teddy bear-worshiping Raiders. Sure, why not?


Tweaked the lighting some more and... Golly, everything’s eerier. Images alone don't do the Coolidge Institute justice. So I made a video showcasing the newly realized atmosphere of the complex. (Song is Auldale - Thief: Deadly Shadows).


Been reading about the Korean War and its repercussions all day long. To think that this relatively overlooked conflict would beget the last vestiges of the Cold War is indeed eye-opening.


Been reminiscing about Team Fortress 2 lately due to its recent 10th anniversary. I recall falling in love with the classes via the “Meet The...” videos, and Piemations’s works reinforces that feeling with their slapstick humor. ❤️ you, Pyro!


With the end of the year nearing, there's a question I would like to ask y'all: What is your favorite surprise game (i.e. one you didn't have huge expectations about and yet blew you away)? My personal vote goes to the narratively ingenious Get Even.


Added a "studying" table and repair corner to the library section of the Calvin Coolidge Institute. Real proud of the work I did with the skeletal remains, and I admire the layout of the rooms I made and objects I placed.


November has been one of the most taxing months I've had in years. Personal stuff got out of hand, and my only hope is that December will wash away the bitter aftertaste of it all.


Thief: The Dark Project, one of the finest (stealth) games ever crafted, turned 19 today. I owe a huge part of my passion for environmental storytelling and atmospheric tension to Looking Glass’s magnum opus. It has truly stood the test of time.


Just finished Thief: Deadly Shadows. Boy, what a game that was. Ion Storm did a mighty fine job with this one as it further reinforced my love of this venerable series. ❤️


I finally emerged from the Shalebridge Cradle itself. Golly, what a level that was! I’m so thankful to have experienced it myself after all those years. Those Puppets, however... And the soundscape. Good heavens, the soundscape.


I'm about to do the unthinkable. I'm about to venture into one of the most frightening places the City and gaming as a whole has ever known. I'm about to enter... the Shalebridge Cradle. 😱 Godspeed.


Re-reading Fire Emblem: Awakening's art book to pass the time. Still enamored of the character designs, especially those with a spirited demeanor. Cynthia, in particular, has "sanguine gal" written all over her. The character she displays is infectious


I watched The Castle of Cagliostro recently enough to know where Thief: Deadly Shadows's Clocktower mission is going. Kleptomaniacs, prophecies... What could possibly could wrong?


I’m interested in knowing the most common element in your favorite games of all time. Personal example: My favorite titles tend to have palpable (and dark) atmosphere. The Thief series, STALKER titles, Half-Life 2 and FEAR spring to mind.


The more I play Thief: Deadly Shadows, the more potent its aura becomes. Starting to lose count of the number of screenshots I took. I admit that games like Half-Life 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Condemned have always enthralled me with their tangible ambiance.


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