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That Atomic Heart article I talked about yesterday? Just finished and spruced up the whole thing! Expect it in two days' time (have other fish to fry this weekend and I'm the kind of feller who likes to monitor his work ASAP).


Strongly considering whipping up an article pertaining to Atomic Heart and a trend I've been seeing in works within and beyond gaming. It's a topic that's been simmering in my mind, one that I feel I can't contain for much longer. Stay tuned.


Cat cafe. The PB & J of restaurants.


Seldom get into politics, but this here picture of Trump and Schumer confabulating w/ one another is begging for a quote. “Wall’s going to be tre-men-dous, and Mexico’s going to pay for it, and Russia will...” ‘Ughhh... Chump’s always at it.


New wallpaper. Literally became obsessed with Atomic Heart as I write them words. It's truly unlike any game I've seen this and the past gaming generation. If the narrative and mechanics can match the aesthetics, then a sleeper hit may be born.


Wish me luck with this here libation.


Netted meself a spanking new flag to adorn me mantelpiece with. That comely juxtaposition between 🇬🇧 and 🇫🇷 emblems is best kind.


As sacrilegious as this may sound, last night’s Game Awards vindicated my disillusionment with the industry as a whole and I’m saying this as a AAA alum. I believe the medium’s stuck in a creative rut and most titles I enjoy stem from the past.


I know it may be a huge stretch, but I'm hoping more of Atomic Heart will be unveiled in the forthcoming Game Awards. That title's aesthetics and tone are just masterful in their level of whimsy and wickedness, so I hope gameplay will be shown.


As of today, you may consider me a Writing Member of the Quebec Writers' Federation. Big deal given the resources they offer and the fact that I take my vocation seriously. I really look forward to further refining my craft in 2019 and beyond.


Having read more Transcendentalist works lately, I now see Ghibli films in a different light. The likes of Nausicaa strike me as Emerson/Thoreau expies (which is a good thing), so I couldn't help but slip a quote in here. Anyone else think the same


Wishing Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish chums the world over. May the festivities beget merry memories and swell spirits.


20 years ago, Garrett learned of the Bear Pits. 20 years ago, the Master Thief set foot in the Haunted Cathedral. 20 years ago, Thief: The Dark Project saw the light of day. If there was one game I wished I had worked on, it would be this one.


TIL that one may become an honorary Newfoundlander via a Screech In.


Have yet to understand why it took me two months for me to unearth this Tweet, but JIMINY CRICKET! Yet another reason the Monolith folks deserve all the praise they can get. Shogo meant a great deal to me as a fan of juxtapositional works.


Seems like vexillology has become my new favorite interest and pastime. Had a time designing this Red Ensign-inspired flag.


Happy Black Dea... I mean, Friday.


I’m a sucker for historical memorabilia, and this treat from WWII is my new favorite addition to my collection of vintage artworks. As a someone who is enamored of Newfoundland, I couldn’t help but relish the mood this ad conveyed.


“Gordon Freeman, in the flesh - or, rather, in the hazard suit.” 20 years later, Half-Life remains one of the foremost turning points in gaming history.


For the past few months I've been hard at work on a little something following my brief tenure at Bethesda Softworks. Although I can't divulge anything just yet, I can at least share with y'all the tunes that greatly shaped the creative process.


In two weeks’ time, Thief: The Dark Project will turn 20. I remain grateful to have made it the basis of my GDC ‘17 Narrative Summit poster. Also helps that some LGS alumni sang its praises.


Part of me believes my individualism and long-term orientation indexes should be much higher than what I ultimately got, but the rest is hunky-dory otherwise.


You had me at “old-school stuff”, Monolith.


I don’t usually read mangas in my spare time, but I simply couldn’t pass up on this adaptation of Jane Eyre. Surprisingly faithful to the source material in terms of tone & context, and the medium’s tropey elements are relatively kept in check.


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