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*wakes up to news of TimeSplitters’s rights being acquired by THQ Nordic*


There’s prose and then there’s Ray Bradbury’s artful mastery of it. Fahrenheit 451 may be his best-known novel, but the uncanny Something Wicked This Way Comes can hardly be topped in my eyes. The right books have been finding me as of late.


Finished The Endless. Of all the horror films I’ve watched, this is one of the genre’s more artful and mind-bending outings. Underappreciated compared to most spookfests, even if it ain’t as innermost as Jacob’s Ladder. Please give it a shot.


I’m fairly certain I’m not human in the traditional sense. Why? Because I managed to survive the onslaught of emotional moments that is Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms. If that flick was the 1408 of tearjerkers, then I’m John Cusack.


Found my new favorite manga at Indigo. Wandering Island’s premise and untrammeled lead deeply resonated with me from the get-go. Has a lot of the qualities I look for in an adventure piece, which make it stand out from its contemporaries.


I love it when a work of horror makes swell use of uncanny visuals to sell itself instead of overly relying on the crimson red stuff. Hence the reason Mundfish’s Atomic Heart looks very promising. Hope the atmosphere and story don’t disappoint.


Fell in love with this Ralph Emerson quote, which reminded me of a nightly shot from Darling in the FranXX that had a neat element of hope and wonder in it. What better way to pay tribute to both than by combining the two?


Badminton 🏸 update: Managed to juggle a shuttlecock 100 times without fumbling it, getting better at serving long shots that force my opponent to move backwards, and trying to get a hang of cross-court shots. Still need to polish my footwork.


Rewatched Invictus yesterday. Eastwood’s historical sports flick still puts a smile on my face whenever Freeman, Damon and co. impart politica/rugby wisdom. Also helps that South Africa happens to be one of my favorite settings in any artwork.


Had my first 🏸 practice match. Learned many things about serving, footwork, catching your opponent off-guard, etc. Most importantly, it was FUN. Not a single minute felt dull and the sweat made me aware of my efforts. Badminton’s cool, folks!


Pleased to let you know that I shall be attending Otakuthon next month. It'll be my first time at an anime convention, so hopefully I'll be able to keep up with all the attractions and events going on there.


Off to play some 🏸 (thanks Hanebado). Added a Kaname Buccaneer (Macross Delta) keychain for good measure!


The more I watch Hanebado, the greater my desire to whacking shuttlecocks on the court becomes. The drama, the energy, the attention-to-detail... This is the kind of anime that hardly pulls any punches.


Just got out of the court following some casual plays. I’m soooooooo grateful to have gotten into 🏸 again. Being soaked to the bone never felt so satisfying. Definitely want to keep this up. I miss playing multiple sports in my youth.


Got my badminton gear. Time to hit the court and smash some shuttlecocks! Also looking forward to Hanebado Episode 2. 🙂


Few works of art compel me to try my hand at their subject matter, but Hanebado is the exception. As of today, I’ve become a member of Montreal’s Club Atwater. Next up: invest in a neat racket that’ll give ‘em shuttlecocks a damn good whacking.


It’s been 365 days since I joined Bethesda. I remain grateful for my experience with the Evil Within, Prey, Wolfenstein, and the Elder Scrolls: Legends. Part of me’s sad about my time there having ended, but I look forward to greater endeavors.


Happy Independence Day to all my southern chums! Pity I left before the occasion, but I’m with y’all in spirit.


Looks like I’ve found another contender for AOTY. Episode 1 had me sold.


Taking a respite by the Saint Lawrence River bank on Nuns’ Island. Haven’t set foot in that particular spot in nearly a decade. The crashing of waves is a fitting analogy for the rush of nostalgia I’m inundated with. It’s so swell to be home...


Don’t know why, but S.T.A.Y. from Interstellar plays in my mind by default whenever I glance at this screenshot of Fireworks. https://youtu.be/a2BuJJIVicY Pity I won’t be able to catch its screenings, unless there’s one in Montreal.


As of today, I’ve officially vacated my Rockville condo in preparation for my return to Montreal tomorrow. Going to sorely miss Bethesda. These past 12 months have had their triumphs and travails. Hope the forthcoming ones will prove fruitful.


I scare because I care. 😉


Next design article will be up on Destructoid in a few hours. All I can say at this point is that it (unsurprisingly) got the Featured badge on Gamasutra. Not too shabby!


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