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‪Got my hands on Silent Hill: Downpour. Pretty much completes my SH collection (on platforms I own, at least).‬ ‪Heard mixed opinions about it, but I’m willing to give it a try myself. Not expecting it to top Team Silent’s work, though. 😛


With the Omni now fleshed out, I can now focus on another fiend: the colorfully named Clockwork Jimmy/Jenny. More of a grunt monster than the previous one, but just as unsettling with its rigid mind/gait, mechanical anatomy and human mien.


Gollysmith! Silent Hill 2's aesthetics still give me some moody vibes all those years later. The Widescreen Fix does wonders to add a fresh coat of paint to the experience.


‪Behold the tar-ridden devourer of human minds and souls. ‬ ‪Behold the fiend who seeks to harvest your traits and exploit your innermost weaknesses with ungodly precision.‬ ‪Behold... the Omni.


The Omni is slowly coming together... Golly, am I glad to have read that "Writing Monsters" book.


Hmm, Condemned 2's box art sure looks different from how I first pictured it.


‪On this day in 2008, Monolith Productions unleashed the sequel to one of the finest survival horror experiences in gaming history, Condemned 2: Bloodshot.‬ From the bear chase to the museum level, every moment oozed isolated terror and dread.


Tomorrow will mark the 10th anniversary of one of my favorite survival horror titles of all time, one that has reinvigorated my love of the genre. In the meantime, here’s a bunch of mannequins to gawk at.


I got bored and made something... again.


Felt like doing this for a very, very long time (i.e. ever since I began using YouTube). The following tracks struck a deep chord with me back then and still do to this day.


I got bored and made this.


‪Conjured up the image of an FPS heroine who relied on her tendrils for help, Jackie Estacado-style. Based it on promo art for Code Geass’s Leila Malcal.‬ (I’m aware that there are still a few blemishes on my drawing)


Working on another drawing to pass the time. A gal and her snake-like tendril.


On this episode of “Anime and Video Game Analogies”... GITS's Major Kusanagi, Syndicate's Kilo, Freezing's Ganessa, and Mortal Kombat's Scorpion. (Heck, there’s even a rifle dubbed the “Kusanagi” in Syndicate. Coincidence? I think not!)


TMW you find out that your mod got featured by a popular YouTuber.


Having played Condemned, Silent Hill and Resident Evil lately, I couldn’t help but sink my teeth into Philip Athans’s guide to crafting baleful fiends. The bits that allude to monstrous collectivism were particularly unsettling.


Hard to believe that I managed to concoct this comely illustration. I'm especially proud of the little touches such as the water stroking her right hand and the blood stains on her flower hair accessory. What do you think?


Whipping up another illustration with the same character as before. Still a WIP, but I love it thus far.


‪Drew another illustration yesterday, one that’s based on Condemned 2’s front cover (one of the best box arts ever conceived). I love how the bloody eye contrasts with the scenery.‬ Looking forward to celebrating its 10th anniversary next month


Got myself a nazar bracelet. Fits like a glove!


Happy Presidents Day! (Calvin Coolidge pictured)


A thematically deep storyline, Metroidvania-style design, gloomy atmosphere, a cast of twisted but relatable characters? How come I have yet to play this gem? Going to rectify this flagrant mistake right now.


Looked at some Elfen Lied artwork yesterday evening, which compelled me to draw my own take on it. Still a bit rough around the edges, but the pose and countenance really did it for me.


So I've reached the conclusion that my skin's a lot thicker than most folks, 'cause most of the time, this is how I react to tearjerkers.


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