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"So what you've been up to, Mitch?" Well, aside from penning six character sheets with a combined tally of 75 (!!!) pages for the past couple of weeks, not much. Anyhow, here's a picture of some provincial flags I nabbed at my local gift shop.


Been binging on WWI videos lately, especially with the 100-year anniversary of the armistice around the corner. What’s that? Battlefield 1’s down to a dozen bucks on Origin? Sure, why not? ‘Sides, I find BFV’s switch to WWII to be disappointing.


Don’t think I’ve mentioned this in my Labor Day QuickPost, but I’m a sucker for all things dark fantasy (which I interpret as a vivid subgenre of horror). Barker’s The Thief of Always seems to be delivering the goods w/ its fable-ish tomfoolery.


Next to Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Alchemist is one of the more enchanting novels out there. Prose may not be as idiosyncratic, but the highly relatable subject matter makes for a fine adventure template. I <3 allegorical storytelling.


It’s been two weeks since I’ve decided to uninstall all social media apps from my mobile devices. What a difference it has made to my productivity. Have few to no reasons to engage on SM nowadays, especially given my next (top secret) endeavor.


If my reading of The Girl Who Lovec Tom Gordon is anything to go by, it’s that less can be more with depicting monsters. Having multiple fiends in one story can not only bloat the narrative, but also dilute the minatory nature of the creatures.


Happy Labor Day to those, including yours truly, calling North America their home. Thought I’d take a moment to ask you the following question given the rekindling of my interest in literature: What’s YOUR favorite literary genre? Mine’s horror.


Joining the ranks of “Horror Films I Love That Fall Outside The Cultural Mainstream” is 2013’s A Field in England. Think of it as a more surreal and risible rendition of Tarkovsky’s Stalker that uncannily tackles the horrors of human depravity.


My PC fell into the hands of the living God. Ia, Ia Hastur! :)


TIL that Forbidden Planet predates Silent Hill’s monstrous projection of the human psyche by more than 40 years. Easily could have gone down the traditional baddie path, but I’m glad the 1956 film distinguished itself with this narrative detail.


Watched In The Mouth of Madness the other day, which reminded me to take a gander at Carpenter’s music portfolio and immerse myself in a synthwavy ocean. His composition has aged like mighty fine wine, with Precinct 13’s theme being my favorite.


Seeing Nuns' Island awash with campaign posters for the Quebec election reminds me to find out who's the least Anglophobic of 'em all. PQ and QS can go belly up for all I care, with CAQ being not far behind. QLP seems like my last resort, then.


I know I’m late to the party with this one (The Sinking City and Call of Cthulhu news kept me busy), but Atomic Heart looks increasingly mesmerizing with each new trailer. Has the ingredients for a psychological/supernatural horror-coaster ride.


Remember when I said that The Sinking City and Call of Cthulhu look to be doubling down on mind-mucking goodness? Well, I rest my case.


Found my next psychological horror fix in Nick Cutter’s The Deep. Nightmarish bits had me grinning with anticipation, to say nothing of the Trieste’s baleful aura. Think The Shining, albeit underwater. Barker and King were right to praise it.


Psychological horror will always hold a special place in my heart. The Sinking City looks to be delivering the mind-mucking goods if this latest trailer is any indication of its tone. Good Golly, 2019 can’t come soon enough!


*wakes up to news of TimeSplitters’s rights being acquired by THQ Nordic*


There’s prose and then there’s Ray Bradbury’s artful mastery of it. Fahrenheit 451 may be his best-known novel, but the uncanny Something Wicked This Way Comes can hardly be topped in my eyes. The right books have been finding me as of late.


Finished The Endless. Of all the horror films I’ve watched, this is one of the genre’s more artful and mind-bending outings. Underappreciated compared to most spookfests, even if it ain’t as innermost as Jacob’s Ladder. Please give it a shot.


I’m fairly certain I’m not human in the traditional sense. Why? Because I managed to survive the onslaught of emotional moments that is Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms. If that flick was the 1408 of tearjerkers, then I’m John Cusack.


Found my new favorite manga at Indigo. Wandering Island’s premise and untrammeled lead deeply resonated with me from the get-go. Has a lot of the qualities I look for in an adventure piece, which make it stand out from its contemporaries.


I love it when a work of horror makes swell use of uncanny visuals to sell itself instead of overly relying on the crimson red stuff. Hence the reason Mundfish’s Atomic Heart looks very promising. Hope the atmosphere and story don’t disappoint.


Fell in love with this Ralph Emerson quote, which reminded me of a nightly shot from Darling in the FranXX that had a neat element of hope and wonder in it. What better way to pay tribute to both than by combining the two?


Badminton 🏸 update: Managed to juggle a shuttlecock 100 times without fumbling it, getting better at serving long shots that force my opponent to move backwards, and trying to get a hang of cross-court shots. Still need to polish my footwork.


Rewatched Invictus yesterday. Eastwood’s historical sports flick still puts a smile on my face whenever Freeman, Damon and co. impart politica/rugby wisdom. Also helps that South Africa happens to be one of my favorite settings in any artwork.


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