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Finally got Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth to work properly on my machine. GOG fixes are doing justice to the game's presentation, as do the fan-made patches that reworked the mood of the prologue. No more pale skies!


Welcoming Robbie the Rabbit to the family. Good thing Pyramid Head’s here as well to keep its chum company.


After nearly 12+ hours of research and toiling, I managed to complete my first design post in nearly 10 months.  All that's left to do is polish the entire thing and publish it on Gamasutra and other websites next week. 3500+ words. Good Lord.


Spent the entirety of the day just penning my forthcoming article. Reached 2500 words (!) and that doesn’t include the opening paragraphs. I hope you’ll appreciate what I have to say on the subject.


My next piece will cover a topic that I have grown enamored of. By the time it’s done, it will have been nearly a year since my last design post. I wonder if my following stagnated due to my writing being put on hold. Will this change anything?


Got some more bad news in my inbox that further add to the frustration I’ve been feeling this month. I simply don’t understand any of this: 2018 was shaping up to be a great year and then suddenly May decides to blow my hopes to smithereens.


You all know what this screenshot means. Finally letting my fingers wrangle some words in the name of game writing after spending the past 10 months restrained. Back on the saddle!


Capped off my sketching spree by visualizing the Thief-like bits of my survival horror concept. What a sublime week this has been. Never thought I’d spend five days penning and doodling one of my dream games. I should document my experience...


Activating a generator the hard way and making your foe’s acquaintance with the sole of your lower appendage. Jolly times! 😎 Two panels left to draw. What a journey it has been. Will all of this lead to something greater? I sincerely hope so.


It’s dangerous to wander bare-handed. Make good use of this rifle and these nutty bandages. The Stalker influences are showing...


You’re not supposed to be here, my dear Harlow... The price of poking your nose into monsters’ business is steep. 💵 Survival horror design’s coming together...


So someone yesterday asked if I already handled the visual design of my survival horror concept's protagonist. It strongly compelled me to redraw her and good heavens, does she look comely. And yes, I did use Heather Mason's pose as reference.


Last panels for tonight. Hard to think I’ve reached nine pages now. So proud to have finally put three years' worth of ideas on paper. Hopefully I’ll have everything realized someday.


Silent Hill 4-style hauntings can be warded off with a device that looks like the Psionic Amplifier from System Shock 2. Also drew a sewer-spelunking bit with a shotty. 5 pages left and things are ramping up for my survival horror game concept.


Looked at some old screenshots of the Condemned games and based my latest sketches on them. Checking how full your cartridge is, getting mauled by a rabid hound... Yup, typical survival horror tomfoolery.


Last page for tonight. Taking cues from Blood (1997) and BioShock with some spray flamethrowing action and self-injection. “Ampoule” is a nod to Silent Hill. 😉 I hope all of this'll serve me well in the future instead of being wholly ignored.


Applying more detail to the hands with my latest sketches. Cracking open safes, finding critical items... Heavens, I have eight pages left to go through! Thanks again to the Dtoid community for sharing their thoughts on my work. Keep it coming!


Treating wounds and taking pictures of clues... Quite pleased with the progress I’m making.


Exploration, prepping oneself for some shooting... More sketches incoming! Also, what could this fridge possibly be harboring? Long story short, I'm glad I got my hand on this notebook. Years of ideas finally put on paper for the world to see.


Drew the climbing and map-gazing/vitals portions, which is where the Thief, Resident Evil 7 and Far Cry 2 influences come in. Also, for those wondering, I modeled the sleeves after Neko’s from Brynhildr in the Darkness. 11 more pages to go!


Sketching out the Condemned-style combat and inventory for my survival horror concept. For the latter, I looked at Alone in the Dark 2008. I found its jacket inventory to be a neat immersive touch that made the player character feel palpable.


Been jotting down my thoughts in this booklet. Picturing a survival horror romp that’s “Silent Hill meets Stalker” and promotes exploratory improvisation like in the Thief games. The monsters I designed would be reflections of the hero's psyche.


For my 5th monster, I'm going for an aquatic and guileful fiend that symbolizes Damnatio memoriae via its dragging of people to its bottomless abode. It reflects how individuals can "drown" in a society (body of water) without recognition (air).


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