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Drew this chap named Clanker last night. Was heavily inspired by SecuriDroid XP from TimeSplitters. Had him in mind for many years.


Drew this illustration in my free time. Essentially how I picture Naomi Watkins, one of my characters, in a vivid, tormented state.


Rough sketch of my character (whom I dubbed "Era") is more or less done. Hard to believe that someone like me is capable of drawing such a figure, especially given my limited experience. Incredibly proud of what I've achieved. What do y'all think of her?


She's slowly coming together (ha ha), but the results are looking mighty promising thus far. Her countenance's devilishly splendid...


Just got done drawing the hair for one of my characters. I settled for red-orange since I wanted to emphasize her fiery and sanguine demeanor. Also added some headphones since I like to think she makes use of music to fuel herself with adrenaline. :)


Just finished setting up my Aigis action figure. Holy mackerel, she looks doggone smashing with her visor and sundry tools of destruction! 😍


Been drawing some partial illustrations of a character I had in mind for quite a while. The eye looks especially comely to behold.


Good heavens, my Fallout 4 cell looks splendid in-game. Hard to think I managed such a feat in the first place. Simply incredible! This is the kind of endeavor that makes me glad I'm using and learning the Creation Kit.


Better not skip leg day, for the Guardian will break yours otherwise! Scarily exciting times ahead.


Got some solid feedback from my leads at Bethesda. Feels great to be doing a good job and being on the right track. The advice they imparted is something that I'll be sure to leverage to the fullest.


Been a while since I posted anything, but know that I've had one of the best weeks in recent memory now that it's been a month since I rejoined Bethesda. Getting the feeling that my work is being gradually valued at the office.


A snapshot of the Skyrim cell I made last week using the Creation Kit. A fairly solid start that I hope will morph into a broad understanding of the toolset. Thinking of giving quest design a try sometime this month.


Forgot to mention this, but someone interviewed me about my visual novel in college. Next thing I knew, I get mentioned on the Telegraph. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gaming/what-to-play/independent-video-game-developers-exploring-worlds-environmental/


Someone brought up and sang the praises of my Gamasutra articles while I was having a chat with Todd Howard himself the other day. To think that such a thing would occur is hard to believe, and that's just the tip of the iceberg...


Feeling a bit doleful for some reason, so I drew the Keeper from the Evil Within on my whiteboard to fill myself with pride and confidence! 😊


Was casually doing the work at Bethesda HQ when this came up on my Twitter feed. Someone took the time to make a Vault Boy out of me, which I honestly didn't expect (not making this up). I feel like I'm already beginning to change in sundry ways.


Safe to say that I proudly wear my profession on my sleeves. Plush toys, bobblehead, and some artwork to glance at while I'm browsing the Web. Also, there's a mudcrab lying on my living room's media player, so no movies tonight :P


Seems like I had a rather splendid first week at Bethesda. Found these lying on my desk with a congratulatory note praising my work and willingness to over-deliver. So proud to be part of the community, one that I hope to contribute to in the long run.


Pretty much done with setting my whole apartment near the Bethesda offices. Looking forward to seeing how everything will evolve over time.


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