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“Gordon Freeman, in the flesh - or, rather, in the hazard suit.” 20 years later, Half-Life remains one of the foremost turning points in gaming history.


For the past few months I've been hard at work on a little something following my brief tenure at Bethesda Softworks. Although I can't divulge anything just yet, I can at least share with y'all the tunes that greatly shaped the creative process.


In two weeks’ time, Thief: The Dark Project will turn 20. I remain grateful to have made it the basis of my GDC ‘17 Narrative Summit poster. Also helps that some LGS alumni sang its praises.


Part of me believes my individualism and long-term orientation indexes should be much higher than what I ultimately got, but the rest is hunky-dory otherwise.


You had me at “old-school stuff”, Monolith.


I don’t usually read mangas in my spare time, but I simply couldn’t pass up on this adaptation of Jane Eyre. Surprisingly faithful to the source material in terms of tone & context, and the medium’s tropey elements are relatively kept in check.


As predicted, Congress was torn asunder by blue and red tribesfolk. Reckon it’ll remain a silly place to go to.


The phrase "it's funny/sad because it's true" gets bandied around like a shuttle, but this scene from Life of Brian is perhaps the best example of said phrase. With the current state of affairs, would it trouble society to be less tribalistic?


Gallows humor (or dark humor, generally speaking) is my personal favorite comic style for it takes the "feel good" aura from tales evoking a feeling of hope to frame baleful situations. Monty Python and other British comedies are swell examples.


While the book’s superior to the movie in terms of message and depth, the encounter with Gmork remains my favorite scene from the Neverending Story. I normally loathe info dumps, but Gmork tells a harsh truth about society that’s still relevant.


10 years ago, my love of RPGs & all things Bethesda was cemented with Fallout 3’s emergence from Vault 101. Words fail to express the impact BGS’s efforts have had on me, including having me hooked on old-timey tunes and working at the company.


Walden + Dark Souls' Ash Lake =


Finally came around to perusing Walden. In a world currently consumed by rampant tribalism and wantom excess in every sector of society, Thoreau’s account of his time by the pond is more relevant than ever. Transcendentalism’s truly underrated.


Atomic Heart has never ceased to enthrall me with its devilishly trippy atmosphere, with the grounded Soviet context and BioShock-like aesthetics adding oomph to its potpourri of audiovisual oddities. This latest trailer has me resting my case.


Ten years ago, one of the boldest and most divisive titles of the seventh gaming generation burst onto the scene. Far Cry 2 was for me the moment Ubisoft Montreal truly outdid themselves, the immersive sim-like equivalent of Heart of Darkness.


Atomic Heart has been on my mind ‘round the clock since I first watched the second trailer Mundfish released. The eerie use of The Last Sunday to paint the picture of an uncanny landscape is nothing short of masterful. A veritable earworm.


As an avid fan of the source material and its movie adaptation, The Haunting of Hill House compelled me to use Netflix for the very first time. I seldom binge on TV series, but this, THIS is the real deal. Shirley Jackson would’ve been proud.


Never underestimate the power of music to further inject tone into your projects. If the likes of American McGee can be inspired by tunes to refine their works, then I’m all for having songs guide my creative direction/vision in times of need.


We all know who set foot on the Moon first. Sorry Gos-Strong.


Snowy is best gi... Um, I mean dog.


Been experiencing a creative block for sundry days, a solution to which I may have finally found in Spirited Away. By far my favorite Miyazaki flick out there with its gleefully surreal setting and endearing cast. Thank Golly for Studio Ghibli.


Turns out that one of my favorite flicks of all time was more than just a thrilling horror-coaster ride. Makes it look like the 2000s’ answer to Jacob’s Ladder in terms of symbolism and existential dilemmas. Psychological dread trounces viscera.


The neat part about taking attention-to-detail seriously is that you can go the extra mile with scene-setting and forage references that enhance your work. Spent the better part of the day doing just that by finding ambient noise for *REDACTED*.


"So what you've been up to, Mitch?" Well, aside from penning six character sheets with a combined tally of 75 (!!!) pages for the past couple of weeks, not much. Anyhow, here's a picture of some provincial flags I nabbed at my local gift shop.


Been binging on WWI videos lately, especially with the 100-year anniversary of the armistice around the corner. What’s that? Battlefield 1’s down to a dozen bucks on Origin? Sure, why not? ‘Sides, I find BFV’s switch to WWII to be disappointing.


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