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Just came out of the theater and let me say this: A Silent Voice choked me up in a way that few, if any, other films could in recent memory. This is the kind of movie that definitely makes me want to learn more about the subject matter.


Watched My Neighbor Totoro yesterday night. ‘Twas a pretty good film with adorable characters, even if it lacked some of Kiki’s depth. The soundtrack, however, was just consummate. Path of the Wind has become one of my favorite tracks in recent times.


Seems like the cooks at the Calvin Coolidge Institute had a whale of a time over in the kitchen...


‪Feeling like watching something heartwarming tonight, so I decided to go w/ Kiki’s Delivery Service. Have a hunch I’m in for a lovely time.‬


It's like 127 Hours, but only more embarrassing & much longer. Not even the handyfolks can be given a break in the unwelcoming Commonwealth.


Thinking of sprucing up the questline I wrote weeks ago by expanding one of my characters’ backstory with Princess Mononoke bits. I’d like to adapt San’s misanthropy to a character whose Enclave roots led to her exile at the hands of hostile wastela


Very likely that I’ll be heading to GDC next year. It’ll be my third time there, so I look forward to the game development sessions and gatherings!


Them folks couldn't have picked a worse time to seek treatment from the good doctor... Making solid progress with the Creation Kit.


‪Going to cheat by watching Castle in the Sky instead of Nausicaa (will rectify that soon) since my excitement for it was far too tangible. :P


The Miyazaki Filmic Journey begins with Lupin The III: The Castle of Cagliostro. Glad that I’ll experience this classic for the first time.


"Yarr! None of ya schnooks shall topple me house of cahds and trinkets on ME WATCH!" Playful banter has suddenly taken a dark turn.


He died as he lived: joyfully.


The Ancient Magus' Bride remains as thematically poignant as ever w/ Episode 4. The character art alone is irresistibly wonderful to behold. I mean... LOOK AT HER.


"Goshdarnit, ya ninnyhammer! Quit peekin' at them bounties or else I'm gonna blow that clod's noggins to smithereens!" Typical day at the library.


Remember, kiddos: smoking kills.


Just found out that A Silent Voice will be playing in Rockville in a couple of weeks. Premise alone strongly compels me to give it a watch.


A particular scene in the Ancient Magus’ Pride reminded me of my struggle to make myself known when designing & sharing personal content with others. Old wounds pertaining to emotional stuntedness/crippled sociableness have subsequently been reopened. :


It's been a long time since I last used Crunchyroll, but the Ancient Magus' Bride convinced me to rekindle one of my oldest interests. Never thought I'd return to that medium, especially given that the last time I watched anime was when Erased came out...


Decided to revisit Naomi Watkins following the release of the Evil Within 2. Drew a chibi illustration that hides a traumatic wound.


Last month, I drew the character of ERA. Her design recently inspired me to create a chibi rendition of her. Quite pleased with it.


Began naming Watfen’s cities, with Freitech being the capital of the island nation. Towns & villages are still being brainstormed.


Drew this poster-esque artwork last night. Encapsulates the inward struggle of the Watfonians made tangible by foreign hostilities. Nicely complements the lore document I’m currently penning.


With the Evil Within 2 coming out in just one week, I'd like to say that I'm incredibly elated to have contributed to this project. The past three months have been quite kind to my growth, and it makes me look forward to working on future Bethesda titles.


Penning the WWII chapter of Watfen's history as we speak. The utopian and philosophical idiosyncrasies of this fictional Pacific member of the British Empire compelled the likes of Arendt, Rand, Einstein, Mies and Mondrian to visit the island during WWII.


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