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It’s been more than a year now since I’ve first learned of Atomic Heart, and it’s yet to be dethroned as one of my most anticipated releases of 2019 and beyond. The Electric State-style art direction and world-building alone have me intrigued.


Pleasure to announce that as of late, I’ve joined the ranks of the Association of Writers & Writing Programs. Looking forward to leverage and advance the craft/trade.


Rewatched No Country For Old Men. Its “less is more” script stood the test of time in my eyes and so has my favorite scene. Deftly captures the dilemma folks face when they don’t embrace the unknown and instead hold on to ideas of former glory.


Well worth setting the day aside for. Screenplay’s a sharply penned beaut.


Off-kilter question: If you were to have someone narrate your daily exploits and big moments in life, which one would it be? Personally I’m partial to Keith Szarabajka whose gravelly cadence lends wisdom and reflection to all of his enunciations.


In my reminiscing about the seventh generation, I stumbled upon a forgotten gem: 2012’s Syndicate. As half-baked as it was, Starbreeze’s take on the IP oozed spectacle with its stylish art design and futuristic flair. Still dazzles like no other.


Feeling a rush of nostalgia for the seventh gaming generation following my NFLD trip. Out of curiosity, what’s your most fondly remembered generation? Personally leaning towards the seventh. Perfectly overlapped w/ my time in middle/high school.


Decided to take my PS3 out for a spin. Hearing those startup/confirmation tunes and glancing at the save/install data I left behind felt both nostalgic and bittersweet, a reminder of how dearly I miss and treasure the seventh console generation.


My time in Newfoundland came to a close and boy did it deliver. From the bustling St. John’s to the remote Fogo Island, Canada’s youngest province proved to be a sensory feast, one I’m proud to deem my honorary home. God guard thee Newfoundland.


This recently christened (honorary) Newfoundlander is increasingly falling in love with Canada’s most sublime province. A feast for the senses that houses treats and surprises at every turn.


Newfoundland Day 3. View of Conception Bay from Port de Grave.


A lonesome chair and flower-adorned memorial abutting the Narrows’ foggy bulwark on a Newfoundland afternoon. Walking through the misty dome made for one of the most harrowing experiences I’ve had lately.


The path to Fort Amherst near St. John’s reminds me a great deal of Silent Hill 2’s forest sequence. Fog and hazy sun make for an eerie afternoon.


St. John’s (Panoramic shot from atop Gibbet Hill).


With my screening of Toy Story 4 wrapped up, I can frankly say that Pixar has once again outdone themselves. Themes, music, charm... Pretty much spot-on from start to finish. Not going to divulge anything else. Go and see it for yourselves.


Been keeping myself busy and entertained ahead of my upcoming graduate studies by jamming to some Epic Mickey tunes. The Transition Games’ are some of my favorites with their nostalgic and whimsical beats complementing the title’s wicked tone.


As of yesterday, the province I hail from has just passed Bill 21, which’ll make Quebec the only administration to discriminate against folks in matters of employment and public life on the basis of religion. Utter, anti-individualistic hooey.


“You are but one man.” If DOOM’s and RAGE 2’s “everything v. me” mantra taught me anything, it’s that there’s a difference between being outnumbered and outgunned. Individualist power fantasies and epic quests are and will always be my jam


Fun Canadian fact: In the beautiful province of Quebec, some brewers found it fitting to lampoon former PM Jean Chretien’s 1996 chokehold in the form of a “pugnacious strong ale,” one formally approved by the lil’ feller from Shawinigan himself.


The beginning of World War II’s end still goes down as one of the most ambitious, boldest and decisive operations in military history 75 years later.


Reached the ripe old age of 24 as of today. Hard to think I’ve trodden this spherical abode of ours for that long. Also proud to announce that I shall be pursuing a Creative Writing MFA (Fiction Specialization) at Queens University of Charlotte.


Been keeping something under wraps for a few months now and it’ll be my pleasure to unveil it on my birthday tomorrow.


Three episodes into Chernobyl. As someone who consumed and wrote several posts about artworks based on the incident, I’ve found the mini-series to be gripping. The ghastliest thing about it is the way human irrationalism overrides public safety.


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