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Recently came across Boneworks's phenomenal OST while watching Digital Foundry's analysis of Half-Life: Alyx. Nice to see those two VR titles get the credit they truly deserve, and even nicer to jam to their tunes while doing some word-wrangling.


Got splendid news: Last Friday (3/20), I accepted the chance to serve as a writer/narrative designer on the Skyrim mod Cathnoquey; The Fractured Isles. Between Doom Eternal's release and Oblivion's 14th anniversary on the 20th, timing's right!


Gutted to learn of Albert Uderzo’s demise. Along with Rene Goscinny, he crafted one of the most enduring pop culture icons in Europe and the comic book realm. As someone who grew up w/ Asterix, I can’t help but feel that part of my youth died...


20 years ago, Garrett paired up with the Pagans to stop the Mechanists. 20 years ago, the Master Thief crossed the Thieves' Highway. 20 years ago, the Rust Gas destroyed Soulforge Cathedral. 20 years ago, Thief II: The Metal Age stole our hearts.


15 years ago, I've made the FPS genre's acquaintance via a game that sported thrilling gunplay, as well as a sense of charm and character that'd ruin most other shooters for me. TimeSplitters remains one of the quirkiest titles I ever experienced.


If Greyhound turns out to be as thrilling and isolating as C.S. Forester's The Good Shepherd, I'll be a chipper chum. This reminds me that there ought to be a film based on the exploits of the U.S. Navy Black Cats in World War II's Pacific Front.


Reckon I just stumbled upon my favorite (gaming) soundtrack of 2020 so far. Seriously though, it's amazing that something like Black Mesa exists in the first place. Equally as amazing's the fact that Xen's now worth visiting... and listening to.


Very unfortunate what GDC went through in light of the coronavirus. Hope that the organizers, attendees, and exhibitors stay safe amidst worldwide woes and that they still get to celebrate game development this year.


In this age of tribalism and toxic collectivism, Pratchett's Jingo became more relevant (and hilarious) in depicting jingoism's absurdity. IMO, both wit and dark humor are the foremost forms of resistance one can apply to their sense of humanism.


So last year, I’ve made the swell decision to tour the underrated and lovely Newfoundland. This year, I’m contemplating the chance to visit one of the regions responsible for inspiring my love of dairy. Would be my first time in the Midwest.


Someone by the name of Arne has been whipping up tribute art for Shogo: Mobile Armor Division lately. Thrilled that I ain’t the only one who fondly recalls this happy marriage of anime and FPS. http://androidarts.com/Shogo/SHOGO.htm


A year later and I still can't get enough of Finishing Move's work on Crackdown 3's soundtrack. For me, it nails the feel of open-world thrills with its beats and crescendos.


Well, color me surprised, especially given the initial reaction from that reveal trailer. Reviews may still be pouring in, but this is looking like another Bumblebee and Bad Boys For Life kind of critical surprise.


Seems like a good time to break the news. I’ve assumed the role of Assistant Fiction Editor for Qu Literary Magazine. First time in an editing position, to boot. Looking forward to working with the team and populating issues with quality tales.


Been nearly three years since Atomic Heart first surfaced with concept art and a trailer. While I’m worried about the game’s development cycle, I remain cautiously optimistic. The style alone’s the kind that makes me hope there’ll be an artbook.


Happy New Year! Kept myself busy with lots of reading and writing this past holiday season. Which brings me to a question I’m curious to know your answers to: Do you have a favorite author? Personally, I can’t get enough of Sir Terry Pratchett.


Videos like this remind me that before it became... something else post-2008, COD had admirable experience goals. The intensity of #2, the pacing of MW, the thematic heft of WaW... Those remain favorites of mine thanks to their unique qualities.


Just wanted to let y'all know that I'm still lurking here and there in spite of my absence from QToid and the C-Blogs lately. Creative Writing MFA and leisurely reading have kept me plenty busy. Hanging in there. Always treasuring your company!


The Lighthouse is essentially what happens when you transplant the eerie, monochromatic vibe of A Field in England from jolly Britannia to the coastal nooks and crannies of New England. An atmospheric delight that I hope won't get overlooked.


My take on the 🇨🇦 election: Happy that the Libs kept the Tories at bay despite the minority gov't outcome. Sad that the BQ tripled their seat count. No place for tribalistic nationalism in QC. Least Bernier's out. May the NDP and Libs get along.


To every fellow Canuck planning on making yourselves heard tomorrow, I wish each one of you happy voting. If you already did so in advance polls, then I trust you made the choice best suited for your and the country’s desired purposes. Godspeed.


Watching yesterday’s TVA debate between the Canadian party leaders left me disappointed at the fact that Scheer/Trudeau/Singh were too soft on Blanchet. The Bloc’s brand of tribalistic nationalism has no place in individualistic North America.


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