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Just ran into a risible bug in Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Accidentally chose the Slam Door option in front of three thugs and yet no one noticed me till I opened another one stealthily, at which point they proceeded to pepper my rear with lead.


I take my personal space seriously as a staunch individualist, so imagine my annoyance when some oafs taunted me in public by infringing upon my sovereignty. My being thick-skinned means hollow slights from hollow folks hardly made a dent on me.


You know which food item doesn’t get enough love? Sauerkraut. Not only is its caloric load negligible, but it also boasts a plethora of gut-friendly bacteria that ward off illnesses, both minor and major. The raw, unpasteurized kind’s toothsome.


I seldom play games these days (no shortage of novels to peruse), but my desire to revisit the past and identify the most crucial parts of my creative self has led to this here investment.


One of the last decade’s unsung darlings is coming back, and things couldn’t look peachier with this one.


Thinking of taking Double Agent out for another spin, albeit on 360 in lieu of the Sony versions I was originally stuck with. Still my favorite installment (sorry, Chaos Theory), but boy did Ubisoft fumble the ball with the PlayStation 3 version.


Greatly looking forward to trying out durian.


Did some more burrowing on YouTube and came across this blast from the past. Need for Speed: Carbon was the last PS2 title I played before going full HD. Didn’t hurt that it was a wicked good racer with stellar audio, both bespoke and licensed.


Club Foot played on the radio today, and all I could think of at that moment was Tony Hawk’s Project 8. Heavens, that intro movie’s embedded in my noddle with its mocap montage. Heralded the beginning of HD gaming for me back then. Peachy times.


The thing about living in Montreal is that I feel more linguistically self-conscious whenever I try to make a unique first impression as an Anglo-Quebecer. Hardly bore this sentiment outside the province. Can go from confident to antsy briskly.


It’s already been a month since Crackdown 3 saw the light of day and I still can’t get enough of its tunes. Few titles in the past managed to pull off such a feat, hence the reason I was so vocal about the matter four weeks earlier. Exhibit A:


Even though fate’s beckoning to me down another creative path, getting emails from chums in high places in the industry’s a sight for sore eyes. I’ve every intention to keep bridges from becoming rickety, and that’s on top of building new ones.


On this day in 1989, the World Wide Web was born.


The Triforce of Pungency (Limburger, Munster, Epoisses) has congregated in my fridge, and all I can think of now is A Place Further Than The Universe’s sixth episode. Washed rind cheeses and durian would get along like the chummiest of fellers.


One of my favorite writing guide authors shared my piece with the masses. Words fail to express my delight at seeing the Tweet, and my greatest hope right now is to ensure that I keep the proverbial ball rolling.


The past week has been spent watching four of Tarantino’s works to better understand how he nails indelible banter. The Hateful Eight’s my favorite (shocking, I know) since its grasp of the Aristotelian unities begets a lean ‘n mean experience.


Oi, them Bretons ain’t too shabby when it comes to their cider game. *Still doesn’t endorse underage drinking*


One of the neat facts about characterization is that one can add minute, revealing details that say something about a person. E.g. finger-counting as seen in Inglorious Bastards. (I personally use the Anglo system despite my Western EU education)


What she said. Ne te quaesiveris extra (Do not seek for things outside of yourself).


Cider has become my libation of choice following the festival that took place in Montreal last week. McKeown, Du Minot, Milton... Quebec is to North America what England is to Europe in terms of cider status. *Doesn’t condone underage drinking*


Every time I try to get my folks and chums to try washed rind cheeses like Epoisses and Limburger. Basically the dairy version of durian. Them Trappists were onto something when they brainstormed such a solution to meat abstinence.


Very pleased with the reception of my latest Community Blog thus far. Keep the comments and impressions coming!


Looks like the Image Uploader feature may be up the snout as some of you pointed out that none of the pictures in my latest blog post displayed properly. Well, I just replaced everything with Imgur-sourced visuals. Should have done the trick.


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