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Hi Occams Happy "getting closer to the grave day"!


Megalobox is pretty great boxing anime, and the opening reminds me of the 90s


After hunting Kulve Taroth more than 90 times I got salt for everyone!


The golden dragon is cool


Climax Lot !


Gotta get gud with this lot


My first contact with the Blue Oyster Cult came with this DOS game trailer ( in a magazine with a CD-ROM , there was no internet back then)


Its my birthday . tell no one.


A giant berserk statue arrived ! Pics in this post (updated pics without the sun messing it all up)


Happy birthday to my Thicc friend Oktar and that Plastic Three in the back, I got a present of my own today ! All golden crowns of MHW :) , shall post in the comments lets compare monster sizes!


After 372 hours of mhw i realize that the only monster I really hate is Lavasioth , commonly named "The flame penis"


My new prison is SHAME! And it's made of pickles. Damn you cellphone for multiposting.


I hunted some pickles today. May the pickle be with you all.


100 it is


My Copy of Monster Hunter World arrived feb 27. It has been incredible 67 hours.


Occam's favorite toy


Special message to MeeGhoulz : Your Monster World Copy Arrived safely , I know this is crazy , please call me , maybe


The Banana Phone is coming back !


Mmm…mmm… Mm! Oh-hoh! Forgive me.. I was absorbed in thought. I am Siegmeyer of Catarina Quite honestly, I have run flat up against a lot wall.


That is why we can't have nice things


Dinner time ! Made it myself. Fried pork with dijon mustard sauce and grilled cheese yummy +50 HP


I'm testing a 360 photo app so I can post my gaming room here (this is not spam ) https://photos.app.goo.gl/4lEw57au7ediIM9h2


If you where waiting for the xenoblade 2 update know that it was delayed for March 1 on US


I spent 180 hours in xenoblade 2 , 100 of those grinding crystals ... I like the gameplay but RNG Jesus hates me.


A lot for fighting in the streets


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