DeS: Smash Ultimate: Ridley hits it big time, moves explained
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It has been a long while since I played a fighting game with ring outs


Clay Doom !


Yabai (はやば) !


Wife watched Golden Kamui with me, said she found her gentleman's dick when she meet me, my life is now fulfilled


Wilf be strong! Let the seam guide you!


The dick of a gentleman is what people should be looking for.


This is old but I really love the concept and the song


Music for the weekend


How sex with spiders feels like


Happy 4th !


Some chicken want to see the World deep fried


Samurai Lot


My house is going through some renovations... there's dust in my dust


Tentacle monsters are not ALWAYS hentai


I'm Brazilian but I don't really like soccer at all...


Watched Akira Kurosawa RAN (Chaos) yesterday, It was amazing!


This was nice


I'm Jiraya, and this is Tonkatsu day!


THE Switch Flip Grip is financed! If you were on the wall over it now Now is a good moment to jump in!


Life game explained!


Sending love ! Also I bought some shmups ! Gotta shoot em all !


Look at the time!




Hey bub, say hello to my LOT


Why are people doing sex with the air conditioner while masturbating in the crapper ? #MyBattlefield


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