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Nintendo Snes , N64 and Nes Collection Blog is up ! Its not printing money tough , I think I broke it.




Xbox 360 collection is up , I shall travel in the weekend so I'm leaving the next blog scheduled for sunday, see ya !


My day in a gif


This is very good !


Bought a special Sonic artbook for 120 bucks.... I may be getting crazier even FASTER


PS3 Collection blog is up , may the swartz be with you


My Collection - Part 5 - PS3 - Rocky Balboa

During the begining of the last generation of consoles (circa 2006) Sony launched the PS3 for a outrageous high price with the promisse of never seem before gaming (graphically and gameplay wise) using the power of the newly created ce...


Time for shuffling my father's records


Bloging like sunday morning . Ds & 3ds collection is up !


Okay Friday people come out , come out , wherever you are.


Got a copy of Night Trap Collector's Edition, there was an 404 before checkout , these things are getting more tense by the second


Playstation Collection Blog is Up , see it , or don't, your choice.


Ok I'm impressed


Oh boy !


People , hear me , go watch Kemono Friends


Guts is a degenerate


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