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Stay Home

I honestly didn't know where to put this seeing as how I'm not really the type that's into social media. No IG , forgot my Twitter password and Facebook is for meme collection.  Today we buried the matriarch of my family . She had...


It's official ...REmake 2 is now my favorite game in the franchise (RE 2 was my favorite beforehand but I couldn't go back to those controls) Gives me hope for a proper new sequel in the series seeing as how RE7 is it's own contained game.


Bless those who have to be out working during the last minute shopping madness. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday !


Should Indie games have its own "A,AA,AAA" classifications? 🤔🤔 If so , what are some games you would put in each category?


Shadowrun for Xbox 360 and Windows gets no love for being the original hero shooters on console 😶


After all these years , I just realized my Avi is staring at the like button . 😂😂


Plants vs Zombies : Garden warfare 2 is the best hero shooter on consoles....Yeah I said it.


Thanks to the free copy of Binary Domain on steam, I have been able to find quite a few vs mp matches. Fun game but I now understand why it died out...it only has 3 maps.


Just finished Wildcards:Dead man's hand from George R.R.Martin. haven't read this book is almost 20 years and still imho a better series than Game of Thrones.


Jeez for a minute there I thought I was on the wrong site


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