DeS: PUBG sues Fortnite for copyright infringement
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Sicario 2: Day of the Tentacle


I really don't care. Do u?


Found something worth stirring my cold, apathetic heart for.


Watching EA's presentation:


The "privacy policy notification" jokes are already ten times more annoying than the privacy policy notifications themselves.


I know it's a really popular franchise and the new game is a great success in every way that matters, but can we stop pretending Kratos is a hero with rage issues, when he had no qualms about murdering defenseless innocent people last time you saw him?


A girl I've been with for the longest time broke up with me, more or less on the anniversary of the first time she broke up with me. More in the comments if you can stand it.


Has science gone too far?


Find candy eggs. Eat candy eggs. That wasn't a candy egg. Stay out of the rabbit pen.


So what I've extrapolated from distant observation of internet memes is that Farcry 5 is the same open-world nonsense, has someone writing item descriptions who deserves a much better job, and is buggy as shit. Am I wrong?


I wonder if there's a market for a PUBG-style game set in Bioshock.


Come back in a few months when the Heathstone-Playing Guard from the Overwatch reveal trailer becomes a character. His name is George, pronounced "Geo-rage." Scrape that barrel, Blizzard.


Idea: a real-time RPG starring Gorillaz.


Damn, this looks great.


If Blizzard was serious about charity work they'd donate a portion of their WoW subscription fees, not sell us a $12.50 pet.


Someone on Reddit is PM'ing (what I assume are) The Last Jedi spoilers. Beware.


I'm eating Chinese. That's what normal people do on your weird alien holidays, right? Eat something completely unrelated to it?


Legion: "Are you guys ready to finish this drawn-out, directionless, watered down plot about stopping demons?" Everyone: "FUCK YES." Battle for Azeroth: "JKLOL HERE'S MORE FUCKING GRINDING YOUR KIDS WILL INHERIT YOUR ACCOUNTS JIZZ MONEY IN MY FACE!"


I don't have a Switch, but post in the comments section if Bowser and Peach get hitched. My GF and I are cheering for them.


Some day, somehow, I want a year where Halloween gets all the attention and Christmas can fuck off. I'm sick of seven decade old Christmas songs and Black Friday. I want wall-to-wall horror movie marathons, buckets of sugar, and the Monster Mash.




So yesterday was my birthday. And I'd just like to thank the Universe for all that controversy, negativity and celebrity suicide. That... yeah, fuck you for all that.


Happy Birthday, country what got in a fight with Dad and ran away from home and joined the Army and was sort of doing okay but now is suffering just the most cringe-worthy mid-life crisis ever.


Stephen Furst has passed away. You were the greatest Emperor the Centauri Republic ever had.


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