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Managed Leon's B Scenario at around 1:30 minutes, because I chose not to get the Magnum or mess around in the sewers. I still think the zombies are trolling but I beat the bosses a lot faster this time. Anyways here's some silliness.


Thought I'd play the B scenarios for RE2R, but the game seems to be deliberately trolling me now. I can't get to the first boss without getting killed. What the hell. Guess I'll have to uninstall it and play it again in 2 years. /shrug


Been a long time since I've had reason to boast about video games but this is my first S+ rank, no chest, no heals, no saves. Standard mode, so it's not like I'm epic tier, but I'm happy to have this moment.


So Nintendo just rolled out a D-list of 'whatever' and 'shit no one asked for', shrugged, and went back to pretending it was still relevant, huh?


Dunno if you guys have seen this guy's videos but you should check 'em out.


Don't be a Nosferatu. Be a


They even put it in bold.


I had a dream Capcom announced it was buying the Dead Space franchise from EA and immediately putting the former Visceral team in charge of a new Dead Space using the RE Engine and I woke up with so much jizz on my sheets it qualified as a war crime.


Is it too late for more Old Man Bernie memes? NSFW in comments.


Gabe Newell casually talking about assimilating people into the Steam Collective while massaging his bare feet.


I built a motorcycle, fought a giant monster pig, survived a Blood Moon on my own, found the "Fates" Motel... there's a lot of fun stuff to do in 7 Days to Die. It's just too bad I can't sit those blood moons out. They're a bit nerve-wracking.


On a whim, I bought Seven Days to Die, and I'm loving the shit out of this game. It's jank, but it's comfortable jank. The exploration/scavenge mechanic and levelling system has kept me hooked for hours. Plus my friends play it, so it's a blast.


Happy New Year, folks. 2020 was more bearable with each of you in it.


Hey guys, I'm gonna be self-publishing my first book this year. It'd mean a lot to me if you could subscribe to my newsletter. You can get a free prelude story, and I promise not to spam your inbox. Link in the comments!


Been a while since I've played through Fallout: New Vegas and I'm still a bit shocked at how much better the DLC's are to the janky main game, and at how short they actually are.


Going to the DMV is still the greatest waste of time you can possibly experience. An hour of waiting just to be told at the counter I brought the wrong forms. Fuck you, you slothful bitch. Being essential doesn't mean you aren't hated with all of my hate


I want to play Diablo but I want to play a 'villainous protagonist' Diablo. Leoric and the Butcher and a few others just conquering some portion of Hell for themselves, evil magic and badass lines and shit.


Is there a Demons Souls mode where I can just play as the Doom Slayer? I love the look and feel of these games but the difficulty shit is crushing my balls.


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