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Dead Space had the best ambiance in any game.


Ugh. Found a bunch of letters, cards, and photos of my ex tucked away in a box. She dumped me in March and more or less proved she doesn't give a shit about me on my birthday in July, but it's still hard seeing this crap, and hard to toss out. Shit.


@JonathanHolmes Sigh. Jonathan when are you going to respond to Eminem's diss track of Freaky Constantina?


@JonathanHolmes Sigh. Jonathan when are you going to respond to Eminem's diss track of Freaky Constantina?


Played our second session of D&D last night. Our party escaped the drow and wandered the Underdark. The Professor wasn't all about butt stuff but his player is still talking over others to be the center of attention. #AlwaysSunnyInMenzoberranzan


As a hard Bowser/Peach shipper, I tried to mentally will myself into believing all this Bowsette art is just their daughter, but it's getting to be a little too much. And that's my week so far. #OnlyTuesday


Some friends and I started playing Dungeons and Dragons. Despite being a fan of tabletop I haven't had a group to play with in years. But even as we got started one player started derailing it with his obsession with hiding gold up up everyone's ass.


Are you threatening me?


Just watching the UAC and its employees reacting to the Slayer like he's some mix of the Xenomorph, Jason Voorhees, the Predator and Darth Vader has my Icon of Sin rock hard.


Kobra Kai, except it's about a washed-up King Hippo teaching a fat kid how to box.


Sicario 2: Day of the Tentacle


I really don't care. Do u?


Found something worth stirring my cold, apathetic heart for.


Watching EA's presentation:


The "privacy policy notification" jokes are already ten times more annoying than the privacy policy notifications themselves.


I know it's a really popular franchise and the new game is a great success in every way that matters, but can we stop pretending Kratos is a hero with rage issues, when he had no qualms about murdering defenseless innocent people last time you saw him?


A girl I've been with for the longest time broke up with me, more or less on the anniversary of the first time she broke up with me. More in the comments if you can stand it.


Has science gone too far?


Find candy eggs. Eat candy eggs. That wasn't a candy egg. Stay out of the rabbit pen.


So what I've extrapolated from distant observation of internet memes is that Farcry 5 is the same open-world nonsense, has someone writing item descriptions who deserves a much better job, and is buggy as shit. Am I wrong?


I wonder if there's a market for a PUBG-style game set in Bioshock.


Come back in a few months when the Heathstone-Playing Guard from the Overwatch reveal trailer becomes a character. His name is George, pronounced "Geo-rage." Scrape that barrel, Blizzard.


Idea: a real-time RPG starring Gorillaz.


Damn, this looks great.


If Blizzard was serious about charity work they'd donate a portion of their WoW subscription fees, not sell us a $12.50 pet.


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