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I held off playing the RE2 demo because I didn't want to know how Capcom had fucked up another PC port but then I started playing it and it worked and I want it why won't they tell me what the difference is between standard and deluxe editions, seriously.


Ugh. Wasn't it your birthday last year?


Is it better to segregate your Skittles into their individual colors and flavors so you can better savor them, or mix them together so each one you eat might taste unique and keep the taste from becoming bland? Answer in a way that solves racism.


I'm a bitter bastard, but I still love you guys. I guess that makes me Spider-Man Noir.


The stuff Randy is admitting to, while trying to deflect the accusations against him, only makes him sound worse.


Played Magic for the first time in months, got some big 5 player games going, but thanks to a few players singling me out as a threat and getting power-gamed by some kid with $80 decks, I spent most of my time bored out of my ass watching the others play.


I hope DM-sempai notices me.


Nicholas Cage just called me and insisted I host the Oscars. Then he told me I have to call five more people and tell them to do it, or I'll suffer seven years of bad luck, so the point of this story is does anyone know Sigourney Weaver's home number?


Yesterday: "I'm gonna try and cut back on junk food this year." Today: "They should make tortilla chips out of the stuff they make Oreo cookies with."


ME: "Hey man, Happy New Year." THEM: "I like Neil Tyson posted Happy Date with no scientific meaning! My favorite interview I saw him do was with a Catholic Jesuit Priest-" ME: "..."


Happy New Year, Donny.


If you start masturbating at 11:59 you can go fuck yourself with these New Years memes.


Installed a new driver for my PC's old AMD card and it caused the screen to go blank. Spent most of the day freaking out over it yesterday until my IT-learned friend explained to me how to go in on Safe Mode and delete the offending driver.


Couldn't get Morrowind playing on Steam, so I bought it on GoG, and it wouldn't work, but GoG's community did have the solution to the problem. So I'm playing Morrowind for Christmas and it feels great.


Instead, why not make a Wapeach.


I never thought THIS would be relevant again.


I don't play the games but I thought Persona was about a group of high school students being possessed by demons now it's about Tuxedo Mask if he was also Lupin III did I miss a step somewhere help me out.


"They realize kids don't watch this, right?" - Me, to an empty room (and a half-empty can of Dr. Pepper because product placement), about the Game Awards. All of it.


Everyone's like "omg Half-Life is 20 years old I feel so good for Gaben" and I'm like "WHERE THE FUCK IS HALF-LIFE 3 YOU FAT ASSWIPE."


Dead Space had the best ambiance in any game.


Ugh. Found a bunch of letters, cards, and photos of my ex tucked away in a box. She dumped me in March and more or less proved she doesn't give a shit about me on my birthday in July, but it's still hard seeing this crap, and hard to toss out. Shit.


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