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Playing Doom 3: BFG Edition again. I think I actually like the handheld flashlight over the battery-operated torch. It's still a great game; from slow-paced survival horror to the more fast-paced, claustrophobic shooters. Doesn't deserve the negativity.


There should be an evil version of Pokemon where you catch and train D&D monsters and unleash them on villages.


EA can't pull it off but "XCom with Stormtroopers" would be neat.


Since I don't have a camera, just pretend my #VGTwinsie is Barry Burton.


Oh Bethesda. What happened to you? I'm serious. I want to know what lead you to your current state.


They need to bring Joe Baker back for more Resident Evil games because I seriously need to see this man fight Mr. X.


Today I played End of Zoe and... goddamnit Capcom. Crazy-strong psycho hillbilly fighting monsters with his bare fists and delivering haymakers and powerbombs is just... and the power glove? I fucking love this company. I want Joe Baker in EVERY RE game.


I did enjoy Resident Evil 7, though I was a little put off by the descent from gritty, visceral horror for "video game" horror. First half of the game is far superior to the second half. Really enjoyed the Chris Redfield DLC. Gonna try End of Zoe tomorrow


After several years of not being able to play RE7 due to weird porting issues and my PC, I'm happy to say that I can now play it. I like it. I think RE2 might be better, but it definitely feels like "survival horror." Props, Capcom.


My cousin's kid daughter saw the Sonic trailer and "doesn't recognize that Pokemon." So my cousin is raising her daughter right.


Someone gave him Steve Buscemi eyes and he's somehow easier to look at now.


Marvel: "After 10 years and 22 films, Endgame is the biggest superhero movie yet." Nintendo: "A live action Pokemon with Ryan Reynold is just absurd enough to be really fun." Sega: "HEY GUYS REMEMBER HOW MUCH THE 90'S SUCKED WELL WE'RE BRINGING IT BACK!


Well, it happened. Some product of incest posted Endgame spoilers, and YouTube's own inbred algorithm decided to leave them in my "Recommended" tab. By the time I read the clip titles and realized what they were, it was too late.


It occurs to me that, with the right lighting and gameplay, you could make a Dead Space-style game with Dusk-style graphics, and it would be both entertaining and scary.


I suck at fighting games, and microtransactions have turned the Triple A publishers into poison-spewing cancers, but damn if Mortal Kombat isn't the Lord of the Rings of martial arts and action films.


I'd play an open-world sandbox game set in the Hunt: Showdown universe.


Wasn't their some kind of steampunk witch-hunter FPS coming out sometime this year?


Oh right the poison. The poison for Luke. The poison specially chosen to kill Luke. Luke's poison. That poison?


Something is up with Borderlands HD. I play for a few hours and I start getting a headache.


Borderlands HD is... decent. Looks a little better, much nicer drop rate on blues/purples, combat has been balanced a little (I think), but the menu is still clunky as hell, and gameplay still feels rusty and sluggish compared to BL2.


Can I please just find an ASMR video where it doesn't sound like a woman trying to spit in my ear and then suck it back out with a straw?!


Dang. I still suck at Enter the Gungeon. That's upsetting.


You know if you can't describe the kind of women you find attractive without figure-skating around legal technicalities then maybe it's TIME TO PUT DOWN THE HENTAI AND START TALKING TO REAL WOMEN IN YOUR AGE GROUP, STEPHAN.


I fear I was born in the wrong fantasy setting.


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