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There's been a confirmed case of that virus I don't want to talk about in my little hometown. So. The game begins to see how long I can stay in this house for one period. I'm already up to 3-4 weeks.


I have witnessed Doom: Eternal's greatest asset. Link in the comments.


You've seen Doom on a calculator, now see Quake.


I don't know Limo, or Jetter or any of you people outside of casual conversation and the occasionally uncomfortable personal diatribe, but have some cake and maybe something nice will happen IDFK. https://twitter.com/i/status/1233868782877257729


I awake finding myself disappointed that we don't have a Warhammer 40k kart game.


Finally overcame my desire to play Binding of Isaac but reinstalling Minecraft. Pray for Mojo.


I'm so sick of playing Binding of Isaac but I can't seem to stop playing Binding of Isaac I am Bound to Isaac. I am Bound to Isaac. I am Bound to Isaac. I am Bound. To Isaac. I am. Bound to ISaac. I am bound to ISaac. I am bound to Isaac. I am bound to is


Apparently people subscribe to Netflix. Is it any good?


Happy Valentines Day I waNt You INside Me.


The Eternal Easter Egg.


An anthem for our times.


Applied for a script and dialogue-writing job in my area today. It'd mean making more money than I've ever made, doing a job I love, under conditions I can easily adapt to. So I imagine they won't even notice I applied, and it'll go to some college kid.


Pretty much my default reaction to 99% of the internet.


I'd rather eat a taco than a hamburger. Pineapple does belong on pizza. Western "Chinese" food is better than authentic Chinese food. Maple Walnut is a boomer-ass flavor of ice cream. All tiddies are fun tiddies. I hate Dark Souls but I want to like it.


KinoFabino is hilarious and you should follow him.


Thought of the perfect joke to tell the ex, only to remember we haven't spoken in years. After gnawing at me for a few days, I sent it to them via Facebook and now I can never go back.


I want to become the president's bodyguard. That way I can randomly yell "Sniper!" and tackle him to the floor. I bet I could get away with it two, maybe three times a day during wartime. "Cheetoh is secure, repeat, Cheetoh is secure, over.... Sniper!"


Earthbound was released in the 90's, but if a town of hateful zombies led by a giant pile of puke fighting hard-working and innovative young people who believe in a better tomorrow isn't a microcosm of America today I'll eat this jar of Fly Honey.


It's an older Cody sir, but he checks out.


I wrote 3 novels this year, all sequels to a book I still haven't published yet, but I love the series I've created and I will find it a home, someday. I hope that day is waiting for me in the New Year, and I hope your day is waiting for you in 2020.


I hope someone edits The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi to include Ian MacDiarmid VO's so we can stop pretending this is "The Skywalker Saga" and finally call all nine films "The Senate Saga."


My GOTY goes to Resident Evil 2 (2019). I actually did get to play a few new games this year, which doesn't happen all that often, but RE2 was a delightful surprise. Capcom did a great job this year, and they deserve every accolade.


Say what you want about the Epic Game Store, but this 12 Days of Free Games promotion has been pretty great for those of us struggling to pay our bills, let alone but new games.


Merry Christmas, you filthy animals.


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