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Going to the DMV is still the greatest waste of time you can possibly experience. An hour of waiting just to be told at the counter I brought the wrong forms. Fuck you, you slothful bitch. Being essential doesn't mean you aren't hated with all of my hate


I want to play Diablo but I want to play a 'villainous protagonist' Diablo. Leoric and the Butcher and a few others just conquering some portion of Hell for themselves, evil magic and badass lines and shit.


Is there a Demons Souls mode where I can just play as the Doom Slayer? I love the look and feel of these games but the difficulty shit is crushing my balls.


I don't want a PS5, but if you have a decent computer with some nice hardware and yet the PS5 blew your mind so much you want to throw said PC away, I'll take it. I'm using one meant for couch games, it's basically a potato.


I love and hate getting older.


Remember that Kevin Smith movie, 'Tusk'? Where that douchey asshole gets turned into a walrus and spends the rest of his life eating gross stuff and screaming? Anyways, Donald Trump is still tweeting.


It's clear that, regardless of the election results, America is plagued by corruption and fascism, and until its people stop sitting on their hands waiting to vote every four years in increasingly rigged elections, those problems aren't going to end.


Don't fuck this up, America.


When you accidentally a resonance cascade but you're also a YouTuber who wanted to film yourself breaking into a top-secret facility for clicks.


Finished The Dresden Files: Battlegrounds. I don't think I can follow this series anymore. I'm not happy.


It's mildly upsetting that I can't play the original Resident Evil on my PC.


I had a rough week, and I thought I would alleviate my funk by tucking into the new Dresden Files books. But so far Peace Talks...isn't good. I don't know what that means. Has Harry changed too much? Am I just a bitter cynic unable to love? I don't know.


I don't know what's more infuriating about last night. That fact that America lets Trump continue to have a job, or that people are still reacting to last night like this is the first time they've noticed who Trump is and what he's like.


The world will never be right until we get a proper dummythicc girl in a fighting game. And not as a "joke" fighter, either.


Anyone notice how everyone stopped playing Death Stranding around the same time? And stopped talking about it completely about a week later?


So the RNC is basically what happens when the Oscars let out and a ton of rich, well-dressed people hang out, inhale toxic levels of cocaine, and talk about how cool it would be if they could murder people in a safe, controlled manner. #gotyouRNC


So am I the only one who noticed 'The Batman' is Netflix's Daredevil with a cape?


Didn't come anywhere near that 15-ishK record yesterday. Just barely squeaked by 7K. But to be fair, I had to leave the house and the weather was much nicer.


So yesterday was probably my personal records, I managed to get down around 14-15k words on some stuff I'm working on. Spent the entire day writing, because it's too damn hot outside.


Shut it down, guys. This wins the internet today.


You ever have a woman gently pressure you to write erotica for her, so you start writing but you can't nut for however long it takes because it would ruin the vibe, and you finish and you nuts like, six times what you normally nut? That was my week. You?


Dad's home from the hospital, which means the doctors didn't have any options for him, and he decided to come home rather than wait for what's coming in a hospital bed. I know what that means but I dunno if I'm ready to handle it.


My dad got an angiogram today and the results are not good. The doctors don't think they'll be able to help him. My mom is heading out to be with him now but all I can do is hope.


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