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I too ponder Orbs.


I too ponder Orbs.


My dad's back in the hospital, a bout of pancreatitis has turned into a blood infection. I'm told that's a very bad thing so, I dunno. Wish him well, maybe.


Had blood drawn, and a noncancerous cyst plucked from my neck that looked like a piece of chewed gum. Also I'm on crazy pills. Heckuva day.


Oh wow. Sometimes you have an anxiety attack, and it hits you like a wave. One minute you're mostly okay, the next you're quaking, and everything seems wrong. That's... well, alarming. lol


I just want Mark Hamill to be in all of the things.


Five or six washes later, and I still can't get the stink of fish oil out of my sweatpants, after putting them through the laundry with an Omega 3 capsule in the pocket. I would stitch a giant horse dildo to the crotch if it meant removing this stink.


A buddy of mine is working on some Tetris-inspired games to release on the unsuspecting. As he supported my publishing dreams, I'd love to support his of being a game designer.


Remember when they murdered that peanut mascot, and then brought him back as a baby, and after a few weeks of everyone agreeing how stupid it was, we all just got on with our lives? That was fucking weird.


Oh, uh... I don't really know Moyse. I never really interacted with him, or her. But I like to think that, even though we are celebrating their birthday, that my being here is... to all of us, I think... a great balm. In these trying times. So, thank you.


Everyone posting Christmas shit before December 15th is going to the seiteki yokkyū fuman no jigoku.


"I'm used to the dark... but this feels like a house with bad dreams." #SpoopyToid


Hey #Capcom Is there a way to play PS1 era Resident Evil Games on Steam why not?


The Slayer of Unlocking.


The Mass Effect Trilogy would have been greatly improved with a "Groovy" character path. You can't change my mind.


*Swings pickaxe into grave earth* It's ironic because this is how we first met.


I think I'm gonna install Dead Space and play it for Halloween again. It used to be a tradition for me but I stopped around the time EA killed the franchise with its bullshit.


I know you guys are playing word association but it made me think of a game called Metroid Lost where Samus crash lands on a planet, he power suit is stolen, and it becomes a Metroidvania Survival/Crafting game.


Dread's great until you realize that, from a distance, Samus looks like a purple dominatrix wearing a lime-green Borat mankini with her Gravity Suit.


I fuggin' love The Merkins.


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