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Accepting Growing Out of a Franchise

With yet another chapter closed on a franchise that I grew up with, specifically Kingdom Hearts, and another new generation of Pokémon, I’ve been thinking about my overall reaction to both games and the...


So I've been working on making a game through RPG maker. Just a quick one to understand the engine for a larger project after. It's giving me a moment to study level design and world building in JRPGs. What makes your favorite JRPG unique/interesting?


I know pokemon is around the corner... But I'm heavily considering picking up Digimon Cyber Sleuth instead/as well. I missed out on the first go, but I'm curious how much has Digimon changed or grown over the years and hear good things.


What If We Stopped Adding New Pokemon?

For the last 20 plus years I’ve been a loyal Pokemon fan. With a new Pokemon game around the corner I’m nostalgic to open that box again and begin anew. Since the wonder years of the original Gen1, and the fascination I had...


Designs in Bringing Up New Players

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Design decisions that promote cooperation in games. Division 2 is just over a couple weeks old at the time of writing and their scaling for cooperative play really seems to push away rather t...


Lag Input: Xenoblade Chronicles

Recently I finally got around to finishing Xenoblade Chronicles, a JRPG that originally released on the Nintendo Wii and was later re-released alongside the New Nintendo 3DS. The game was well received, currently sitting at 92 on Metac...


trying to avoid Destiny 2 and continue to bury myself in FFXIV. D1 burned me too bad, and D2 is putting up a rather convincing argument!


Perhaps They Should've Delayed FFXV

(FFXV Spoiler Free) Yes, we’ve already had to wait practically a decade for this title to release in what was to be the Fabula Nova Crystallis series which didn’t exactly pan out. Nowadays “games as services” ar...


Destiny 2 Presentation Impressions

Despite not playing the game in over two years, Destiny has always been an oddity of a game to me. As I had written in a previous blog post, I left the game understanding that it wasn’t for me. As a solo player Destiny wasn&rsquo...


Looking Back On Destiny

I'm late on this subject and super procrastinated on posting it. This was written before the Destiny 2 premiere and that I'll have a follow up for later.  I bring up this subject in response to the recent review of Desti...


Lost Dimension - Review

Mysteries have always had a big place of intrigue for me. I love piecing together clues, solving puzzling scenarios, tracking down a prime suspect in both film and game. I've always tried reading between the lines in games that have a stor...


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Otherwise, FGC competitor and fan, I capture the monsters for pockets, and slay all them flying wyverns. The better half of the Battlefield Bro Squad!... yea! @zerosyndicate