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Can someone link me to the communicord discord group?


They won't let me beat the game without runes >:(


I can't access the quick post comment sections for some weird reason. Why does nothing work today?


The notifications button on disqus stopped working... I can't read any replies.


That Labyrinth in breath of the wild plays dirty.


"Nintendo switch is poorly designed (shows examples)" - literally just a series of good design choices aside from the dock.


"Nintendo switch is poorly designed (shows examples)" - literally just a series of good design choices aside from the dock.




I went into tescos looking for Amiibo. I left with two pina coladas, the best noodles on earth and spicy nori tempura.


DPD forgot to put my switch on the van, delaying it to monday. I paid £5 extra to get it delivered on saturday... AND NOW THEY'VE FUCKING DELAYED IT BACK TO MONDAY.


So... Next day shipping by dpd a company that delivers on the weekend... They're now delivering my parcel on monday. FUCK DPD.


"not a bad game but all of the 10/10 reviews are totally overated 0/10", "Like the other people rating this game, I have never played it. However I don't like Nintendo 0/10", "One of the greatest games I have ever played 0/10"


Now that my Smirnoff bottle is empty, I can finally use it as a water bottle for uni.


Thanks to the power of the Joy Cons, every games a co-op game! Brothers fighting over who gets to play Zelda? They can control half each!


"A full moon occurs every ~29 days" "The average menstrual cycle is ~28 days long" We should refer to blood moons as Ganons time of month.


The colours are reversed. You can have an all blue or all red Switch. You also can't replace the (L) Blue Joy-Con or (R) Red Joy-Con without replacing the entire console. https://s1.thcdn.com/productimg/600/600/11396094-1534452878951370.jpg


Nintendo Switch games cost £60 in the UK... ;_;


I've been locked in a room without a working laptop for four months. WHERE WERE YOU GUYS?!? ;_;


One of these days, I'll have something worth quickposting. But for now... Cat gifs.


So, I just bought the Capcom humble bundle. And I have plenty of games to give away! I'm sort of reaching my limit here so BEHOLD! Wednesdays giveaway! (I'm a bit drunk) Anyway, ask for anything in this bundle and I'll give you the code.


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