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The Great Escape: Pushing up daisies

When Grim Fandango came out in 1998, I was just a little kid, but I was already more computer savvy than any of my family members. While walking through an electronics store with my mom one fateful day, the cover art for Grim Fandango cau...


but what can I do?

I sat at the town hall meeting for game dev students tonight, the first one I�ve gone to. I was enraptured, falling in love with my college all over again. There�s so much going on in the next few weeks it�s got my head all in a tizzy! T...


It's an intro blog!

Well, it�s high time for an intro blog! I've been lurking around and posting on the forums for long enough. My name is Angra [not really]. I'm a seventeen year old girl living in Middle of Nowhere, MA. I've been gaming since I was little -...


About Angraone of us since 5:10 PM on 04.02.2009

Top 10 Favorite Games: Grim Fandango, No More Heroes, Silent Hill 2, Persona 3, Mass Effect, The Secret of Monkey Island, Shadow of the Colossus, Jade Empire, Team Fortress 2, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

I'm a girl with a passion for video games. I'm currently attending Champlain College to major in Game Design. My dream is to one day work for Double Fine, or be writer for BioWare, or to one day open up my own design studio. I'm absolutely hellbent on making my mark on the gaming industry - it needs a woman's touch.

Say hi to me. Be my friend. Make my day <3

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