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Just heard about Activision's recent patent bullocks. I'll be boycotting their products until they apologize for being naughty boys. Too bad too, I really enjoyed the Destiny 2 beta and was strongly considering buying it...


Shoutout to local Taco Lover, Wes for sending me this cool decal, some kind words, and also for having the spoopiest postage. Side note: I'll be posting a bloggerino sometime soon. :3


Let's write a book pt.2

Yo dtoid it's your boi, Xx1337sn1p3r420Xx bringing you a gameplay commentary. Today we're on Highrise and I'm rockin' an intervention with slight of hand, stopping power and last stand... Lame jokes aside; Here are the names of those ...


Quick update on Dtoid Erites a Book: Still planning on going through with it. Just got temporarily busy had to purchase a new vehicle and some other things popped up. Expect a post with assignments and probably some more deets this weekend! :3


Finally made time to play some vidja games other than fifa and overwatch. I must say Hat in Time is an absolute delight, glad I kickstarted it :3.


Let's write a book

Yo what's up Dtoid it's ya boi Dino here.  Anyways, Yesterday I had an idea and ya'll seemed interested in it, so let's go for it. For those of you who are ignorant of this terrible train wreck of an idea, I though it'd be cool fo...


This week I rewatched all 3 matrix movies. I haven't seen them in their entirety since they like originally came out. Conclusion: These are some dope movies. The CG is passable. Some of it even still holds up. Shame there isn't more in the way of games


made a art for best boy Wario.


Beware of standing Neck Hair If you are alone & you see afar a white mask'd janky sauntah The Danlgey Man has come to haunt ya


Geez... 5 hrs to philly. 3 hr concert. 5 hrs back from philly. 3 hrs of sleep on my buddy's couch because I locked my keys in my car. Today's forcast: A nap with a high chance of caffeine.


Yo if you're gonna be at the NSP/TWRP show today in philly HMU :D


Got my mobo back from MSI after 2 weeks. Pretty good turn around imo. Though they didnt tell me what they did. Looks like they just replaced it. Firing it up now, wish me luck :D


Me: ha what a great april fool joke. I forgot it was april fool's day! *checks calender* *Today is August 9th* Me: 😐dafaq?!


Welp there goes $15 a month


I'm going to make a rouge-like rouge-like! Everytime you play it'll be an entirely new rogue-like game with rogue-lite elements!


So I've spent the past who knows how many days, and who knows how many hours trying to make achievements work because gamemaker forgot to package two important files. Yay... #notsalty #actuallyverysalty


okay that's enough internet for today...


Man, someone should make red vs. blue but with Overwatch.


wow it's been a long time since I've drawn a thing. little rusty but I'm loving drawing on a surface :D


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