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Nothing like playin some smash online only to have a 1 fps match then 2 one on one try hard matches then one 3 player free for all where both enemies are only targeting you. To get the ol' salt factory running. Too early for this Nintendo


Started playing Iconoclasts last night. I gotta tell ya'll it's making a strong case for goty. Play it.


Finally unlocked my boi Dedede and played online. I'm digging the online. Only had one laggy game. Also so far I am undefeated. All is getting better in my smash world. Although hot dang adventure mode is hard as balls. It's the Dark Souls of game modes.


I'm really having a bad time with smash. [Imma throw an extremely light spoiler warning in here just to be safe, just amount of time to unlock every character type thing]


Galatians 4:16


Went to work on my DnD campaign got a bit distracted by making a banner for it.


This weekend's gaming forecast. Mostly Persona with a chance of waifus.


Well then, I guess that makes up for false advertising! All is good, thanks Bethesda. /s Thank God I used self restraint and waited till this pile of hot basura launched before deciding to buy it or not. Not sure what's worse; Bethesda's QA or PR...


Today I found a still image saved as a .gif wack


Meanwhile in Dino's Magical Programing Land:


Been waiting for Persona 5 to go on sale for like $20 to rebuy it. Today is that day lads! Link below. Definitely worth a go, but I dont have to that to you weebz. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP2611-CUSA05877%20-PERSONA512345678


"Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?"


Today's work soundtrack is brought to you by Shoji Meguro and Persona 4.


I've been messing around a bit with Playstation Now. I have to say that I'm quite impressed. I expected game streaming to be bullocks but it's pretty good. The input lag is barely noticable at worse. Too bad that $100/yr deal just ran out.


Apparently there's a PS Plus reward where they're just giving 3 months of netflix away for free. It seemed super suspecious because the enail came from playstation@playstationemail dot com. turns out after digging around on the internet,(cont in comments)


Excuse me but what? I haven't even played online. Get your shit together ea


Do you like Loot boxes? Have you ever thought, gish gosh darn I sure do wish I could somehow spend more money to show my enthusiasm of lootboxes? Well, boy howdy do we have the the thing for yooooooou!


I am now 10% more spooky.


Here's a nifty blogpost I came across on my reddit feed. It's about a simple technique that that there spooderman game likely used to add interior rooms to the buildings. Really cool read for all my fellow devs. (Link in comments)


Spent way too long trying to find W 48th and Rockefeller in that there spooderman game. It's not like I expected the Nintendo store to actually be there but I was hoping for a playful jab. Like W 48th exists but just not in rockefeller center. Conspiracy?


Hmmm Bloodborne and Streaming. I'd rather get kicked in the nuts with spiked boots...


I came across this super well done video on Majora's Mask 3D. Ultimately I was unable to actually finish MM3D for a lot of the reasons listed in this video.


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