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LMAO. NBA 2k20 has to sensor the word Vodka in a song but is perfectly fine with allowing kids gamble in their game.


I wonder if Half Life Alyx will somehow also serve as an announcement for HL3. Whether a la PT or something more akin to an ARG or just having the last line be some kind of teaser. Because even for Valve releasing a HL game that is not 3 is pretty dumb.


Because that's worked so well for you in the past youtube...


Apparently they may be reusing models in sword and shield after all. Why are you doing this to yourself? Just why? D: Link. Pokemon name / model spoilers


Been playing that there Outer Worlds. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a game this much. Pros: • Gameplay is fun • Characters are interesting • Actual Roleplaying • Fallout NV but in space Cons: • My spurs don't jingle jangl


I'm streaming Astoneer with some people. Come check it out. https://www.twitch.tv/megadinosir


I've been seeing a lot of posts across the internet talking about how bad Borderlands 3 is. Performance issues, game breaking glitches... terrible jokes. Well, I for one, am shocked. Gearbox has always had a spotless record when it comes to games. /s


Comictoid! It's very hard to fit everything on a post it note :/


Dino's Doodles Day 13: ( Yeah I think I messed up the numbering) Anyways here's another doodle of my boi Potts. Also this'll probably be the last Dino's Doodles as a regular thing. I may actually just instead do that comic thing. Who knows.


Dino's Doodles Day 11: Ol' Johnny Musclestache, toughest son ov a gun the side of this Mojave. So tough they say he can beat you with a single punch from his mustache.


Dino Doodles Day 10?: I once had an idea to do a weekly comic on dtoid but then life. So here's a comic. It's a bit ironic how Fallout 76 has come to represent the shady business practices it satires.


Dino Draws Day 9: Here is a swoll bunny. I wish I knew anatomy better. What do you mean use reference pictures?! Reference pictures are for the weak!


Dino's Doodles Day 9: My dude here doesn't actually have arms those are just stick ons.


Dino's Doodles Day 8: This man is not pleased by your shenanigans!


Dino's Doodles day 7: Here's a monster playing them there drums. That is all.


Dino's Doodles Day 6: Trying out a different style to my own. Kinda reminds me of Inquisitive Raveclaw's style. Not sure why tho. Maybe the nose?


Dino's Doodles Day 5: This my my doggo Potts. He is a good boy, except he eats everything. Paper, plastic, reinforced concrete, you name it he's tried to eat it. He even tries to eat those stingy bois. Luckily he has not managed to get one.


Dino's Doodles Day 4: I've been messing around with different styles. I kinda like this one. Even if this guy looks like the dad from jimmy Neutron.


Dino's Doodles Day 3: A tired man sitting on a bench. What exhausting activities could have led to such an expression? MOBAs and their toxic player base! Ironic because on Smite I've been matched with some pretty chill randoms lately. PLAY SMITE WITH ME!


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