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How do ya'll feel about pizza pineapple?


I hadn't posted anything gamedev wise in a while, so here's an armor concept for a game I'm currently prototyping. I don't post alot about my work here just because I don't wanna spam the place up but feel free to follow me on the twitter @ megadinosir


Just listened to MGMT's new album and man is it bland and mediocre. No Bueno.




Just saw a commerical for a couch called the LoveSac. Something tells me if I ask a girl if she wants to sit on my LoveSac; I'd get slapped. #Darksiders3


So I've pretty much spent 12 hours working on this game. I haven't done that in a while. Feels good; got a lot done. Made some shaders, made the keyframes of an idle sprite for an enemy & one for a not so enemy. Made a background & added a smooth camera.


Just a couple of bards. Also add me on PSN ya'll: UnderEnemyFire


Turn on monster hunter on ps4. Fans go to 100%


I saw this on reddit and thought it was a joke. It is not. These are real.


Trying to fix an NullReferenceException error like:


ATTN Developers; Stop doing this:


Had an extra code for A Hat in Time on steam: Code in description.


I was also going to do a top 5 but cblogs are broke af for me so. 5) Life is Strange: Before the storm 4) breath of the wild 3) The Sexy Brutale 2) Persona 5 1) A Hat in Time


guys have I ever told you how much fun UV Mapping is?! No?!! Well let me tell you; It's the worst.


guys have I ever told you how much fun UV Mapping is?! No?!! Well let me tell you; It's the worst.


Aw Jeez it's not like this kind of thing happens every year on the same date. If only we had an entire year to prepare for the heavy influx on the servers. >.>


Well I just finished Doki Doki... that was a thing I played.


playing dat Doki Doki LC on twitch come and be a weeb with me friendos:


Working with Blender again. Trying to come up with a low poly robot boy model. This turned out alright. Still needs some tweaking, but I'm on the right track. Currently stands at 1050 tris. :D


Did somebody say Steam Sale?! ( Also if you've already bought my game please consider leaving a review as it would be very helpful to me~ :) )


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Hi I'm Matt, I'm basically a cynical grumpy old man stuck in a 26 year old's body. When I'm not busy complaining about video games, I've been known to actually play some. And there are rumours I made a game, that may, or may not be called Aftermath, and may or may not be an NES style platformer where you play as a dog.
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