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So after what was already a frustrating evening of lost progress; Fallout 4 decided that it would give me a glitch in which my fast travel didnt work. Then upon stealthily killing an NPC it auto alerted everyone in the faction. TGM enabled. Screw you.


Bunch of salty ass losers flagged my account because I beat them in a video game hahaha


Yooooo I guess we're getting a release date for dat der piderman game tomorrow. I had forgotten about it but like am instantly excited about it again!


I just accidentally Persona 5'd my life. Eating curry and drinking coffee.


Had me some mexican food for my birthday lunch. Finished up with some churros. Churros were frozen then microwaved :( How disappointing.


Played Minecraft for the first time in since they put horses in the game. It was great. I had forgot how therapeutic that game can be. Also GM and Limo were there. They named their dog after me. So O must therefore be a goodboye :D


Finally gettin some spring cleaning done and boy howdy is my place super dusty. I'm probably going to have to clean out my PC despite only having the case since September. It's no wonder I wake up and my sinuses are crazy. :p


So I've been working on a hand drawn style game with Spine 2D animation. While I'd rather hand draw every frame it's just not a possibility working in my free-time with a buddy. Overall while it isn't as good as it could be, I'm pleased with the results


As promised here's that update on the sprite image with some shading. Overall I'm pretty happy with it. :D


So I haven't posted anything in a while so... Here's a handdrawn sprite that I'm working on for a game. Definitely needs some shading but I ran out of time today so I'll post it tomorrow.


Gotta love self regulation. What an absolute piss-take. When every game has this on the cover it becomes meaningless. SMH


抹茶🍵とストロベリー🍓のキットカットは食べます。行くぞ! Imma eat deez Matcha and strawberry kit-kats. Let's go! :D They're finally here I am excite.


Just got done watching Black Panther. Great Movie. Also watched it in 3D which was a first for me. It was kinda cool. Definitely some flaws especially when you try and look off focus but overall pretty cool.


How do ya'll feel about pizza pineapple?


I hadn't posted anything gamedev wise in a while, so here's an armor concept for a game I'm currently prototyping. I don't post alot about my work here just because I don't wanna spam the place up but feel free to follow me on the twitter @ megadinosir


Just listened to MGMT's new album and man is it bland and mediocre. No Bueno.




Just saw a commerical for a couch called the LoveSac. Something tells me if I ask a girl if she wants to sit on my LoveSac; I'd get slapped. #Darksiders3


So I've pretty much spent 12 hours working on this game. I haven't done that in a while. Feels good; got a lot done. Made some shaders, made the keyframes of an idle sprite for an enemy & one for a not so enemy. Made a background & added a smooth camera.


Just a couple of bards. Also add me on PSN ya'll: UnderEnemyFire


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