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Welp I'm now using DDU to complete wipe my GFX driver because it's come down to that. 30fps hard framerate lock on every PC game. I've even seen the FPS jump up while the game is booting or loading only to have it immediately drop when game starts.


Hey if you're into kickstarter, board games, and/or comics. This one seems kinda of cool :D https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/22092473/cartooner-a-comic-drawing-game/description


Guys I finally did it. I finally made a portfolio thing. I think. I really have no idea what an art portfolio is supposed to look like. So fellow art people tell me how bad I screwed up. http://mattwillisgames.com/portfolio


Playing my most favorite game of all time. Come watch if your board or whatever ya Jabronies! https://www.twitch.tv/megadinosir


Fellow streamers: I am looking for people who are interested in a weekly stream, Fri: 730-930pm est entitled "Dino & Friends" where we play a game together. Something like terraria or something else until it's "beat" . If interested HMU on discord or here


This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak fashion looks like.


Testing out a new microphone come and watch me lose my dead space virginity! https://www.twitch.tv/megadinosir/


Question for ya'll: How acceptable would it be for a PC Multiplayer only game to only operate using a controller? No mouse and keyboard support.


Just finished The Sexy Brutale. I 100%'d the game and I 100% love every bit of it. What a fantastic game! Highly recommended. I may work up a little review for it over the weekend we'll see...


Probably should've made my name dinosir but eh. Add me on dat Animal Xing boyez!


Super Sportsball is almost done in regards to engine. Still need items though. Debating on adding online play as well. I'm thinking of opening music, level design and maybe extra characters to you fine folks. Idk. 4 now Break time! Game: The Sexy Brutale!


The Joy of Deving #2: Art Direction

How do you do fellow kids? Yes it is I, the Hip Master General, Dinosir. Here once again to tell you about games I am making. This time we'll be focusing on art direction of my newest upcoming smash hit game entitled, Super Sportsball....


When did Prime get time-travel delivery? Wow they keep adding new perks to Prime all the time!


Guys I started playing Fallout 4. Send help pls.


Spent a little time yesterday mastering the hat dive trick in super mario odyseey. Feels good man.


(Dtoid writes a Book) A Martian Odyseey: Chapter 1

Authors note: If you are unfamiliar with what Dtoid writes a Book is; it is an expiremental project that asks the question, "what if a bunch of people on Destructoid tried to write a book one chapter at a time?" Each person is responsi...


My game is coming along well. Expect a blog sometime in the future as I have some splainin to do. (yay for 30fps :( ) Also I've had my part of the Dtoid writes thing done, but I'm still gonna do some editing and such. So expect that the 8th!


I made a thing. Thinking about trying some handrawn stuff for games. Came out pretty alright. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I'd like to start off by saying that Super Mario Odyseey is a good game. HOWEVER am I the only person who hates the art direction? It's so jarring and all over the place. Just reminds me of Sonic 06. Ech.


To do list: 1) work on my chapter for droid writes a book 2) Watch Handegg 3) Work on Super Sportsball 4) Play Super Mario Odyssey 5) poop ☑️ 1 down 4 to go!


Beep Boop: What up Dtoid it's ya bot here reminding you to purchase that game I made that one time, Aftermath Y2K';' as it is currently on sale for $2.49. tinyurl.com/AMY2K >> end%20();


Jeez who else didn't see that you only play the first level as Mario and then you play as Luigi for the rest of the game coming? What a Twist! #MarioGearSolid2SunsOfOdyssey


Sometimes making games is okay I guess :)


So I totally forgot about the list order for the Dtoid writes a book thing. Here it is for those involved. I can't believe I got the first chapter #prayfordino [url]https://docs.google.com/document/d/189g3lKgZliTUGy2PLYveAWOWluxFXvYO2yZ%20/edit?usp


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