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Spent way too long trying to find W 48th and Rockefeller in that there spooderman game. It's not like I expected the Nintendo store to actually be there but I was hoping for a playful jab. Like W 48th exists but just not in rockefeller center. Conspiracy?


Hmmm Bloodborne and Streaming. I'd rather get kicked in the nuts with spiked boots...


I came across this super well done video on Majora's Mask 3D. Ultimately I was unable to actually finish MM3D for a lot of the reasons listed in this video.


A Broadened Taste in Games

You know, there was a time when I would've sworn that a game would have to be difficult to be fun. Not necessarily Dark Souls hard but it would need to provide some sort of challenge or else, "what was the point?" Of course at the tim...


Well this game looks awesome...


Nintendo: Everybody and their mother will be in smash! Waluigi: :D Nintendo: Not you. Waluigi:


"Hey fam can i copy your homework?" "Sure, just make sure to change it a bit so know one knows" *rolls nat 1*


Found on Switch e-shop


Thought Mario Tennis Aces looked fun, so I picked up a copy. Woof was I wrong. Why even have a full roster of characters if the only useful ones are boo, waluigi and blooper?Also doesn't help I keep getting matched with people with 5000 points. Too bad :(


Guys I think I might like Fortnite :/ pls send halp


Guys I think I might like Fortnite :/ pls send halp


I'm just gonna drop this here. Night ya'll.


So I made a thing today. I changed the frame-rate of the game which made the player move super slow which on added to the hilarity.


accurate. Though they forgot the ask for more money option in FO4.


Because Limo and GM did it, I feel culturally obligated to post a collage of everything that interested me at E3:


Welp that's enough xcom 2 forever. Game is definitely not for me.


Fallout 76: Battle Royale!


Wait a bramin lickin' minute... Is vault tec run by aliens?! It all makes sense now.


Your Waifu is bad. Failure to comment to this "quick post" is equivalant to admission on the viewing party's account. The original poster, or OP is absolved of any obligation to comment as his post will herein count as a comment.


If ya'll want to see something funny then I recommend trying to play fifa 18 without internet. It breaks the game. Like it can't load. Even the single player. Even my controller inputs won't work😂. EA you're pathetic.


I got a puppy ya'll :3 His name is Pots Yes like from Jet Set Radio Don't judge me


oh hey waddup it's may 4th. Live long and prosper ya'll.


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