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MST3K renewed for a 12th season! Hope that they respond to some of the feedback of the last season & work on it. Seasons 1~10 kept a lot of the same writers but took a while to really get a feel for their work. 11 was all new & wasn't BAD but had faults


Have you ever stopped fapping reading a hentai because you got into the story? Someone should teach a creative writing for pornos class.


New Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album sounding solid so far. Their first 4 albums are all pretty good in different ways if you wanna single anything out to listen to try these: White Palms, Rock 'N Roll, Weapon of Choice, All You Do is Talk, Shade of Blue


RIP Della Reese. I watched Harlem Nights so many times growing up. It's not a perfect film but it's got some great laughs, and Della Reese fight scene is one of the best in the whole film. Link inside to one of her best songs.


Was at a store in Sacramento other day browsing their used 45s & spotted this. By far my favorite purchase that day even though I picked it up as a lark. It's 78rpm but looked up the series & there should be a 45rpm version which would be good for scratch


Playing Southpark FTB & I'm amazed at this oversight. Gender/sex select was complex as heck. I reached Race/ethnicity & while also in depth they left off 1 of the most basic options: there's no "mixed race." No dual classing. (I'm 50/50 mix w/USA Ethnic)


It feels weird that twitter allows for more characters than a Dtoid Qpost.


I just found out this exists. Seems like it'd be really hard.


Just started watching the old Twilight Zone. I had only watched like 2 episodes years ago. S1/2/3/5 are on Netflix. Despite the fact the stories are still set in the 50s/60s it holds up incredibly well.


Non-artist view on Moira:OW is mostly smooth but her face is angular. Backpack, chest & hip stuff makes waist feel small even though it's proportioned fine. Her shoes make ankles feel smaller & feet with pointy toes. Long nails make fingers feel longer


That rage inducing feeling when you found a recipe you wanted to make, few days later you bought the ingredients, and now you can't find it again.


It's approaching 15 years since this was released. I still to this day say "you gotta have blue hair" when I see an anime character with blue hair (Dragon Ball Super).


Good news-ish! Got a letter from IHSS, seems Mom is getting an increase in allotted service hours. About a 33% increase to hours I get paid to take care of her. Big bump. Of course, means medi-cal thinks she has gotten way sicker. Mebe cause of hospitals?


The "it's only quickplay" mindset should die in a fire. I'm not gonna push you hard but at least work as a team. If u wanna hanzo/genji/widow practice go play deathmatch. If they're running Orisa+Winston then widow isn't helpful vs their shields.


I saw this and had to share. They knocked it out of the park too. Right down to the sassy and confused looks.


I don't care how good or bad sym is at top level play, her shield generator should have a 3minute time limit. She builds ult quick anyway.


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