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While every MvC:I Marvel char is in MCU, 11 out of 17 Cap chars not had a game in at least 3 years with no known future plans for their franchise. Wonder if we might see new DMC or Final Fight. 2 new FF chars in Street Fighter s2 + haggar MvC. DMC5 rumors


Hmmm... new Rocko's. Been a while since I rewatched the series. Hmmmmmmm


This is why The Avalanches - Since I Left You is in my top 10 favorite albums of all time, maybe even top 3


reading about an artist I'd write up about but I found an article that literally does everything I'd want to post. Kind of want to just share the article but that's lazy. Also I just found out there is an upcoming documentary about her this year.


Update on leg: Now been 17 days since initial injury. Yesterday doc said she is gonna have me get a CT scan to see if there is any tendon problems or something but still thinks that it's prob just bad pulled muscle.


When it comes to content Capcom shit the bed at EVO. Basic s2 char reveal no dif from like Ed reveal but done at top8 like big deal. Hell, Ed was bigger bcause we knew him & some wanted since already part of story. No1 knows Abigail, he is goofy too


Metro City stage best part of reveal. This is how evo ends. not with a bang, but a whimper.


Capcom right now working overtime behind the scenes to create something to throw up at EVO grand finals to draw some attention away from other companies hype trains. Expecting something like this to show up on jumbo monitor.


Blazblue - Adds Jubei. DBFZ - adds Future Trunks. Tekken 7 - Adds Geese Howard. Arika - Adds Skullomania. MvC:I - Adds Jedah. Street Fighter V better have a better reveal than just Abigail, the most forgettable boss in Final Fight 1.


I keep trying to like Yooka Laylee, start it, go "this is kind of fun" then turn it off after 15minutes or so. It needs a pause map. A progress of how many items are left in an area, like psychonauts has, would be nice too.


Something that might interest you: It was Holmes who had me come back. He actually tweeted me to say that ppl on qtoid missed me. If you wanna see me more, or at least more often, I'm @eternal0star on twitter.


Gravity falls merch store had a special 100 run limited axolotl box. Video of me unboxing it. There will be a plush axolotl released later & shipped out to buyers. Whenever alex hirsch was asked spoilerish stuff on AMA he posted axolotl pics as response


FYI, I didn't do anything stupid.I don't hate you. I just took an internet hiatus for a bit. Only used net for netflix otherwise nothin. Just started a home project so might not see me for a bit again. P.S. I bought the Bob's Burgers LP box set. fun stuff


Trying, again, to beat Darksiders 2.Could begreat but the combat is so f'n shallow. The abilities can barely be used and are locked behind skill trees to boot. Few combos. only 1 primary weapon type only 2 1/2 alt weapon types(mace/axe/spear very similar)


Symmetra voice pack of Justin Roiland as Rick Sanchez. The thing you didn't know you wanted until now.


Recently saw Toy Story 3, Blake Clark does a good job, can't fault him, but hearing Slinky Dog just reminded me how much I miss Jim Varney. Ernest Goes to Jail/Saves Christmas 2 of my fav movies as a kid, still love em. Aunt knew Jim too. nice & smart.


Putting up "have you seen me?" posters around the neighborhood offering a reward but it's just a picture of your dick. #Darksiders3


I'm not like super attached to Yondu as a character but the ways they could use his arrow would be REALLY cool in Marvel vs Capcom.


Ever since my teens I've had this idea but barely ever acted on it, I also realize how cool but impossible it is. I've always wanted to make a series of shirts based on images I get listening to music but not obvious what band/ect. Hipsterwear if you will


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