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There is going to be a 144 page comic book of 4 new Gravity Falls stories written by Alex Hirsch (they take place during the series not after).


Motown kick lately. The Supremes were easily one of my favorite motown groups. As great as Diana Ross' solo stuff is I preferred her with the rest of the group. Their harmonies are ear candy.


Blanka in SFV looks good. Literally only complaint I have about him is that his hair a little too big for my liking. I like that they made it longer on arms/legs and even like it longer on top just not so BIG and poofy. Otherwise looks dope.


Sadly no Mahvel or KOF this year at EVO. Oh well, maybe DBFZ, Injustice or Cross Tag will fall off and marvel will be resurrected. If I'm not mistaken this is the first EVO without a marvel game since the original release of MvC2. Weird to put XTag on tho


Facts. Folks, do someone a favor, buy a bottle or tub of cocoa butter for a family member or friend on their birthday. Saw some nasty folks on light rail other day. GET LOTION!


Black Panther soundtrack gonna be the best super hero movie soundtrack after Guardians of the Galaxy 1&2. Calling it now.


Missy Elliott & Busta Rhymes reminding people why they are legends in that superbowl ad. Lookin forward to Missy's new album. It's first she's done in 12 years & the single she dropped last year was solid as was 2015's "WTF."


If you remove the people spurting grape juice you'd swear this was an oooold Saturday morning cartoon. I hope that is what they were shooting for because it's soooo cheesy.


When you are talking to a conspiracy theory nut on twitter and they post an obviously satirical op-ed article as proof of their beliefs.


Skullgirls community is amazing. From Sep2015->Aug2017 it held same playerbase of 150~200peak per day. Aug2017->now 200~250. Right now more players playing on steam than MvC:I & UMVC3 combined by a good margin. Oddly UMVC3 has more than MVC:I.


One Punch Man artist Yuusuke Murata is working with Back to the Future screenwriter Bob Gale on a BTTF manga series. I'm feeling lightheaded from all of the blood rushing to my rock hard boner right now. This is going to be awesome.


Listening to Elton John's Diamonds collection. It's almost rude how many great songs Elton John has written.


A 4 player Gorillaz beat em up like Scott Pilgrim vs the World would be amazing.


Please, anyone who has ever listened to any music ever should agree that Nikki Haley is an idiot. Politics are heavily invested into much of the most popular music in history. Beatles/Dylan/Bowie/Nelson/Cash/U2/Clinton/Holiday/Aretha Franklin/NWA/ect.


Capcom financial report updated for dec 31st 2017. SFV has sold 2.0 million units. Not 2.4, not 2.25, 2.0. I told you guys it wasn't "approaching" 2.5mil back in mid December. In positive news, MvC:I, while faltering, did better than I thought at 1mil


This man is Islam Slimani. That is a real name for a real person. That is a name a parent gave their child. I cannot stop finding that hilarious.


Britney Spears implies that there are warehouses of robot clones of herself in this official anime music video. For some reason I believe her.


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