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I've been going through an In Living Color youtube hole recently & I'd forgotten just how glorious it was. Jamie Foxx's Ugly Wanda character was too much as wal Jim Carrey's "Background guy." If you're too young to have ever seen the show, it's glorious.


Was trying to figure out why I had 112 tracks for my DJ Hero 1 OST when wikipedia only lists 108. Went through song by song. Finally realized: the 97 song "Complete" collection I d/led actually had 4 half labeled tracks that didn't make main game.


Bah. I spent so much time but after searching though files for the 5th time I realized I still managed to miss a couple on DJ Hero 2 which has 112 tracks. I will repost the file once I'm done. Failsauce


Took a lot of time to gather these all & cut out the crowd sounds from some of the ones I had to rip from youtube videos but I got the entire DJ Hero 1 & DJ Hero 2 soundtracks including the DLC songs. I have google drive rar files link inside if u want em


Steve Ditko just died. Post some of your favorite spider-man stuff, including memes.


Chaka Khan released a single & supposedly she's working on a new abum. It'll her first in over a decade and I'm digging it. Classic funk meets modern pop. It's definitely real funk, but I can totally see it being used in a commercial to sell Coke.


A Vice writer watched the Simpsons for the first time and decided she hated it despite being given a selection of 11 episodes from the golden age. Vice's magazine/blog is literally the worst. Literally. The Worst.


Someone beat the abyss watchers in Dark Souls 3 while playing the game on a DJ Hero turn table.


Big Daddy Kane's debut album "Long Live the Kane" turned 30 today.


This ONE combo took me HOURS to design/do. I dislike a fair bit about new Cody, but as I suspected when I saw it the first time; his pipe is so fucking fun. He is really simple outside of VT compared to his old self, but during VT he is so creatively open


Choose 1 art style: Classic old school hand drawn (Cuphead/Warioland Shake It/Banner Saga/Hollow Knight/ect). Pixel art (Owlboy/Street Fighter 3/Undertale/ect)


Anyone remember this game? My friend had it and we used to play it a bunch as a kid. I haven't listened to any Crystal Method since Legion of Boom but their first 3 albums have some great tracks. I should check out their more recent stuff.


'08 I went on workers comp from an injury at target. In '12 signed paper cashing out medical care & saying I quit. Got employee benefits letters for years. Letter today saying I've been on educational leave over 12mos & contact em if I want to keep job XD


This is a song about a guy who got too many DUIs and isn't allowed to drive anymore but wants a drunk booty call. Scotland at it's core. I'm pretty sure this is their national anthem.


I was talking about what genre of music represents you as a person(not what you listen to but your personality). I told my mom she is 80s/90s R&B. Soulful, romantic, sweet, occasionally repetitive, & mostly done by black men.


Minor annoyance about Fallout 76: Take me Home, Country Roads was released in 1971. Previously Bethesda had been careful to follow the standard of keeping fallout soundtrack 1935~61ish (mostly mid early 50s). They could have used Sabbath in this.


Know what's really sad? Fallout 76 is going to be extremely successful. I know it and you know it. Fallout 4 as of Feb 2017 was Bethesda best selling game ever, beating Skyrim. Well, at least I have Wasteland 3 to look forward to. WL2 is coming to switch!


Watched & rewatch DMC5 trailer. Nero looks & acts SO much like Donte now. Mechanic girl is kind of cringe-y. Dante's face looks F'd up. Gameplay looks as awesome as ever. New more modern setting is interesting but hope for some gothic stuff too.


I'm pretty sure this is Anton's origin story in No Country for Old Men.


I was on the way home from a trip to Sacramento for the weekend and stopped at a gas station on way home. Found what appears to be a cypher text in the bathroom. I started thinking about Gravity Falls. One of the weirdest/coolest graffiti I've ever seen.


I don't know why some people call masturbating "self love" when you always hate yourself afterwards. And, to be frank, I'm not too fond of myself during it either.


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