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Game pitch: L.A. Noire but you play as Hunter S. Thompson's "Raoul Duke" persona & you have to do interviews and figure out what you did over the weekend.


Do you think that white supremacists will buy Wolfenstein 2?


LaTerry's Rhythm Games cblog got me thinkin about maybe taking a break from backlog 4 a bit & writing up a new artist blog, it's been a while. Not sure who tho. Foster The PPL 1 I've had on short list 4 a bit. Dunno anythin abt em but liked this song alot


Tekken 7 is currently estimated to have outsold Street Fighter V on steam. Big sale recently 14th~17th it was 40% off and only $29.99 so it'll probably vary a bit before settling, might even drop below SFV again but be closer than ~20k it's been recently.


Mom had diverticulitis and will be coming home from hospital today. This time it was only 5 1/2 days in the hospital for something!


Hurricane Maria upgraded to category 5. Current mood at Virgin Islands.


My Mom is obsessed with crime shows. Since she is in hospital our DVR is 96% full. Trying to keep it from getting full. I Did the math; If she watched every murder porn show 8hours a day ZERO commercials & no new episodes it'd take her 18.2 days to finish


Takin break from Axiom Verge right now. Turn in your hipster indie card & tell me your top 10 favorite songs on this list of songs that had the longest time at #1 for each year. Can you believe no Michael Jackson? Bon Jovi beat Smooth Criminal AND Bad!


I'm a big fan of Ok Go and, of course, their videos. This music video by AJJ is wonderful in every way.


Back in highschool which Teen Girl and/or Greg were you? Be honest. I looked/look like D n'D Greg but I was more of a What's Her Face + Japanese Culture Greg. I still look like DnD greg but barely even follow anime anymore.


17 years later and The Brothers Chaps still releasing homestar material and still can make me laugh at stupid stuff.


Mom staying overnight. still really sick to stomach and meds not really helping much but not throwing up at least. Dunno what the issue is. Sigh, I've lost count of how many times she's been actually admitted to the hospital for something since 2014.


Off to emergency room with Mom again. Stomach pain & vomiting just like last time. Got wave of emotions. Scared of what it might be. Frustrated keeps happening. Sad for her. Disappointed in doctors failure to stop this. Bored of being in hospitals.


I never really closely followed Husker Du but I knew that they were kind of a big deal. Shame to hear that 1 of their main song writers died, especially since he was only 56. I mean 56 isn't YOUNG but it's not really that old in our modern era either.


Who here has played Chex Quest & did you like it unironically?


Started using a service called NimbleRX for mom's prescriptions. There are 3 indian drivers who give u ZERO time, & I've called em on it b4. I'm 30ft from door, I jump & RUN to door at doorbell ring, he is halfway back 2 car w/script that needs signature.


Almost done with Arrested Development. S4 def weaker than 1~3 but I don't get the "it was bad", still solid jokes. Dunno y they waited 5yrs for S5. S4 had so much explaining what happened in 8 yrs since S3 you'd think it they'd do S5 quicker. 1~2yr tops.


Hoping the new futurama podcast is good. I tried to like the mobile game, really did, writing wasn't bad, but the gameplay becomes repetitive and boring fairly quickly. There was also practically zero new voice acting and new animations very limited.


2 Truths and 1 lie: There are no truths in this post. There are truths in this post. Truth is now a meaningless concept that has become broken through half truths and lies spread so easily by social media.


Breaking news: Pewdiepie casually says something controversial & stupid: internet freaks out like this is surprising. Up next: Sports! Will your team do the sporting more than the other team? Find out after these commercials.


See, Florida, this is precisely why I want you to be ok. My life would not be the same without seeing a sheriff having to tell people that shooting at a hurricane does not help.


Is there any other song that sounds so simultaneously incredibly dated and yet also timeless?


Dear Floridians, we all pick on you, but we love you. Evacuate where are supposed to. If you have pets look up info on pet care & where to take your snakes. Put your meth on a high shelf to protect it from water damage. Most of all, please be safe. Hugs.


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